Dr. Veronica Anderson

Have you ever been nervous for a high-pressure presentation at work, and your digestive system goes haywire?

Stressful events and long-term low-grade stress have a huge impact on digestion and immunity, leaving you much more susceptible to colds and flu. 

Today I’m going to cover why stress sabotages digestion and immunity, and what you can do about it on the physical and spiritual levels.

I’m going to give you the recipe for my simple 4-ingredient Digestive Elixir one of my keys to healthy digestion and ironclad immunity so make sure you read through until the end.

Just adding in this simple drink has the potential to bring your physical body into balance… when you’re also actively addressing the underlying spiritual causes of systemic imbalances, like stress.

You can take steps with food, drinks, and supplements to repair your system, but nothing will work unless you address the “invisible” causes you might be ignoring… 

  • The job you hate
  • The unsupportive partner
  • The financial issues keeping you in a state of fear

Why do you have to address the spiritual and physical causes of digestive issues and low immunity? Why can’t you just pop some supplements, like probiotics, and get on with your day?

Because you’re not a set of parts – you’re a whole human, and your entire life influences your physical symptoms. Probiotics won’t fix emotional issues. 

A lot of people who have constipation, diarrhea, and frequent colds assume they need to start popping pills. Supplements have a role, but they’re never the first step.

If you’re frustrated with relentless constipation, colds, flu, diarrhea, bloating, acid reflux, or all of the above, we’ve got to look at what’s going on in your life beyond food and supplements. 

When you strengthen your digestive system by healing emotional imbalances in your life, you can withstand all types of stress better. You’ll feel resilient instead of weak. You’ll feel confident and excited for that big presentation – not nervous.

How would that change your life?

I’ve worked with hundreds of patients, and the #1 reason people have digestive disorders and weak immunity is STRESS, which is a spiritual symptom that affects your physical health. 

Think about it: When you’re under a lot of pressure and feeling depleted, anxious, and overwhelmed, you’re much more likely to have an upset stomach, constipation, and/or diarrhea. 

Emotional stress disrupts your physical body, and it hits your digestive system first. Stress weakens your gut lining, preventing you from absorbing key nutrients and minerals you need, allowing bacteria into your body in some cases, and lowering immunity.  

Bottom line? Stress and overwhelm lead to a broken digestive system and weaker immunity, which means more colds and flu. 

90% of your immune system is in your digestive tract, so healthy digestion means healthy immunity. 

If you want to prevent colds and flus before they happen, you need to make sure that your digestive system is in good shape. And that starts with addressing your stress.

Simply following the right diet and taking the perfect supplements is not going to help you if you don’t work on the other areas of your life.

Stress is about perception rather than circumstances. How do you change your mindset so stress doesn’t affect you in the same way? 

  • Practice good sleep hygiene
  • Meditate to clear your mind
  • Workout to release feel-good hormones
  • Surround yourself with positive people

I give weekly guidance on the Mindset Minute Clinic, my private podcast that’s 5 minutes or less per episode. Tuning in is a great way to tune up your mindset.

Another great resource for reducing stress, healing digestion, and strengthening immunity is my free Ward Off Colds & Flu Toolkit. In step 9 I cover a couple simple ways you can lower stress, so you can improve your digestion and prevent colds. 

Today you’re getting a taste of the guide, as I’m sharing my Digestive Elixir, which is a staple in my life and has been transformative for my clients.

You can click here to download the complete toolkit as my gift to you.

Dr. Veronica’s Digestive Elixir

1 serving


1 cup unsweetened organic aloe vera juice

1 tablespoon organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon organic lime juice

1 teaspoon organic unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate


Simply mix all ingredients together and drink up to 3 cups per day.

Why do these ingredients work so well?

Aloe vera juice has been proven to support the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut1… 

“In present investigation, different concentrations of Aloe vera juice incorporated into the growth media of Lactobacilli were tested to observe the effect on growth and activities of these bacteria.

From the results obtained, it was observed that aloe vera juice at a concentration of 5% v/v was effective in promoting the growth of L. acidophilus, L. plantarum and L. casei, as evident from the fall in pH and increased acidity, as well as from the improved generation time…

Overall, it was concluded that Aloe vera juice or gel at a particular concentration could possibly be used in combination with probiotic Lactobacillus strain(s) as a combinational therapy for gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular diseases.”

Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar has the “mother,” which is a colony of healthy bacteria. It creates the vinegar through a secondary fermentation process. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help people dealing with digestive disorders2

“When a mixture of cider vinegar and water is taken before a meal (particularly food served in restaurants or at picnics where the preparation or duration of food left uncovered and not refrigerated is questionable), it seems to prevent diarrhea or digestive upsets.”

The benefits of lime juice are well-known and multiplus3

“The health benefits of lime include weight loss, skin care, good digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc.”

Last, organic unsweetened cranberry juice clears bad bacteria out of your gut4, and is super alkaline…

“The antimicrobial effect of cranberry juice and of three cranberry extracts (water-soluble (E1) and apolar phenolic compounds (E2), and anthocyanins (E3)) was investigated against seven bacterial strains… The results, reported in μg phenol/mL, indicated that all the bacterial strains, both Gram-positive and Gram-negative, were selectively inhibited by the cranberry phenolic compounds.”

My Digestive Elixir is one of the cornerstones of my Digestive Repair Protocol, and my unique physical-spiritual approach to warding off colds and flu.

To get my full Ward Off Colds & Flu toolkit for free, click here.

As we move into the fall and winter, you must have this guide – it’ll save your digestive and immune systems.

You can start adding in the elixir right away, and you’ll get more tools for physical and spiritual health in the free guide. 

Do you have chronic digestive issues, stress, and/or colds and flu?

What’s one shift you’ll make this week to reduce your stress?

Leave a comment below with your experience – I’m so curious to hear from you.


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