A new study has found that through an experimental therapy based on immune-antibodies, people with advanced stomach cancer can live longer.

The antibody called IMAB362 has already received approval for clinical trials and is currently in its 2nd phase involving 161 patients with stomach cancer.

Dr. David Bernstein, chief of hepatology at Northwell Health in Manhasset, N.Y., believes that therapeutic advancements and innovations are necessary. He stated “metastatic gastric cancer carries a poor prognosis and the treatment effectiveness of current chemotherapeutic agents leave a lot to be desired.”

Despite the need for more intensive trials, Dr. Bernstien said, “this study is quite encouraging that this type of therapy may be effective in treating this disease.”

According to the researchers’ report, the median survival of people who receive the standard chemotherapeutic procedure is at 8.4 months. Fortunately with the new experimental therapy paired with the standard chemotherapy, the patients’ median survival has increased to more than 13 months.

This new treatment employs the IMAB362 antibody which targets a protein, claudin 18.2, in cancer cells.  According to German researchers, patients with the highest levels of the said protein in tumors receiving the new treatment had an increased median overall survival at 17 months.

Dr. Salah-Eddin Al-Batran, who directs the institute of Clinical Cancer Research at Northwest Hospital in Frankfurt, is the lead researcher in this new study on IMAB362.

Dr. Al- Baltran said that “claudin 18.2 is abundant in gastric tumors. We estimate that half of the patients with advanced gastric cancer may be candidates for this new treatment.”

You can find Claudin 18.2 in a number of other cancers, including pancreatic, esophageal, lung and ovarian tumors. IMAB362 is the first antibody that targets this protein and is planned to treat patients with pancreatic cancers.

Improved Outlook for Cancer Patients

Dr. James Grendell said that he agrees with phase 3 studies in order to confirm the new findings. Dr. Grendell, chief of gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition at Winthrop-University Hospital, Mineola, NY, called the new treatment, “exciting.”  “This therapeutic antibody has the potential to improve the outlook for the patients with a variety of currently difficult-to-treat cancers because of the therapy’s target, claudin 18.2,” Dr. Grendell explained.

Furthermore, this new development in stomach cancer treatment may give birth to numerous studies in different types of cancer.

In conclusion, with IMAB3262, we may see longer lives for patients diagnosed with cancers abundant with claudin 18.2.

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