At a very young age, we learn the importance of being honest and staying true to ourselves. When you tell someone that you will do something or keep a secret, you are building trust with the other person that is crucial to a strong relationship.

Keeping your word can determine your relationships and the people you associate yourself with, which will ultimately determine your success and happiness in life.

What Does Keeping Your Word Mean?

Being impeccable with your word means that everything you say is exactly what you mean. You are honest with everyone you speak to and most importantly honest with yourself. You use your words with good intentions, and you are known to have integrity. This means that your family, friends, colleagues, and members of your community know you as a trustworthy and reliable person to lean on.

Keeping your word also means thinking with integrity. When you think in a direction that leads you to success, your mind will build up the confidence it needs to step out of your comfort zone. This will also lead you to be a more positive and driven person. Your thoughts and choices will then make you feel good and you will be more productive and motivated.

When you tell yourself that you are going to eat healthy, complete your to-do list, or exercise and you follow through with it, you are being honest with yourself and trusting your word. This is a very important skill to build up in order to have a strong mind when you come across obstacles or challenges along the way to reaching your goal.

Why is Keeping Your Word Important?

In times full of social media and technology, there are unlimited news sources that may not be accurate and reliable. There are lies all over the internet and people desire human interaction to step away from these things.

When someone trusts you enough to open up and tell you information that they do not want shared, it is crucial that you are honest with your word. This will develop your sense of character and will strengthen your relationships.

Technology also makes it easier than ever to spread information. If you lie to someone or do not keep your word, eventually word will spread that you are not who you say you are, and people will begin to question your character. This is why you should appreciate your relationships enough to provide a sense of respect to the other person and do exactly as you say.

How does it shape you?

Being an honest person has a direct correlation with success in both your professional and personal life. When people can trust you to complete tasks that they have requested of you, you will be known as a reliable person and this will build up the trust that your community or company has for you.

Having strong relationships with others and getting things done that you say you would make you a highly valued person in the eyes of others. You will likely receive more opportunities towards success.

Being honest with your word while also thinking in an honest way strengthens your character and your respect for yourself. You will feel more confident and will never question your capabilities because you are honest to yourself and committed.

People can tell when you are lying to yourself or to them and this will cause them to be hesitant. Being impeccable with your word is crucial to building your sense of respect, confidence, trust, and relationships with others.


Dr. Veronica Anderson is a MD, Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine practitioner and Homeopath. She is the author of the book “But Now I See: A Medical Intuitive Surgeon’s Guide to the Meaning of Your Illness and how to Heal from Chronic and Incurable Disease.” She began her medical career as an Eye Surgeon and now has the distention of being both a licensed physician and a practicing psychic. Dr. Veronica is a best-selling author and speaker and has appeared in national TV.

In her programs she uses her gifts and talents to help people  with complex health issues who feel like they just haven’t gotten proper answers or relief from the healthcare system. Her Intuitive Rejuvenation Journey  Program guides people to wellness by not only working on the physical aspects of wellness holistically but also unlocking and clearing the emotional, spiritual and energetic triggers and root causes of disease.