101: Mushrooms for Cancer, Cold & Flu, Hormones, and Low Libido – Dr. Veronica Anderson

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“Mushrooms have been shown to support peoples immune systems response while they’re going through chemotherapy”

– Jerry Angelini

Jerry Angelini is the education director at host defense, a company that is building a healthier world with the power of mushrooms. Jerry has a Masters of Science and Rehabilitation from Boston University. He has been working with traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs for over 30 years.

During this episode, Jerry will share how mushrooms can heal a variety of sickness and diseases like cancer, cold & flu, female hormones, and low libido. Expect to also learn about the adverse effects and how to consume the mushroom for the maximum benefit. Listen to the end to find out what Jerry personally takes and his recommendations for you.

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101: Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

  • 04:45 – Most important thing you need to know about mushrooms
  • 06:35 – How safe are mushrooms for babies?
  • 08:03 – “Mushrooms have been shown to support peoples immune systems response while they’re going through chemotherapy” – Jerry Angelini
  • 09:31 – Adverse events from consuming mushrooms
  • 13:50 – How do mushrooms help with the cold and flu
  • 16:20 – When to use the spray and how much you should take
  • 22:17 – Can Candida overgrowth be harmful?
  • 25:46 – Eating mushrooms vs raw mushrooms for cancer prevention
  • 31:55 – Regulating female hormones with herbs and mushrooms
  • 36:42 – Helping your low energy and low libido
  • 40:42 – What Jerry personally takes + recommendation

Full Transcript:

Dr. Veronica:  All right, well let’s talk anyway. Jerry, go ahead and talk. We’ll, okay.

Jerry Angelini: My name again is Jerry Angelini and I’m the education director host events. I have a masters of science and rehabilitation from Boston university. I’ve studied a couple of acupuncture schools just to kind of get the different approaches. I don’t set needles. I’m not licensed as an acupuncturist. So I don’t put myself out there as that, but I do and I have studied traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbs, Ayurvedic herbs and Chinese herbs for, I’ve been doing that for 30 years now. So definitely I know, right. I’ve been in the both fields, both the traditional Western and some of the integrative practices for decades now. It’s been a lot of,

Dr. Veronica: So I just want to talk a bit for people who are out in jumping in and watching. I’m talking with Jerry Angelini. He just gave a nice introduction and what I wanted to do is talk about mushrooms. So this winter w as every winter people are getting sick and I tell people I’ve mastered the 12 hour coal, or let me say, you know, I can, I can get something. Some people say I never get sick. Well not one of those people that says I never get sick. I’ll get something that will come on. But it’s rare that it will take me down. Okay. So the last time was last week I went on a, you know, a flight across the country and in a flight back and as I’m on the fly, Oh and my red eye coming back, all of a sudden the sniffles are coming on.

And so we’ll, what do you do when you have these types of situations? It’s common for people to get sick on airplanes for a couple of reasons. One is because going across time zones is stressful to your immune system. The other thing is when you’re in the airplane, and it’s not really the re circulated air, but here’s what happens when you’re close to other people, you know you’ve got all this stuff aerosolized. So if you have somebody directly next to you who’s sick or guess what, somebody got off the plane and you touched what they touch a few rows you can get sick and this is what happens. But just being stressed across time zones and being exposed is something that could pound on your immune system. And so that’s just one thing that happens to people. But on the other side, here we are, it’s winter and you know everybody’s people are coughing and hacking and there’s cold and there’s flu and there’s sinusitis and bronchitis and all this stuff that’s going around.

And there are some people who they just get taken down and out every single year by these. And there are other people who figure out that, Hey, I get a little something and I’m one of those people. I’ll get a little something and then I’ll like know what to do to nip it in a bucket. So one of my secrets in my toolkit and I’m going to put up where you can get the ward off colds and flu tool kit because it has a bunch of things in there. But this is one of my secret sauces. It’s the mushroom spray from host offense. So I realize that I know little bits about mushrooms but not enough for my own academic knowledge. But when people say things that I know are wrong, I want to always have that data in my mind to be able to say, well that’s not quite right because, and then Jerry’s got to send me all the papers about that.

So Jerry has been with host offense for about seven years. He’s been an educator for hostess sense. You see what I do, I go right to the source, you know, up good company and get the people who are at the company who can teach us about this. Now one thing I like about dealing with supplement companies and Jerry’s going to make sure he keeps it compliant and in supplements speed. But one thing I like about dealing with supplement companies, I got to tell you, I find the integrity of many of the companies much higher than I found the pharmaceutical companies. It’s, it’s very educational. They always are. You know, the, the, the papers aren’t just all paid for by the drug company or something like that. And things like natural things, herbs, mushrooms, things like that. Well, by vitamins, minerals, they’ve been around since the beginning of time.

And so they are for, we’re not talking about something that was made into something else. We’re talking about the natural source that people have walked around since the beginning of mankind to use these to spur their health. And so today I want to talk a little bit about mushrooms. I want to talk about, you know, people say if they, Oh, they have an allergy or Oh my God, I have fungus or I have candida, can I use these types of things? So, so let me, let me jump right in. Let’s talk about first, what do you think is the most important thing people need to know about mushrooms?

Jerry Angelini:  A, so mushrooms, depending upon how they’re grown. And then manufactured can be amazing modulators or balancers of your immune response. And so the immune response is a really, really complex system of the body. There are lots of different cells. These cells secrete messenger molecules that trigger inflammatory responses, but it also has a set of checks and balances designed to keep it from overreacting. So we want to keep the immune system in like this Goldilocks zone, not too hot, not too cold, it’s gotta be just straight and many well the host defense product, let’s talk about that. Cause we’ve been doing research on our product has been shown to support the key immune cells that help us fight off like bacterial and viral pathogens, but also to help us identify cells that have mutated and killed them. And the product also engages the checks and balances to make sure that immune system doesn’t overreact to things like environmental triggers. Maybe it’s animal dander or pollen or maybe even a food trigger. So the product is super safe for like longterm. You use to keep your immune system right in the Goldilocks zone.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. So when we talk super safe, let’s ask about some of the people who you always want to have you know a little extra about. So first babies, can you use mushrooms? And we’re talking specifically about these type of mushrooms that host offense has that they’ve been, let’s call it curated and so we know exactly what’s in them and how much is in them. I think that’s very important. So are these safe for babies?

Jerry Angelini: So we suggest to an older, right that baby’s got a developing digestive tract, baby’s working really closely with mom a lot of times to develop their immunity and you know, under really significant circumstances and under the supervision of a really well-educated integrative practitioner, you can potentially integrate those with mom and baby. But really for like general use two and over, that’s really where we want to point people towards. At 18 months that digestive tract is pretty well established and you can introduce these really complex foods and mushrooms or complex foods. So we want to give you a little bit of buffer. Times of two years is the bit cut cutoff for it.

Dr. Veronica: Perfect. Two years. So next are people who may be immunocompromised in some way. One of the most common being people who have some type of cancer and are undergoing a chemotherapy or radiation or what about, what about people who have some kind of big stressor on their immune system

Jerry Angelini: System? Yeah, so there is a growing body of researched evidence that shows them mushrooms, specifically reishi and my talky and even quarter steps have been shown to support people’s immune systems response while they’re going through chemotherapy. So some of this research data is actually showing better results for those patients that are using both chemotherapy and mushrooms as opposed to either. So and now we always want to put a caveat on that, which is there are new chemotherapy medications that haven’t been tested with mushrooms and these tests aren’t completely inclusive either. So we always want to be careful. You always want to work with your integrative oncologist. They’ll test for things like liver enzymes. And so to make sure that you’re not having an adverse event, they’re going to keep an eye on blood parameters to make sure that, you know, your blood clotting stays within normal range and your white blood cells stay nice and strong. And so they’ll do all the testing that you would be doing anyway just to make sure that everything stays going in the right direction.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes. So let’s talk a minute about adverse events. It’s really interesting I find, I know you’re not going to be able to say something with it. You might shake your head a little, but whenever people have, are taking medicines, pharmaceuticals and they’re also taking supplements and they have anything bad that happens. Although we know pharmaceuticals got a string of side effects, they always blame it on whatever the supplement is. Right? And it’s usually all those medicines you’re taking, not the supplement you’re taking. So let’s talk really adverse events from mushrooms. What do we have to worry about? Allergies? What, what do we need to do?

Jerry Angelini:  So if you’re allergic to allergies, so you’ve had an allergy test and it says you’re allergic to the white button mushroom, chances are you’re not allergic to all the rest of the mushrooms. That would be like saying you go in to get an allergy test and you say I’m allergic to celery. Does that mean you’re allergic to spinach or to carrots? No. And typically because those proteins are very different and your immune response is going after a specific protein in the food. And the same of truth with mushrooms. So the chances are that you’re crossing tolerant is very, very low. There are some people that are allergic to all of the mushrooms. So you do want to, you know, you do want to proceed very carefully. Don’t, don’t go into this in a cavalier type manner. But if you’re allergic to mushrooms, don’t take a mushroom product. It’s really that simple.

Dr. Veronica:  You just said, if you’re allergic to the white button mushroom, which is the most common kind, it doesn’t mean you’re allergic to all mushrooms. So you would recommend that people go get allergy testing. And, I mean, I know there’s a lot of different types of testings. There’s allergies, there’s sensitivities. They’re mediated by different places in the immune system. So are you talking people with full blown allergies, IgE, or are you talking sensitivity? I G let’s, let’s break it down a little bit because I know my audience is very intelligent and

Jerry Angelini:  You reaction stay away. If you have an IgG response, then you can really proceed more carefully, but definitely proceed in a forward manner. You know, your IgE reaction is super rapid. You get a potential anaphylaxis as part of that IgE response and we want to make sure that people are safe. So that’s, that’s our driving forces. We want to make you feel better. We want to help you feel better, not worse, right? So if you’ve got an allergy, avoid if you have a sensitivity, if you have like a low grade systemic allergic response, in fact, some of these mushrooms may help mitigate that responsiveness and help down regulate IgG response by engaging two really key mechanisms and one is called interleukin 10 and interleukin 10 is a messenger molecule. From your immune cells that tell all the rest of your immune cells to kind of take it down a notch or two and just kind of relax a little, don’t get.

So overexcited. The other is something called interleukin one receptor antagonist. And I [inaudible] is what we call an acute phase immune response. And that’s it triggers experiences like fever, achiness, inflammation. So the sh the change of how fluid moves in your body and the accumulation of the demon fluid, right? And the want the receptor antagonist blocks into Lukin one from triggering all those acute phase of responses. So these two checks and balances in the host defense product are really amazing at helping bring that immune system back into that, that Goldilocks zone. And this is what’s, and so I alluded to how the host defense products are really safe like that. And those are the actual mechanisms that are, that are engaged physiologically to support that balance. Okay. So now we went into physiology speak, which is great for us for who are, you know, have our medical minds on.

But let’s go back into some layman terms. What does this mean for helping with things like colds and flus? How do these products do that? Exactly. So when someone has the feeling of a cold, that feeling you get like the scratchy throat, the flambe, the, you know, achy body, the fever, those experiences aren’t actually the bacteria or virus. What actually causes those feelings is our immune system’s response to try and fight those bacteria or viruses harder, right? And so those cytokines, and sometimes it’s referred to as a cytokine storm, create that feeling the mushrooms and host defense mushrooms help in engage your immune systems so that they can more effectively fight those bacteria and viruses without engaging those symptoms, those feelings that are associated with those messenger molecules from the immune cells. So you get really strong activation of the cells and they work better and harder, but you don’t necessarily have the feeling or experience that comes along with those immune cells when they’re working their hardest.

Dr. Veronica:  Ah, so what’s happening is, you know, I take these things, I go spray spray and I want to talk about that. I’ll use this now in a moment, but I go spray spray. And I noticed that Hey, 12 hours later I’m all better. Or you know, I had that last week I went across the flight, I had a long one and the long one was like a day and a half. Like maybe not even that long, you know? Which normally, you know, if somebody has a cold it’s three to seven days flew possibly even longer. I’ve met a lot of people, I’ve met some people that said, Hey I got this cold and I’m still sick. And how long have you had a three weeks. Okay. So, so let’s talk about actually how to use these type of products. We’re going to talk specifically about cold and flu because we’re in the winter.

No, let me just, I’ll tell you what I do. I’m not a everyday taker but I know that if there is benefit from using some of the products on a maintenance basis, I personally don’t do that. But I wait until something happens. I carry these in my bags all the time as soon as I feel, so I’m spray. So let’s talk about people who are like me who are not necessarily everyday users cause a lot of people don’t want to do that necessarily. You know, take a bunch of off what is the correct way when you feel something on to dose the product.

Jerry Angelini:  Sure. So if you’re going to use the myco shield spray that has five different flavors. So we have hopefully something for everyone out there. You would do three to four sprays every 45 minutes to an hour as you’re going through your day. And what that’s going to do is that’s going to help impact what’s called the mucosal associated lymphoid tissue. And that’s all the mucus membranes in your mouth, in your throat, but also in your whole digestive tract. And that’s going to get that immune system in the fight really quickly, really strong. You can also use a capsule product called Mike community and this is a 17 mushroom mix cause some people don’t like liquids, they don’t want to do this spray thing. They, they’re like, I personally love the sprays. I Gary him with me whenever I get on a plane, which is a lot.

Cause I travel for work. But sometimes people want to do capsules and so if you want to get your immune system strongly engaged, you’re going to take two capsules, maybe three or four times a day, but you’re gonna do both the spray in the capsule earlier in the day cause they can in fact create some energy in your system. They can be energizing. We don’t want you to necessarily take them right before you go to bed because we want you to sleep. Sleep is crucial when you’re sick. So you know, you got to rest, you’ve got to let your immune system do its work. And so you got to sleep. But during the day, you know, take three or four sprays of the micro shield spray every like hour maybe and that’ll get you a lot of that liquid and the mushrooms and some of the key compounds that help engage the immune response or take two capsules three to four times a day before seven, six, 7:00 PM.

Dr. Veronica:  Okay. Is there such thing as taking too much, spraying too much or taking too many pills?

Jerry Angelini: There’s always too much, right? Everything has its upward limit. So you know, with the, my community capsules, eight capsules in a day is that’s really your upward limit. So you can do, and that’s four grams of the mushrooms and that’s gonna really get your immune system revved up, right? Three to four grams is kind of, that’s the upward limit of where you really wanna take it. The liquid spray, the micro shield six sprays is about an ML, which is a milliliter and you can do ’em six to eight milliliters. How’s your upward limit? So that’s three sprays and if you do it every hour and you do three sprays is a half an ML. Two hours would give you one ML. Four hours would give you two MLS, right? Six hours to give you three MLS and eight hours would give you four ML. So it just depends. Like you can go up to that three or four ML limit too. So you can do three to four sprays every hour or so. And that’ll definitely keep you within that one.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. Very. I just [inaudible] yeah, very, because you want to, you want to think, are you doing too much? Now one of the pieces that I noticed about using this is it seat for me. It seems to work very rapidly. And so like you’re saying, you know, I’ll spray and then maybe I’ll go back an hour and I’ll spray and I feel kind of silly doing it. But your, you just verified that I’m doing what I should be doing even though I didn’t, I didn’t know what to do. You know, intuitively, but it’s about, I get what a lot of my effort is intuitively I knew what to do and I just noted all sudden spray spray and like within a half hour I’m like, wow, I feel really better. That’s, that’s pretty amazing. What just happened? How that work that, that in my mom, those little liquids

Jerry Angelini:  Are rapid dat Miko shield, immune spray. I literally, so I travel anywhere from 12 to 20 days a month for work. And so I’m on six, 10 flights a month and I literally, I do three sprays as I’m getting out of my car and walking into the, and then I do three sprays as I walk onto the plane. And then if it’s a six hour flight, I’ll do three sprays at least one more time when I’m on that plane. Because you are in an enclosed place, there’s people breathing all over you. Some of the research on you know, sharing microbiomes is like kind of like coughs and sneezes and even just breathing like you’re putting whatever is in you out there and you’re on a little enclosed to flying through the country. You know, we’re flying through the air and I call it a flying Petri dish, but you know, they do the best they can in the airlines. They really do. But there are some limitations with it. So yeah, I, I totally want to support and protect my immune response and make sure that it’s working at its peak for sure.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So let’s, let’s segue, segue over a little bit to you know, these days there’s a lot of people who are being affected by a candida overgrowth, which in my opinion is a problem with your immune system not being able to control fungus. And other things like that that are just, you know, downright strange and weird, but people are suffering from these things. So first is their first, is there, is there a problem with people who have these type of overgrowths taking these hosts offense products? And the second more important question is, is there a role in the for these products in controlling something like a candida overgrowth?

Jerry Angelini: Sure. Okay. So just a little background for an, for people. Candida is a pathogenic mold. So fungi come in basically two categories. You’ve got your probiotic, right, and you’ve got your pathogens. And it’s just like bacteria. Like some people like your pathogenic bacteria, like E coli and staph and strap. And those are the ones that people know. And your probiotic bacteria are things like lacto, bassline, bifidobacteria, and we take them to support our body’s health and wellness. Right? So it’s the same way with mushrooms. Candy to is a pathogen, but the interesting thing is from some of the human microbiome research out there more than the majority of people in fact have candida resident in their intestinal tract. So pretty much every one you’re going to run across in the U S has candy in their intestinal tract. But like exactly like you said, our bodies and our other microbes help manage those pathogens in our track.

So we can do that in a couple of ways. We can use some probiotics to support that. We can also use mushrooms for two different reasons. The first is that mushrooms have been shown in research to be prebiotic material that selectively feed your probiotic microflora. So only like your lacto bassline, your bifido bacteria will thrive on mushrooms while your pathogens don’t. They actually have been shown to have some inhibiting effect on the growth of those pathogens in the intestinal tract, which is really cool. The other is that the mushrooms are going to help in your intestinal tract, the immune signaling that happens when Candide is present in the intestinal tract. So we’re really getting a multilevel support from the mushrooms if we’re struggling with some of these pathogenic overgrowths in our intestinal tract.

Dr. Veronica: So I’m gonna to distill that down. It’s not harmful to people who have these overgrows and it actually is likely very helpful. Exactly. Okay. Yay. Dispel that. You know, cause people will say, well I can’t take that because, and I’ll be like, Oh that’s not quite right but Oh let go. They went on a blog somewhere. You know what I mean? And I like to joke about people having their medical degree from a, you know, Facebook, medical school, medical school. Cause I’ve been in some Facebook group said, you know, community support is wonderful, but I’ve been in groups where it’s the blind leading the blind and I’m just like, these people I know are, they’re sick. And when you say something in there that’s the factual about how to help them, it gets completely ignored. So for those who are getting there, here we are right now at the university of Facebook medical school, walking on air because this is where people are getting their information. Let’s talk about, you know, some people out there will say, well, I don’t, I don’t need a spray. I’m just going to go out there and eat a bunch of mushrooms. So talk about that. It’s just like, I’m not gonna, you know.

Jerry Angelini: Sure. you know what, it’s not a bad thing, but you got to cook the mushrooms. Raw mushrooms convey no support to your body at all because what mushrooms are made of are compounds that we don’t have enzymes in our digestive tract to break down. So you’ve, okay. Okay. So these fibers and mushrooms are super dense, super tough. And unless you break them down beforehand, they don’t convey any health support to us. So if you’re gonna eat some Shataki mushrooms, slice them up really thin or dice them, saute them in a beautiful fat like G or coconut oil or olive oil, and saute them for a good five minutes. And if you wanna throw some garlic and I’m hands or you know, some other herbs, great. But before you do anything else with them, throw a little bit of Sherry in there or cooking one because there are a set of compounds that are brought out with the water from the mushrooms. When you cook them, there’s a set of mushroom compounds that come out with the fat and there are set of mushroom compounds that come out with the alcohol and they’re all different. And if you do it all together, you get this really full ranging support.

Dr. Veronica: Wow. Okay. I don’t even have any Sherri in my house and I’ll just like, okay, now I know what I need to do. The Raul, Raul mushrooms pretty much are they are, do you think there’s, they’re harmful to the system in some way versus the book?

Jerry Angelini: Oftentimes rum mushroom, I mean, yeah, we’re all, mushrooms had been sitting around a while and you can get some kind of funky films on them. And so cause there are actually a lot of bacteria do like to grow on mushrooms. In fact, they, it’s a good food for them. So it’s really best to cook them first. Yeah.

Dr. Veronica:  I’m just thinking about those mushrooms sitting at all the salad bars. Oh my God. See, it’s whatever it is that you think is the enemy is not necessarily the enemy. So, so, so let’s just, other conditions that mushrooms might help. I know you have a really variety of products. I’ve seen like we were talking a moment ago or you know, a little bit back about cancer and I’ve seen some interesting studies visit B mushrooms and cancers. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Jerry Angelini: Yeah, so we have to talk about it from the perspective of supporting the immune response. There’s a lot of preliminary data out there that you really have to have a lot of scientific background kind of understand. But what we do know is when you use mushrooms, they engage than immune system’s natural capacity to identify these cell mutations in our body and then take the next step to help destroy them and clear them out of the system. You hear a lot of varying degrees of like anecdotal data or people saying, Oh, I used mushrooms and now my cancer has gone. Well, we don’t know. Well, what else did they use? We don’t know, like what actually helped that process. There could have been a lot of things, right, but we do know really clearly that when you use mushrooms, especially the host defense mushrooms, they in fact support the immune system while you’re in that really important of finding and then destroying the cell mutations. Yeah. We’ve actually had a study done by best year in the university of Minnesota on the Turkey tail that showed that it strongly engaged the immune response and women who had undergone chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. So it got their immune systems up and running almost immediately after those really intensive intervention.

Dr. Veronica:  Hmm. Really important. Okay. So for those who are interested in, let’s say the prevention side of things, and you know, we want to stay healthy and bedding yourself from being overtaken by the mutant cells that we call cancer. Is there a particular product that you recommend for that? We’re say, let’s say you’re somebody where you have a family history and people tend to get cancer family and you decide I’m going to be the one to stay. Well what, what can I do? Which products suite would you recommend to them?

Jerry Angelini: Bam, it’s seven. It’s a seven mushroom product. You can take a capsule in a capsule form. You would take one to two capsules at breakfast, one to two capsules at lunch. Again, cause it can be energizing. So you might actually feel really like, wow, I’ve got a lot of energy today. And you know, I took my stamp at seven and I’m feeling really good and my brain is firing really well. You know, I just feel overall better. And what you don’t see is the strong immune engagement that’s gonna help your immune system do its job better. So you get these outward signs of, you know, just better experience in your day to day life, fill those quality of life indicators. Well, what you don’t see is the support that it’s giving to your immune system. So yeah, that STEM, it’s seven. And like I said, two capsules either once at breakfast or again at lunch. And that’ll give you two grounds. And especially for those people that, you know, maybe have some family history of cancer and they really want to make sure their immune systems engaged and keeping an eye out. That’s kind of the product I’d have you take a look at.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. So let’s talk about some hormonal issues. Let’s talk about female hormones and the big deal things that happen in life. I was having a you know, dust-up with an another functional medicine practitioner who is a doctor who teaches and things. Every woman over a pertinent age needs to be on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. And in addition, if they have low libido, I will give them low dose Cialis. This was his reason. C I think w I’m just gonna say this, I think women’s health is messed up because men like that are running it. And then there’s women who are actually following that advice as opposed to other things that can be done to help

Jerry Angelini: Women transition in life with some things that are normal. So let’s talk about mushrooms in helping regulate female hormones issues. One is the perimenopausal, menopausal women. And then there’s the women who are younger who are having things like you know, premenstrual syndrome. All these are hormonal. So let’s talk about first menopausal type things. So we have a product that’s called Micah botanicals woman, and it is for mushrooms and three herbs. So we’ve actually brought mushrooms and herbs together to compliment each other, which is a, it’s, it’s been used for centuries, right? So we know that it has a long standing efficacy. The mushrooms are going to help immune response and they’re going to help with a certain set of liver detoxification pathways. And for those of you that aren’t familiar with why that’s important both men and women, we create form moans, but then we have to metabolize them out of the system, right?

So it’s this process of we’re creating and then we’re clearing them out. If we don’t clear out like specifically estrogen and some of the metabolites, those have been known to be particularly challenging for a lot of health issues. So these what are called phase two pathways are strongly supported by the mushrooms. What in this product, there’s chaste Berry, which has been studied and has some really beautiful human clinical trials on impacting and stabilizing mood, especially mood associated with your cycle. So this could be maybe the younger or middle aged woman that might be having some dysphoria or you know, some mood challenges associated with her cycle, but it can also be really helpful for something that’s called prolactin. And prolactin is one of the key hormones that comes out of the pituitary that helps balance and regulate the reproductive cycle, especially when you’re seeing women go through perimenopausal, menopausal concerns.

So the product and the Vita techs really support that balanced and stable hormonal system. But it takes a couple of months to really kind of kick in. So you got to take it for like two or three months to really start to feel it. Sentiment is there by text in the product. That’s chasteberry. Yes. So vital, but two different words, sorry, both way. And I’m like what’s by text? Yes. So okay chase, so I didn’t, yeah. So is the M, that’s what we call the common name. And via text, Agnes [inaudible] is the Latin binomial by the toxin taxonomic name. We’ve also put shatavari in there and shatavari is an or Vedic herb that is used specifically as a female reproductive tonic. Really awesome for that. Perimenopausal menopausal experience. A is especially good for supporting what we call fluid regulation. So if you’re having like some like dryness issues or what we would call yin deficiency, the shatavari is beautiful for kind of helping support that fluid balance and regulation in the female reproductive system. So all together it’s a really great formula for women that have those cyclical challenges. But definitely if you have a stable cycle, don’t take the, the woman’s product, take the standard seven’s product to support your immune response. It really, we know that these are hormone regulators, so don’t, if you’ve got a stable cycle that’s not your product STEM at seven.

Dr. Veronica:  I see. Okay. What about for men? What’s out there for men?

Jerry Angelini: So if you want to help with energy and libido, you know, definitely take a look at pure cordyceps and the host defense. Cordyceps is really energizing. It’s great for lung functioning too, but it does support, support libido and sexual functioning. We don’t actually have a product for some of the more recognized men’s health issues like prostate support or things of that nature. And part of it is we want a pair herbs with it, but it’s really challenging to stabilize SOPs from ETO, which is one of those really highly recognized male health herbs and a capsule form. And quite frankly the liquid encapsulated products aren’t, you can’t get them organically. So our company is very dedicated to organic growing organic encapsulation. Well, we want to make sure that people aren’t exposed to many of the pesticides and heavy metals that are rampant on our planet. And in our in our supply chain nowadays. So we do a tremendous amount of testing to make sure that we’re pesticide free, that we have some of the lowest heavy metal levels in the industry and our heavy metals come in an order of magnitude below who standards. So really important that our products are clean. They’re organically grown and manufactured.

Dr. Veronica: So yeah. So now we hit the big issues of women’s issues of cancer. One of the other big issues that is taking people down with health cardiovascular, cerebrovascular type diseases. Is there any role for mushrooms with those classes of diseases? Absolutely.

Jerry Angelini:  Liso reishi, which is in Chinese medicine, often called the Imperial tonic, right. And tonics are substances that support basically your whole body, just a little so that the whole thing feels better. And reishi has some really nice research on its impact on cardiovascular functioning. So it can help maintain balanced cholesterol levels and it can help like triglyceride and LDL and HD numbers stay within normal parameters. It actually also helps the cells in your heart make energy better so that they function better. And it also can stabilize the arterial tissues so that it doesn’t react to substances like plaque and oxidized LDL so rapidly. So it’s a amazing stabilizer for cardiovascular function. The challenge with it is if you’re on a blood thinner, this is one of the few Contra indications that we have in our products. If you’re on a blood thinner race, she has been reported to impact blood platelet aggregation, which is how quickly your, your blood clots. So you gotta be really careful with it. You really want to work with a practitioner that’s knows what to look for and is testing your blood clotting because we don’t want you to bruise easy. We don’t, we don’t want your intestinal track to [inaudible] excuse me, lead or anything like that. So definitely work with your practitioner.

Dr. Veronica:  Okay, beautiful. Thank you. Now I want to, I want to wrap up and I would like you to tell us, let’s say, you know, there’s a couple products that these are the best ones to have in yourself. You want to stay well, yeah. If you want to stay, well these are the two or the three. I think you should have one. So you have your airplane first. We all want to know exactly what you are using on the airplane. Then what we have in our, what should we have in our, our toolkit

Jerry Angelini: Use the myco shield, winter mist spray. And that’s because I love the Birch flavor. That’s one of my favorites. But there’s cinnamon, there’s peppermint, there’s licorice and citrus. So one for anyone. I also take lion’s mane, which supports cognitive functioning, memory and mood. And there’s some beautiful human clinical trials on that. So for people that want to support their memory and their cognitive functioning and maybe even help balance their mood, I take two grams of lion’s mane every day. And then I also take Stamets seven cause it’s just an all around amazing immune and energy support. So for people out there, you can choose from Miko shield sprain if you’re have a lot of contact with people or if you’re in a lot of public spaces if you’re a person that doesn’t have a super duper lot of contact with people. But you want a general sense of wellbeing and health and immune strength. That’s your standard seven. If you’re not into liquids, but you want to really support your immune system really strongly because you’re kind of fighting something off, right? That’s your my community. And then if you want some brain and nerve support, go right for the lines, man.

Dr. Veronica: Yay. So now we know all about mushrooms. I’ve just got, like I said, I love the products because, you know, I, I’ve been, I’ve had these things, I go around all the conference, I collect things and then I’m like really works. And then I’m like, okay. So, so mushrooms was one of my discoveries that this really works. So I put it in my toolkit. And for people who want the tool kit, I’ll put a link in, in there so you can get it. And there’s post-defense products there. I put one product there. But this, the reason why I did this is because I want you to know about a suite of products that you can use for this. And so you can pick the one that’s specific to you. So now, you know there’s different products out there. And who the, so co one, one last time Contra indications, people on blood thinners with reishi, but any of the others?

Jerry Angelini: Mushrooms? Not really, no. It’s really mostly just reishi for blood thinners. And then if you’re on a, we also have a brain formula that has herbs and mushrooms and that has Gingko in it. So blood thinners for that one too. So, I’m sorry, I misspoke there. So, blood thinners for reishi and our brain formula, a lion’s mane, no known interactions with any drugs or medication. So that’s good for everyone, I would say. Yeah. You know, if you’re on medication, work with your qualified integrative healthcare practitioner just to make sure you got all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. You know, we always like to support that. There are a lot of really well educated and knowledgeable integrative healthcare practitioners today. It’s not like it was 20 years ago when I was, you know, doing this in a, on a private practice. So, yeah, we’re w the, the U S has come a long, long way in this, so yeah, that’s good.

Dr. Veronica:  I feel like I’ve been to so many classes like, Oh my God, another collect has been so build upon build upon, build upon and then you’re able to help more people. I personally have people come to me because they don’t want to use the other stuff they’re like, but I’m the type of person who will say, if I think a pharmaceutical is the best thing for you at this point, I’m going to send you and say please use that right now. And then he was, we’re going to work. So you can transition off of that because there’s nobody’s body who’s craving any type of pharmaceutical. We need to correct what’s going on underneath. And then you can go out and be wild and free on things like mushrooms. Jerry, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. I love host defense products. I’m going to put links in so people know where the host defense products and the host defense.com we have a lot of information on the website. We’ve got a great product catalog too, so it guys kind of goes through and helps people make the right choice as to which product would be best for them. Wonderful. Thank you so much. I’ll come have a great day.


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