Life is hectic — that’s always true but lately on a scale of 1-10, the dial seems to be set around 100. With so much going on and so much competing for our attention, everyone seems to be struggling to cut out the noise and focus on what is important. There are two question to answer “what to focus on” and “how to focus on it”. 

The what to focus on will vary from person to person. Take the steps outlined below to gain a bit of clarity and if you’re still stuck click here. This process can help guide you through life’s stumbling blocks and lay the foundation for you to build the life you want. The how to focus is pretty straightforward — read on to get clear about what is important! 

We all admire some people’s ability to concentrate, whether they’re training for the Olympics or solving a great societal problem. These folks with great focus have discovered something very important: If you’re focused on a goal, you have an easier time getting where you’re going.

But can you really create focus just by willing yourself to have it? Or is this trait a secondary characteristic of something else?

It All Comes Down to Passion

Broken down to essentials, caring about something is the foundation of focus. After all, the more passion you have about something, the easier it is for you to pay attention to it. Focusing on something that holds no meaning to you can be very challenging.

If you look at anything spectacular that you’ve ever done, it probably involved something that you cared about very deeply. This isn’t just a coincidence. Focus isn’t about discipline; it’s about passion.

Notice the people you know who really struggle with life. You’re likely to find that they haven’t found something to really care about. If you’re in this position, you can really suffer. However, when you’re able to open your heart and truly find something you’re passionate about, happiness is almost guaranteed.

Ask yourself what makes you feel because feeling translates to caring. Is it the images of starving children on TV? Is it music? Can you imagine the focus and clarity you’d experience if you spent the majority of your time on the thing or things that matter to you the most?

Caring puts you into the perfect state of mind; you’re stimulated enough to take real action, but not to the point of feeling apprehensive or overwhelmed. In fact, when you truly care, it’s harder to/not/ take action!

This process will help you find your passion, your focus, and greater happiness:

1.Make a list of the things that you’re truly passionate about. These aren’t necessarily the fun little things you like to do when you have some free time, though they might be. These are the things that you consider to be most important, the worldwide challenges you would fix if you were given a wish. Is it local politics? Abandoned shelter animals? Butterflies migration paths? Whatever you are into, this list of things that make you feel something is the first step to action. 

These should be things that fascinate you so much that you’d gladly spend your life studying them.

2.Organize your list. Put the items on your list in order by the amount of emotion you feel when you imagine yourself being part of each one.

If there is nothing on your list yet that makes you cry, keep writing.*Don’t stop until you’ve found the one that does make you cry. You’ll know your passion when you see it. If you find it but need guidance in how to incorporate  it into your life, definitely get a Life Matrix reading, where your soul’s purpose is outlined for you. 

Now Take Action

Now that you have your list, ask yourself how much discipline would be required to be part of those items. Would you have to force yourself to focus on them? Or does the mere fact that you care about those items so much simply result in focus? Although each item will certainly involve times when you have to enlist some self-discipline, the things that truly move you will provide their own kind of motivation to get through the hard parts.

If you feel it’s a challenge to focus on your career, relationship, or any other part of your life, that’s a great sign that something needs to change. Go to your list for ideas and options. Try a new career that fills you with a sense of caring, purpose, and passion, and you’ll never have to “work” another day again.

It can be so easy to stray away from your heart’s true purpose and easier still to be distracted from it by life and all of its busy-ness but with a little focus, you can regain your focus on what is truly important to you. 

Image credit
Jack Finnigan