hands-545394_1280Do you know that, according to the CDC, there are over 52 million Americans living with arthritis? While it’s unfortunate many of my patients are among that number, the good news is we’re finding success in natural methods for reducing their symptoms and, in some cases, even reversing the condition. If you’re like them and tired of relying on pain relievers to mask the problem, try one of these five natural ways to truly sooth your achy joints:

  1. Get moving. Though many believe exercise will add to arthritic pain, it can actually reduce it, when done correctly, by enhancing flexibility in problem areas. Low-impact exercises that are generally beneficial for all types of arthritis include walking, water aerobics, tai chi and gentle yoga.
  2. Shed some pounds. By getting exercise and improving your diet, you should lose some weight and in turn, reduce your joint pain. In fact, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2013, as little as a 10% loss could show improvement.
  3. Correct your chi, or in plain terms, see an acupuncturist. Though it may seem intimidating, many are finding relief in all the endorphins released by those needles, which contrary to popular belief, don’t create pain.
  4. Go hot or go cold. Though basic and inexpensive, you may reduce inflammation and minimize discomfort by applying heat – or cold – to your arthritic areas. It’ll likely take work to find the best for your body, but simple activities like hot showers and cold compresses should help narrow it down.
  5. Take your herbs. Another way to naturally reduce inflammation is by taking a daily herbal supplement, such as boswellia, ginger or turmeric, which have all shown some benefit against arthritis.

As with any change to a medical course of action, you should always consult first with your physician. Should you need assistance, as always, please contact me. I’m happy to provide a personalized plan for improving your arthritis.