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Finding positive distractions can help you maintain a healthy thought process. It is one of the most effective ways of substituting negative thoughts with productive and positive ones.

Here is a list of suggested effective activities which help you get rid of negative thoughts whenever they start surfacing:

  1. A new hobby

Picking a new hobby is an excellent way of controlling your thoughts. If you are wrestling with negative thoughts, try out new things. Whenever you feel let down or when you start reflecting on how things are not working out, think of a new hobby and channel your energy towards that instead of dwelling on thoughts that could harm your life.

  1. Perfecting your favorite sport

We all have a favorite sport that needs perfection. If you are a sports person, think of creative ways of being an expert or professional at it. If you are not up to the standard at the kind of sport you like, have an “I can improve” attitude as opposed to “I can never be good at this.”

  1. Develop a new skill

Distracting yourself from negative thoughts is an ongoing process. It requires that you keep doing more of what diverts your attention from negative thoughts to positive ones. Learning a new skill is something that you can be excited about because it comes with a lot of exciting benefits. In addition to keeping you distracted, it is an excellent way of monetizing or improving your financial life. Knowing you can learn what you have always wanted to learn is exciting.

Need to plan how to develop a new skill? Use the 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge to get started

  1. Hitting the gym

A lot of people you see going to the gym a couple of times a week have experienced the numerous benefits of hitting the gym. That is why it seems like they will never back down, no matter how demanding it may be. They know that hitting the gym comes with its many rewards. You can also enjoy the many benefits that come with being a member of your favorite gym. Go ahead and try out the fitness center of your choosing today so that when bad feelings or thoughts start surfacing, you can grab your gear and go break a sweat. The next time doubts start clouding your mind, forget about “will I ever get through this” and start thinking, “it’s time to get fit.”

  1. Be more involved at home

Being idle is a great way of attracting negative thoughts because if you have nothing to do, your mind will start wondering. Becoming more involved at home is another example of a helpful distraction. So, next time your child comes up to you and says, “can you help me with this” take it as an opportunity to keep your mind refreshed. Avoid thinking of it a waste of time. Helping out with the household chores as well as taking care of the pets will keep you distracted as well.

  1. Try a new book

Reading a book is a smart way of controlling your thoughts. The best part of using books as a distraction is that you get to have a significant influence on what you think about. If you want to soothe your mind, choose a book with a positive and uplifting take on life. If you’re going to learn business tactics, pick a book that is centered on doing business. The key is to choose the kind of book that will get your full attention and leave no room for other thoughts.

  1. Practicing what you learn

Reading books is great. Practicing what you read or learn is even better. Practice what you learn from the books you are reading or from the courses you are taking to keep your mind busy.

  1. Volunteering to a good cause

“I shouldn’t have gone that far,” “I could have done such and such,” “this time I went too far.” How many times have you mentioned the letter “I” today? Focusing on yourself and what you regret gives rise to unconstructive thoughts. Try to focus on other people for a change. Find something you can offer to your community and focus on making a difference in someone else’s life.

  1. Puzzles or gaming

Puzzles, board games, etc. can be an effective and positive distraction when done right. If you are already a gamer, you know how helpful your sport is when it comes to keeping you preoccupied. If you are new to gaming, make sure you do it right. Do not overdo it to the point of obsession.

  1. Entertainment

Keeping yourself entertained by watching movies, listening to your favorite playlist, etc. is another effective way of staying preoccupied. The next time your thoughts go astray, power up your entertainment unit, relax, and get lost in the moment.

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