skull-778073_1920Last week, October 12th through 20th, 2015, marked “Bone and Joint Action Week,” an initiative near and dear to my heart with so many of my patients affected by related ailments. In fact, musculoskeletal conditions plague one in two people in the United States over the age of 18[1] – that’s half of the adult population!

If you’re one of the way too many, it’s time that you take measures to minimize or eliminate the problem, versus simply masking your symptoms with prescription drugs – treatments that may or may not work and may or may not cause side effects. No matter if you’re dealing with arthritis, spinal issues, or osteoporosis, let’s stimulate your immune system and get to the root of the issue in a way your body will relate and respond.

How to treat your bone and joint pain naturally: 

Strengthen your bones. Are you aware of all of the calcium-rich foods that you could easily add to your diet, like leafy greens and almonds, to help strengthen your bones? A certified health coach could put together a nutrition plan based on your needs and lifestyle to assist you in your fight against osteoporosis and other bone and joint pain.

Enhance your conventional treatment with homeopathy. While your conventional medicines work to suppress the pain, let homeopathic medicine heal what ails you. A homeopathic practitioner will evaluate you, and not just the issue at hand, in order to recommend herbal treatments to target and potentially eliminate your problem. (If you suffer from arthritis, read my blog post, Five Natural Treatments for Arthritis, for possible herbal medications.)

Consider other complementary and alternative medical practices. Depending on your bone and joint issue, it may be helpful to supplement your diet and medication plan with other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices. For example, traditional Chinese therapies, such as tai chi and acupuncture, could be beneficial for your arthritis or osteoporosis. On the other hand, chiropractic therapy may assist in remedying your spinal issue. Several CAM methods exist, and a certified health coach can help identify the right one for you.

Ask yourself what you have to lose in trying any of the treatments above. As a certified health coach and homeopathic practitioner, who’s also a medical doctor, I can provide you a personalized plan to address your bone and joint issues in a safe and effective way. Contact me today to get on your path to living with less pain.