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Love is the most powerful force in the universe; it is the only frequency that can transcend all time and space. It’s literally all around us, like oxygen.  When we align ourselves with the frequency of love, we attract it in the same way we tune into a radio station. Interesting isn’t it? I never knew this growing up!

I always looked outside myself for love and didn’t realize that at the very core of my being, I was sending out signals that the universe was responding to.

Why is it so important that you love yourself? It’s because it’s impossible to feel good if you don’t love you! When you don’t love yourself, you will block all the abundance and gifts of the universe.

Does the idea of loving yourself make you feel strange, like this is a foreign or even silly idea?

If that’s the case, where do you think that idea came from? Were you ever taught how to love yourself, or how to love others?

I invite you to explore your relationship with who you see in the mirror on a daily basis.

  • Do you know who you really are?
  • Have you explored the gifts and talents you have to offer this world?
  • Do you realize that you’re capable of so much more than you are even aware of?

One of the most liberating things in this world is our own self-discovery and infinite potential.

It is truly sad that most people go their whole lives as strangers to themselves and their souls. They never discover how to tap into this true potential.

When we are thirsty, we find water and when we are hungry, we find food. But what do we do when our soul craves growth, to be heard and expressed? What happens when we suppress our soul’s craving for love?

We often misinterpret this signal or totally ignore it and end up feeling stuck in life, lost, or unworthy. When we neglect self-love, our body moves into a state of dis-ease.

Self-discovery and self-love are the two keys to an abundant, healthy life. Not only is it endearing to find out who you are and what you want most in life, but more importantly how to attract it!

There are two very powerful laws that are magnetic in nature, the law of attraction and the law of vibration. Together they create a feedback loop of action-reaction which is dictated by our thoughts and behaviors that ultimately creates our reality. So live by design, not by default!

When your desires are aligned in harmony on a positive vibration, this allows you to manifest what you want most – like attracts like! My top three steps to manifest anything you desire are to first define specifically what that is, decide you will take immediate action to get it, and dedicate each day to not only learning how to get it but keep it.

I don’t think there is any better feeling than finally getting what you’ve always wanted in life and for me that was my soul mate.  I went almost half my life alone because I didn’t love myself. But when I finally loved myself, connected to my soul, and understood the power of my mind, all my desires that I had been chasing started to flow to me. Master yourself and you will master your life, and love you, because then others will, too!

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