Forget writing a list of pros and cons to reach your goals and be on the right path in life. Switch from the left brain analysis into the right brain intuition of what feels right and follow that path. You will be on the right path but how do you stop the overthinking and overanalyzing? How do you get past the fear of being “wrong”? How do you begin to follow what is exactly right for you and stop listening to the plans that others have made for your life?

First, for anything that follows to work, you have to be at the point that you are tired of not knowing what to do and surrender to the idea that  how you have been figuring out life needs a shift. In other words, acknowledge that you haven’t been reaching your goals with your health, career or relationships because there is a blind spot. Something you know you can’t see and you must go to the eye doctor to get a correct diagnosis to know what to do to “treat” your blurred vision. Once you have clarity, the direction to get where you want to go, to fill in the gap from where you are to where you want to be, will shrink dramatically..

Before you set goals, you must be clear on your purpose. YOUR purpose. Not the purpose that your parents or spouse or society set for you. The purpose that is deep inside of you that you cannot ignore any longer.

Finding your purpose, calling, or mission requires some soul searching. It may be something that seemed unrealistic, silly, or childish at one time. But, allow yourself to consider all things, without judging them as good/bad or right/wrong. For example, a love for dolls as a child may transfer to making or designing doll clothes as a hobby. Can you imagine being the visionary for American Girl Doll brand and store?

Loosen up your brain letting go of overthinking and let it explore for now without the reality checks. Follow these strategies to get started.

  1. Slow down.
  • Rest your body, mind, and soul.
  1. Immerse yourself in the present moment.
  • Take in your environment and focus on your senses.
  1. Become aware of the things that make you smile:
  • Movies and books that resonate with you deeply
  • People who inspire you
  • Things that bring you joy
  • What you loved to do as a child
  • Things that make you forget – make time stand still
  1. Remember the things that make you angry:
  • Injustices that push your buttons
  • Policies that make you want to scream
  • Social challenges that break your heart and make you furious
  1. Allow yourself to explore your memories.
  • What did you love to do before you got too busy/tired/old/broke to enjoy it?
  • Recall the wrongs you wanted to right and the problems you wanted to solve.
  1. Make time.
  • Prioritize and embrace things that make time stand still and/or energize you to take action.
  1. Do something. Move toward your purpose, no matter how small the action:
  • Make a call.
  • Attend a meeting.
  • Do online research.
  • Start an online group.
  • Ignite the fire

Understand the power of intention and emotion. As you walk on the path stepping into the possibilities of  your life’s purpose , the goals that  are right for you will come into view and be easily reached.

You’re now wondering in your head “Is this the key? It seems silly and simple”. Go back to the beginning and ask yourself, “Has what i’ve been doing gotten me the exact results that I want?  With my health, money, career or relationships? Do I even know exactly what I am looking for or why I want that?” Get out of your head and go to your heart with this process.

One way that I use with my clients get out of their head and into their heart is by helping  them understand their unique innate strategy for decision-making and problem solving with Human Design. Just like we all have physical DNA that we are born with that informs how we approach our health, we were also born with spiritual DNA. Human Design which brings together the natal chart of astrology, i ching, kabbalah and the chakra system. These types of tools and assessments are often left out especially in Westernized conventional healthcare. But many hunger to know their life purpose including the meaning behind life’s problems such as illnesses and injuries and colossal “failures” in other areas of life.

You owe it to yourself to do these 7 powerful steps to gain clarity on your purpose so you can easily set and reach your goals.

Dr. Veronica Anderson began her medical career as an Eye Surgeon  after graduating from Princeton University and Rutgers Medical School (with honors) and now has the distinction of being both a licensed physician and a practicing psychic. Dr. Veronica  is an Integrative Medicine Physician, certified in Functional Medicine and trained in homeopathy . She is also the best selling author of 3 books.

In her programs, Dr. Veronica uses her gifts and talents to help people with strange, rare, and peculiar health issues who feel like they just haven’t gotten proper answers or relief from the traditional healthcare system

Her Intuitive “Rejuvenation Journey” programs guide people to wellness by, not only working on the physical aspects of health  but also through unlocking and clearing the  emotional, spiritual, and energetic triggers of disease, as well as its root causes.

Dr. Veronica hosted her own podcast and AM radio show for several years and has appeared on national television including CNN and Fox News Network  as well as multiple syndicated radio shows and podcasts.She is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do lives in Harlem, New York with her husband and two dogs, Artemis and Apollo.