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It can be easy to have a negative attitude since life can be challenging. However, a positive attitude can change everything. A positive attitude is considered by many experts to be the best predictor of success. Nothing else can impact so many characteristics pivotal to success. 

However, a good attitude can be difficult to maintain when faced with challenges. Luckily, a positive attitude is a habit that can be built over time.

The benefits of a positive attitude are considerable:

1. Attitude affects your interpretation of events. 
Obstacles are a part of any significant success. With a poor attitude, every obstacle is viewed as a threat, rather than a challenge. Obstacles can even be viewed as fun and interesting with the appropriate attitude.

2. A positive attitude is motivating. 
Nothing is more motivating than positive thoughts and expectations. Think about how you behave if you have a bad attitude and expect failure. Everything comes to a grinding halt. After all, why would you continue if you expected a negative outcome? A positive attitude ensures that progress continues.

3. A positive attitude lowers stress. 
With a positive attitude, it's much easier to be happy and relaxed. A poor attitude increases the amount of stress in any situation. There will always be stressful times, but a positive and optimistic attitude helps to diffuse the situation. A good attitude prevents and allievates stress.

4. A positive attitude inspires others. 
The people around you are affected by your attitude, including your coworkers, friends, and family. Those around you are more capable when your attitude is positive. This also benefits your personal success. 

5. Fear is easier to overcome with the proper attitude. 
Fear coupled with a negative attitude is the perfect recipe for becoming and remaining stuck. A positive attitude acts as a magnet for courage. Those most paralyzed by fear are those with the worst attitude and expectations.

* Fear distorts perception, and a positive attitude reduces that distortion. A positive attitude can negate the effects of fear.

6. A positive attitude increases endurance. 
When your attitude is negative, your stamina is reduced. It's much more challenging to press on when you expect the worst. A poor attitude magnifies every setback and makes obstacles seem insurmountable. Those with a negative attitude whine and quit first. Those with a positive attitude seem indefatigable.

7. A positive attitude boosts self-esteem. 
When you expect good things to happen, you can't help but feel confident and good about yourself. Success is more likely to happen when you have faith in yourself. When you believe the best about yourself, you'll take on bigger goals and accomplish more.

8. A positive attitude attracts positive results. 
It's often said that good things happen to good people. It would be more accurate to state that good things happen to those with good attitudes. 

* You'll attract better business partners and more opportunities in general when your attitude is at its best.

* The positive results that come from a positive attitude are the culmination of all the previously mentioned advantages. The stamina, self-esteem, motivation, and perspective provided by a positive attitude foster success.

Your attitude is an excellent predictor of your success. 
When you expect the best to happen, you'll continue working until your goals are reached. 
You also attract better opportunities, feel better about yourself, and experience less stress. 
A positive attitude may be the best tool you can add to your success toolbox. 
Lift up your attitude and you'll raise your results.