Regular soda will kill you. Diet soda will kill you faster. In our world of mixed messages on what’s healthy and what’s not, how do we know until years later what foods and drinks we should consume, and what we should stay away from? Providing our bodies with pure and clean health always comes back to being and eating as pure and unprocessed as possible. That includes what we drink, too!

There is just no substitute or quick fix for diet. Television, radio and print ads will tell you otherwise, as they all market the latest diet craze, promising buyers that they can have the supermodel body they want, while also indulging in the synthetic food or drink of their choice. I’m here to tell you, that you, in fact, cannot have that cake and eat it too. For building a life of health, there is no substitute for what is in nature (unaltered). Let’s talk about water versus soda drinks.

Diet Soda should be now called death soda. If diet soda were a drug which was approved by the FDA, it would all be pulled off the market and lawyers – like vultures – would be on the case suing soda manufacturers. According to a recent article published on MedPage Today, “Drinking diet soda — but not regular soda — was associated with a greater risk of stroke, MI, or vascular death in an older, multiethnic cohort, researchers found.”

In fact, daily diet soda drinkers can expect a 48% greater chance of enduring a vascular event. “Diet soda consumption was associated with white race, diabetes, elevated blood sugar, low HDL cholesterol, elevated waist circumference and body mass index, peripheral vascular disease, and metabolic syndrome (P<0.05 for all). Through an average follow-up of 9.3 years, there were 559 incident vascular events, including 212 strokes, 149 MIs, and 338 vascular deaths,” the article explains.

Although diet soda drinkers assume they are shirking the weight-gain consequences by avoiding regular soda drinks, have shown that they are causing their bodies much worse dangers.

It baffles me that there have been so many food-like items, masquerading as real food, that science has shown to be detrimental to health. These food-like substances have been creating addiction, sickness and even death, and they continue to adorn the shelves of our food stores.

People can argue however they want to. The government can even try to convince people that these things are same. But, are we going to believe Mother Nature or the companies who make money from selling products? Will you believe Mother Nature, or the same companies that give big money to our government’s law makers? Have you ever noticed that these same law makers are mostly lawyers? How do you know who to trust, with so many ulterior motives in that mix?

Folks, all I can say is, if you want to be safe and provide your body with the pure, clean food that it needs to function without serious problems, then drink more water and less of everything else. Period.


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