There are moments when you are sure you need to change something in your life, moments when you just know something’s got to give.  Often though, there is a sense of waiting, of just hovering around the edge of change, waiting for that wham moment that pushes you over the edge and forces action. Different kinds of people have different approaches, with varying results. The key to getting the results you want could be easy — you first have to know what approach is best for your particular design, rather than what society or anyone else says. 

It can be empowering to know the type of person you are so you can know how to handle both the moments when everything changes and the more subtle “blahs” that come from being unfulfilled. 

For example, I was struggling with severe burnout and being  drained by the energies of other people. While some people gain energy from interactions, I was feeling like I needed a vacation from my daily interactions at work —  every single day. I didn’t know what to do but I knew something needed to change.

Then, a few years ago, I learned why I had been unhappy. I discovered Human Design and was presented with my type.  =>Projector<= That means that I’m not meant to go go go and work work work. Knowing just this one thing about myself allowed me to change in the 3 areas that indicate that it is time to change, or else….

Most of the population (seventy percent!) are some form of “Generators”, meaning they thrive on  “go” and “work work work”, especially those attracted to the medical field. They create a lot of energy around them, which is great if you know how to leverage it, but until I understood that I don’t have this piece and I’m not meant to do my life like that, there was a lot of confusion, shame and guilt. Feelings of trying to keep that stiff upper lip and keep going at all costs, until exhaustion and clinical depression hit. 

Once I knew what the “problem” was (which was that I was not living the way I was designed to be), I could work with it instead of being overwhelmed by it. Just this one piece of information helped me get clarity on how to change how I operate in the world and how I can protect myself from burnout in the future. 

If you feel that something is off in your life but can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what the issue is or what to do about it, it could  be that you are not living into your design. At the end, you can find out how to get your Human Design done so stay tuned.

Here are three clear signs that something definitely is off and you need to change,  

  1. You’re Low on Energy and Bored

    You’re starting and ending your day with barely a drizzle of energy and feel bored by almost every moment of your day. You may want to try new things but you just don’t know what exactly. 

  2. You’re Apathetic

    You no longer care about your work, your home, or really anything pertaining to your existence. Note — apathy is different from depression. With apathy, you could care less. It’s like “whatever” “who cares?”. This is not meant to be a discussion on depression however with it there tends to be a lot more hopelessness. Although apathy on its own can be a warning sign of depression, it can exist without it.

  3. You’re Jealous

    Oh, the green-eyed monster rears its head.  It is really envy that is happening. The lives of others seem intriguing and fun, and you find yourself feeling a little mad and snarky and judgey and critical of them. And you just can’t stop focusing on them, them. Them. You even may want to blame them for all you are going through.

What do you do if you relate to one or more of these signs? Take the necessary steps: 

  1. Find What Energizes You

    There has to be some part of your day, even a tiny part, that you look forward to. Something that leaves you feeling invigorated and that you hate to move on from. Once you identify that little piece, take the time to explore how you can make that a more prominent part of your day. Can you spend more time reading or writing, or maybe you really enjoy cooking dinner nightly?  When I work with my clients, one early activity we do together is  a “How to Take Back Your Time” session in which you learn to quickly  create time and space to get into the flow of your life purpose and then begin to make a plan. It is always surprising to connect your own dots so you can be rejuvenated in moving forward to a new phase, leaving behind jealousy and envy.

  2. Explore Your Interests

    Similar to finding what energizes you, consider what interests you have had in the past or have now. Go back to the basics of those interests and look for more ways to incorporate them into your life. This may include picking up a forgotten hobby or maybe seeking a career path that allows you to do what you love daily. 

  3. Question Your  Enviousness

    Envy can be an ugly burden to bear, but sometimes you need to question why you are jealous of someone else. Are you envious of their personal or work life? Are there changes you can make that will help you to align your reality with your desires? Questioning why you are insecure and how you can stop being envious  may open new doors of opportunity for you and give you an idea of what direction your changes should go. If the signs of a needed change are hovering above you, you can stop wallowing in the discomfort of boredom, apathy, and jealousy. Take the steps necessary to create change and happiness in your life. 

  4. Understand Yourself in a Different Way

    Forget all those personality surveys. Did they really help you all that much anyway other than making you feel smart? If you know you need to change, that means you admit that you have to do things differently. But how?

I mentioned above about being a “Projector” in a world of “Generators”. What is that all about? I’m referring to my Human Design type. You may have never heard of Human Design and this blog is not meant to be exhaustive on those details. Here is something to get you started though. It is another way of understanding more about you. And once you know it, you can finally see clearly a path forward to real change. Really, just this piece of information can open up a whole world to you. You’re in a job that doesn’t fit you anymore? Better understanding how you operate in the world can give you a new career path. To harness your strengths you first have to know what they are and your chart is a great way to help you see them. 

To find out what Human Design Type you are, click here to get your unique chart done free. Once you get back your chart with the video made just for you, you’ll have another tool to be on the road to change.