As an Intuitive Guide and Relationship Coach, Dr. Veronica Anderson leverages Human Design and Energy Readings to reveal your authentic self, deliver transformational clarity, and empower high-achieving women to thrive both personally and professionally.

As an Intuitive Guide and Relationship Coach, Dr. Veronica Anderson brings a unique balance of medical and spiritual expertise to her clients. She began her acclaimed career as an Eye Surgeon after graduating from Princeton University and Rutgers Medical School (with honors). Today, she is a licensed physician, practicing psychic, and Kolbe Certified™ Consultant with an eclectic background as an Integrative Medicine Physician certified in Functional Medicine and trained in homeopathy.

Dr. Veronica finds deep purpose in guiding individuals to overcome strange, rare, and peculiar issues through her signature R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Method in addition to tools such as the Kolbe Assessment and Human Design. She assists high-achieving professional women in cultivating successful careers, healthy habits, and relationships by teaching them how to be their authentic selves and appreciate who they truly are.

As the bestselling author of four books, Dr. Veronica’s work includes “Get the Respect You Deserve: 7 Secrets to Getting Seen and Heard in Your Job and Relationships.” She also hosted her own podcast and AM radio show with appearances on national television as well as various syndicated radio shows and podcasts. In addition to her professional pursuits, Dr. Veronica is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and splits her time between Bucks County, PA and Harlem, New York City with her husband and two dogs, Artemis and Apollo.



Get The Respect Your Deserve

After working with hundreds of women, Dr. Veronica Anderson reveals the answers to why so many high-performing professionals struggle to get the respect and appreciation they deserve. Join her as she shares her method for creating successful careers and fulfilling relationships while revealing the secret to maintaining real respect. Along the way, you’ll learn how to eliminate destructive behaviors and create rewarding, fulfilling, and respectful relationships in every area of your life.

Too Smart to Be Struggling

You deserve to have a fulfilling and lucrative career in healthcare, but burnout and dissatisfaction can make your goals feel out of reach. In Too Smart to Be Struggling, Dr. Veronica Anderson shares her journey of overcoming burnout and coaching hundreds of doctors through their own crises. Learn how to spend less time at work, define your unique skills, gain respect and control in your career, amplify your earnings, and find happiness in a matter of months.

But Now I See

Join Dr. Veronica Anderson as she explores the connections between the body, mind, and spirit in a holistic approach to healthcare. Free from the confines of Western medicine, each page takes a methodical approach to explore the root causes of illnesses and the secret to lifelong wellness. In turn, you can take con–trol of your health, surround yourself with a diverse team of healthcare profes–sionals, and discover physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through a person–alized healthcare system.

Help! My Practice Sucks!

In her actionable guide for doctors, Dr. Veronica Anderson explores the issues facing American practices and the healthcare system as a whole, including the high cost of healthcare and the declining status of the medical profession. She offers practical advice for doctors on how to improve their practices and build a successful brand as well as the importance of adopting a business-client relation–ship with patients. Each page delivers actionable takeaways for doctors to trans–form their practices, improving the care and outcomes for their patients.

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