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Rhodiola Rosea is an herb with a growing list of science-backed properties that may make it a go-to on your supplement list. Two of these properties — benefiting the pulmonary system, and having antiviral capabilities, are incredibly relevant currently. 


First of all, Rhodiola is an adaptogen — helping your body be more resilient to stress, something just about every person needs right now. Adaptogens can act as a buffer to your body’s stress response, softening the blow that stress strikes against your system. Since chronic stress has been linked to seemingly every major disease, it’s important to reduce it where we can. Unfortunately, we cannot live completely stress free lives, and that is where adaptogens come in. There is a more in-depth look at how adaptogens work in the body here.


Benefits of Rhodiola


  • Helps fight depression and anxiety


There is significant evidence that Rhodiola functions as an antidepressant, and it is particularly useful if you suffer from fatigue due to depression, as it combats all kinds of fatigue, including mental. In one of the studies, researchers concluded that due to its fewer side effects, Rhodiola is an alternative to sertraline for those with mild to moderate depression. 


Multiple studies have also found Rhodiola is effective as an anti-anxiety agent. Perhaps due to its adaptogenic properties, people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder had decreased levels of anxiety and another study showed a reduction in self-reported anxiety. If anxiety attacks leave you feeling fatigued afterwards, Rhodiola may help there as well. 


  • Contributes to healthy lung function


Quite a few studies have shown that Rhodiola promotes healthy lung function, even in patients with COPD. It also shows promise in preventing pulmonary artery hypertension. These effects are likely due to the herbs anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • May act as an antiviral


Salidroside, a compound found in the herb, has been linked to antiviral activity. It is thought that it boosts the subject’s immunity enough so that infections don’t occur. 


  • Anti-Aging


Rhodiola is also a strong antioxidant, protecting cells against free radicals that contribute to signs of aging as well as heart disease. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, even reducing cell damage caused by UV rays.


As with anything, there are some contraindications if using Rhodiola, including MAOI drugs, pregnancy, or breast feeding. Also, agitation or sleeplessness is a risk with high doses. 


Optimal effects are usually obtained after consistent use and each desired effect has its own beneficial dose. It is very easy to get it wrong and have it be minimally effective. Since it is so important to create a plan custom designed for you, book your immune system breakthrough session today. We will address your particular concerns and needs so you can bolster that one irreplaceable resource — your health.

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