Grown-ups don’t go on enough adventures.

Think about it. When you were a child, every day was a thrilling expedition. We fought lions and tigers when we explored the field next door. A bicycle became a flying horse in our imagination. We threw ourselves into life, making every day exciting.

So, what happened?

Somewhere along the way, we got caught into the rut of day to day life. It’s time to put a stop to that. Start by introducing simple things into the daily routine. These small changes will infuse your daily life with adventure, guaranteed.

Dress Up
If you’re like most people, you might be caught in the cycle of wearing the same few outfits over and over. While there’s nothing wrong with favorite look, today do something different. Wear something you wouldn’t normally. Or go to a thrift shop and find something wild and wacky for the day.

Take Pictures
Pretend you’re a photographer chronicling the life of an individual (you) and take pictures all day long. Enjoy framing the shot, including the weird ones of your lunch and your workspace.

Talk to Strangers
Make a point of saying hello to five people you don’t know every day. Follow up with a question or two and enjoy the conversation.

Bring a Lunch to Share
Bringing enough lunch for two people and then find someone at work to share with. Or share the second lunch with someone who needs it.

Play Games
Make silly bets with co-workers. Compete with yourself by setting deadlines for tasks and see if you can beat them.

Compliment Others
Whenever you talk to someone else, find something you can complement them on. Sincere compliments really brighten the day of those around you and make you feel good too when you give them.

Expand Your Vocabulary
Learn a brand-new word every day and make a point to use it in conversation at least ten times throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how much fun this is (and how challenging!)

Have a Play Date
Remember when you used to just jump around outside just for the sake of moving around? Take a break from your work and invite someone else to step outside with you. Touch your toes. Do jumping jacks. Get silly, and get moving.

House Swap
For the truly brave, talk to someone you trust and swap houses for the night. It feels like a vacation to stay somewhere else and doesn’t cost a thing!

Excitement truly can come in small doses. By changing your routine, you now control the script. Your next stop? Adventure!

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