A perpetual milk mustache is NOT what you want if you’re dealing with bone density issues or full-blown osteoporosis. In fact, cow’s milk – and all dairy – is inflammatory, and could potentially worsen your osteoporosis.

The “got milk?” campaign drove home the idea that we need dairy to have strong bones. The newest research shows that dairy is actually one of the WORST sources of calcium.

Why? Because it’s not bioavailable. The body can’t absorb it.

Today I’m blowing the whistle on dairy and sharing five foods that have tons of absorbable calcium that will help strengthen your bones. I’m also sharing the hidden spiritual cause of osteoporosis, and how you can reverse it.

And this is only part one. It’s never just one nutrient, vitamin, or supplement that will reverse your health issues. Today we’re talking about calcium, but it’s always about looking at the holistic big picture.

To truly reverse osteoporosis, you need to adapt an anti-inflammatory diet and make sure you’re including vitamin D and vitamin K2, too. I can’t cover everything in one article, so look out for part two in the near future.

Here’s the biggest thing to know: Bone loss isn’t simply caused by a lack of calcium and vitamin D. It goes much deeper than that. People develop osteoporosis because they aren’t getting – or not absorbing – enough nutrients overall.

As a result, the body steals nutrients from the bones and teeth to bring essential building blocks to the rest of the body, leading to osteoporosis. Not good!

Another major cause of bone loss is heavy metal accumulation from dental amalgams and environmental sources.

If dairy isn’t the answer, what do we need to do to build up nutritional status and strengthen the bones?   

Get more calcium through the right food and supplements.

These are five excellent sources of bioavailable calcium, meaning the body can actually absorb and assimilate it…

  1. Moringa is a plant-based calcium-rich green superfood you can add to your morning smoothies, or take in capsule form. It has tons of benefits beyond bone health – it reduces water retention, improves immunity, and increases sex drive –  and that’s just the tip of the leaf.
  2. Kale is one of the most popular health foods, yet few people know it as a great source of calcium. It’s important to cook it with healthy fat to make the calcium more bioavailable. Try lightly sautéing your kale with olive oil and shallots.
  3. Spinach is another calcium-rich superhero that’s incredibly versatile and absorbable. Add a big handful to your morning smoothie, use it as a salad base, or sauté it up with a little grass-fed butter or olive oil.
  4. Matcha, a traditional Japanese full-leaf green tea, is an excellent source of calcium. Blend it with your favorite non-dairy milk to make a latte, or add it to your morning smoothie for a boost of sustained energy and calcium.
  5. Sardines aren’t super popular, but they’re one of the best sources of calcium. Cook them on the grill with salt and pepper, then give them a squeeze of fresh lemon. They’re great as a quick weekday salad topper, too.

Now that we’ve covered a few key dietary sources of calcium, we’ve gotta talk about the spiritual cause of bone loss and osteoporosis.

Through working with clients I’ve discovered that most people dealing with this issue have difficulty feeling secure and supported in their lives. They tend to be doormats, helping everyone but themselves until they’re spread thinner than paper.

These types of people need to take care of themselves first, and support others from their energetic overflow. When you’re fueled up, you’ll naturally want to help others out – that’s human nature. We’re not designed to do life alone.

People dealing with osteoporosis need to remember that they DESERVE to have good health.

If you’re dealing with bone density loss, you can strengthen your self-worth by nourishing your body with healthy food, getting regular gentle movement, and spending time with people who build you up rather than tear you down.

Are you dealing with bone loss or full-blown osteoporosis?

What’s one step you’ll take this week to strengthen your bones through nutrition, and strengthen your spiritual self by standing in your confidence and worth? Comment below and tell me.