Bring Healing and Direction to Your Life

By reading your energy, leveraging her extensive medical background, and bringing clarity to your most pressing questions, Dr. Veronica offers direction for your health concerns, relationships, personal growth, and beyond.

Holistic Readings

For a comprehensive look at what your energy is saying about your career and life purpose, finances, health, personal growth and spirituality, and relationships, Dr. Veronica’s Life Matrix Reading brings the energy from your past, future, and outer realms into focus. Likewise, her Medical Intuitive Reading delivers total-body medical guidance and answers to spiritually or emotionally connected health concerns that defy traditional medicine.

Why Get a Reading?

  • Reveal the true insight behind your energy
  • Promote meaningful progress across every area of your life
  • Establish a full understanding of how your energy manifests
  • Shine light on phenomena you can feel but haven’t yet understood
  • Find balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually

Ways we can work together

Select Your Session

Let’s Get Started

The LIFE MATRIX Energy & Intuitive Reading

We all desire our life to go the way we would like it. We have done the hard work and we continue to work hard. What if there is a different way?

Full Medical Intuitive Reading

 Get to the root cause of your mental, emotional, or physical imbalances–before they materialize into illness or disease–with a Full Medical Intuitive Reading.

Single Readings – Health or Romantic

Finally get the answer to the one burning question you have about a particular health condition, recurring symptom, or relationship issue with a Single Question Reading.

Health Creation Meditation

This is your PERSONALIZED & UNIQUE (made only for you) meditation including music selected to bring you the most healing to you and your particular condition and requests.

Interactive Reading with Follow-up Plan

Get the additional support you need to transform your health with one-on-one coaching. During the first 90 days after your Medical Intuitive Reading (MIR)

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