Welcome!  Today’s guest blogger is K.K. Hart, health & fitness guru.

KK Hart has a Master’s degree in Health and Business. She is a self-proclaimed lover of all things health, wellness and business- with extensive experience as an international TV expert and public speaker, in addition to being a proud owner/operator of 4 fitness studios, a luxury beauty bar, and CEO of a boutique marketing agency that specializes in the health and fitness industry. Regularly featured on Fox and in media such as The Huffington Post, KK has over a decade of experience as a coach and consultant that helps small and medium-sized businesses grow and thrive. She is also proud that she still makes time to teach at one of her studios daily. Her passion is to prove that success in both fitness & business can be achievable for everyone, and can be fun as well as functional. She is the author of F-IT: Screw the basics, Life Hacks to get your FIT together- a book that chronicles her rise to success and millions- all under the age of 30! KK is a dynamic visionary and mentor to women of all ages and backgrounds.

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K. K. Hart

Your Employer Doesn’t Care That You’re Fat…

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, more than one third of adults in America are obese or overweight.  Obesity-related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer, are now some of the leading causes of death in our country.  America is in the wake of a national crisis.  Medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion in 2008, and its prevalence is rising faster than ever now about a decade later.

In addition to these health-related issues, the entire country is struggling to survive.  Our turbulent economic times have led to a whole new concern for our country.  Now, not only are Americans unhealthier, they are also stressed, poorer, and unhappy in their jobs.

I am often asked how to lose weight and eat right.  Unfortunately, no one ever seems to like my answer: start with small changes to your health habits and stay consistent. Over time, you will be healthier and more encouraged to further progress.  As a local, socially responsible entrepreneur, I founded my company to rid the world of obesity, one person at a time.

It is this passion for helping people that led me to own and operate four boutique fitness studios and to travel the globe educating small business owners, including those in the health, fitness and wellness industries, as a business coach and consultant. My goal is to position them to thrive as businesses, so they can always be open and available for their communities.

The average American spends 2/3 of their life working.

In our country, your employer is generally your source for healthcare, even with the messed up, yet more inclusive system we have now.  Unfortunately, healthcare has been a burden that everyone struggles with, as costs continue to rise.  Yet, employers rarely care to address the actual issue. Meanwhile, their employees are getting fat, harming their health, and not taking action to make a change.

Large companies are typically able to fund a wellness program for their employees.  The problem is that the people typically charged with this task are usually so disconnected, they choose the cheapest or easiest to implement option, which isn’t always the best option, just to be able to check off the proverbial box.

The recent trend has been to use insurance companies to offer incentives and metrics that will track employee progress and provide information.  But if we’re being honest, when was the last time an insurance company was successful in encouraging you to get active and get moving?  These programs lack engagement.  A true solution to the obesity epidemic takes a customized, interactive, and persistent initiative.

I don’t believe a health and wellness program can be cookie-cutter or one size fits all and still get long-lasting results. Tactics need to be created to help people make healthier lifestyle choices. Fads and programs that simply measure numbers and give guidelines don’t go far enough.

People who struggle with diet or exercise habits will tell you how hard it is to sustain more than a short period of time following most mainstream programs.  Therein lies the issue.  Health and wellness professionals need to stop feeding propaganda to the public that living healthier is easy, expensive or autonomous.   Instead of throwing a flavor-of-the-day exercise or wellness program at you, you need to have an ownership culture from the top down and the bottom up. That means employers need to do more, take it seriously, and reward their people the right way.

No more silly pedometer programs, big box gym memberships, one-time group walks, and “healthy” software.  

None of those things matter without a personal touch as a targeted program based on results. It’s time for employers and employees alike to work collaboratively towards better health.  The path is simple — create a system of small changes, with high rewards and endless support from a knowledgeable wellness coach. All key stakeholders need to be accountable for real change, not hype.

There are not many people who can afford a personal trainer in today’s tough times, but there are many ways to get involved and take control of your own health, including our Fit4Life program, which can be done anywhere, anytime and with any gym or fitness studio. We coach you, one-on-one, through each step, from deciding what kind of workout you should do and where, to giving you full nutrition support and helping you make smart decisions daily … from anywhere, anytime!

Your employer doesn’t care that you’re fat, but they should, and you should too.