This is the time of year when people are walking around, sniffing and snorting and complaining about their allergies. Hay fever is miserable, with itchy, watery eyes, sinus congestion and the runny nose, as well as feeling drained and tired and a lack of energy. In addition, over the counter allergy medicines that most people reach for, although they may stop the itchy eyes and dry you up, tend to make you feel even more drained and drowsy than the allergies make you feel.

One group of treatments that few people know about are homeopathic remedies. If you’ve followed my blog over the past 5-6 years, I’m sure you’ve read how I love homeopathic remedies, because they can be used in any age group, whether it be a child or an elderly person. They don’t interact or interfere with any prescription or non-prescription drugs. Even better, there are no contraindications and they don’t have any side effects. So homeopathics are a wonderful option for people who would like to get results without all the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. I just used a lot of big words to say that anyone and everyone can use homeopathics without worry of something bad happening (which is so different from even the over-the-counter allergy meds that you’d better not drive or operate anything serious while taking. <– none of us have time in our lives to be off the grid like this!!!!)

I was reading an article for an assignment in my integrative medicine fellowship and, as part of the assignment, I had to write a blog. I decided to take this as an opportunity to write to YOU, the beloved people who read my blog and are on my email list, to tell you about some of the stuff I just learned. (You know me – always doing something to be better, faster, and stronger so when you come to me with some quandary, I have a giant toolkit to help you!) Let me tell you about the homeopathic remedies for allergies presented in this study. If you want to read this study yourself and prefer to get your PhD from PubMed, look up this article : Homeopathic Complex Remedy in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis: Result of a Prospective Multicenter Observational Study.

The rest of you, stay with me to see the bigger picture so you can integrate homeopathy into your life quickly and easily rather than getting bogged down with studies. In other words, I did the heavy lifting for you so you can just work on getting and staying well.

This study was conducted in Germany. So the exact combination pill of homeopathy may not be available in the US. However, I’ll give you the components the study used to encourage you to go down to your pharmacy or your Whole Foods or your health foods store to look for any of the homeopathic remedies for your allergies. One of the common homeopathic remedies I keep in my own wellness cabinet for my family is Histaminium (not to be confused with histamine). This is where I recommend you start, too.

Homeopathics come in little round pills or tiny globe-shaped pellets, which you pop under your tongue to dissolve. In this study, there were three homeopathics used in combination – Alumen chromicum (Chromium(III) potassium sulfate), Acidum formicicum (Aminic acid), and Gelsemium (G. sempervirens (L.)

This particular study I reference revealed marked improvement in allergy symptoms after as little as one week of therapy, with less complaints of dry eyes, itchy eyes, watering eyes, burning eyes, bronchial complaints, sneezing, rhinitis, fatigue, and tiredness, headaches and general well-being. Not only did allergy sufferers have improvement in these pesky symptoms, they also expressed improvement in their overall quality of life . This is major league because most people still feel horrible even after taking the standard fare, the popular allergy remedies on the market. Of note especially is that people, when they started this study, were feeling very fatigued and tired. By the end of the study, after using homeopathic remedies , they actually felt really good.

I want to champion to you that homeopathic remedies are a secret sauce that few people know about and you, the people in my audience, now know and have seen the light. Use homeopathics more and more in your health regiment.

Most Western medicine-trained doctors and other conventionally trained health care practitioners in our system are not aware of the benefits of homeopathic remedies. Many even would swear to you that homeopathic remedies are voodoo medicine and have no research behind them to prove that they work. I am showing you just one of the MANY studies. There is information out there that counters the belief that homeopathic do not work.

So … go down to your favorite woke store, that sells stuff that’s good for your body and mind, and fill your cabinet with homeopathic remedies..

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