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LOS ANGELES, CA – March 29, 2013 – Save A Stranger has plans to develop the worlds leading personal safety mobile application. With over 1 billion smartphones in use around the world, the SAS App promises to deliver the best all around “safety” utility on the market.

The SAS App offers safety solutions for those with and without smartphones. For those of you who own smartphones, by simply accessing the SAS App, text messages and emails are automatically sent to your pre-selected emergency contacts notifying them of your GPS location and that you are in need of help along with a list of all other emergency contacts so that all parties can work together to help you. The SAS App also offers other easy solutions that allow friends, families and co-workers to stay informed about each other’s safety.

Now for those of you without, or even with, any sort of mobile device, Save A Stranger sells what they call “Personal Emergency QR Code” stickers that each consist of a unique bar code that is linked to vital medical and emergency information about you that you have previously chosen to share. These QR Code stickers can be scanned by any generic QR Code reader, allowing for quick easy access for vital information when it’s needed the most.

The company’s story began when a friend of one of the co-founders passed away while she was the passenger in a horrible car accident. Upon impact she was badly injured, but what paramedics did not know was that the girls already fragile body was highly allergic to latex materials commonly found in medical equipment. “The thought of her possibly being alive today motivated me to look into safety solutions in the mobile world,” Says co-founder Ellie Sedighi, “It became my mission to devise, construct and develop a safety system that would reach the masses by using the world’s fastest growing technology platform: mobile devices,” she continues.

As with any start-up, the company has had their fair share of setbacks when their safety app was scheduled to be released in late 2012 but wasn’t ready due to internal troubles with the development company they had hired. They then tried to resolve the issues only to learn about further disappointing news. It turns out their mobile app was being developed on a platform that wouldn’t support all of the safety features Save A Stranger planned on releasing to the market.

Having spent the majority of their bootstrapped funding on a faulty product, the company is moving forward by trying to raise money through a crowd funding platform called; a website that hosts thousands of projects that are seeking capital to finance an finished product.

Save A Stranger is currently running a campaign on this site appropriately titled “Stay Safe & Save Lives!” They are asking for your help in making the safety app come to life by offering it to you for FREE for an entire year, and in return ask for a meager pledge of only $5.00 or more. The co-founders Eddie & Ellie will also personally keep you up to date on the development and release of the app. “If we can help save just one life, that will make this all worth it for us,” states co-founder Eddie Bardi. “When crowd funding, every dollar makes a big difference,” he says.

By receiving enough contributions, Save A Stranger can complete their heartfelt safety application and aid in the personal safety of millions of people. Visit their campaign page to watch a quick video of the co-founders and to see how much money their campaign has raised! Simply copy and paste, or click, the following link into your web browsers address bar:

Spending a few bucks on a project that will help people stay safe is a rewarding choice.


Contact: Ellie Sedighi
Tel. (866) 691-4245 Ext. 700


About Ellie Sedighi & Eddie Bardi
Eddie and Ellie met through mutual friends back in 2009. There was never a romance but throughout their friendship they both realized that they are both hard-working, driven individuals. It seemed like only a matter of time when the two would venture into a business together and that time has come.

Eddie’s background is in small business entrepreneurship where he successfully created a local business from the ground up. He has since sought out to fulfill a much more rewarding career in helping people stay safe. Through his association with Ellie he has learned that there is a gap in the safety industry and has also found an endearing way to do good in his life.

Ellie has a university background majoring in marketing and business development. Since graduating with honors she has held 3 positions as a marketing and operations manager prior to venturing into entrepreneurship.

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