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“You are an extension of me and I am an extension of you.”

Dr. Sarah Larsen


Dr. Sarah Larsen is a Medical Doctor, Medical Intuitive, and Miracle Medium who empowers people to live purposefully and powerfully and experience transformation in their lives. Discovering her extraordinary gift as a child, she led on to a path of awakening and healing. Her passion is to be of service to people and bring wellness in their body and soul.

On this episode, she explains what Sacred Geometry is and how it applies to the universe. She talks about awakening wisdom, putting out energy, and connecting inside us. Also, she reveals the mysteries and magic brought by Ancient Egypt.

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98: Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

2:10 – Sarah’s journey into healing

6:56 – You and the Universe

8:39 – Higher meaning in difficult people/situations

12:53 – Sacred Geometry

19:17 – Mysteries and magic of Egypt

25:09 – Awakening wisdom through travel

26:29 – Miracle Makers

27:05 – Sarah’s services

Dr. Veronica: Welcome to the wellness revolution podcast. Welcome again to the wellness revolution. I thank you so much for being here with me. I have with me, Dr. Sarah Larsen. I’ve been so excited to have her on the podcast because we are in synchronicity. This is a sister. I saw her a long time ago somewhere. I found her on the internet and I said, I’ve got to have this woman on my show. So let’s talk to Dr. Sarah Larsen. She’s a MD. She’s a medium and intuitive and leads people to each book every year to help them with their healing and cellular memory. So where to talk about the background being an MD being a medium and how that can help people with their life in their healing. So Dr. Larsen, Dr. Sarah, welcome.

Dr. Sarah: Uh, thank you so much, Dr. Veronica. I’m so honored to be here and I love our conversation that we’ve been having this morning. So I’m so excited for your audience. What a beautiful heart you have. Thank you for creating this and for finding me. What a gift to give. There’s such great synergy between us.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. And so I have to also thank my assistant Marcy and everybody who goes to my show knows Marcy so because I find the person out there and then I give their name to Marcy and say, just go find this person and book them. And then they just, we appear on a podcast so I got to tell Marcy, I always tell her she’s, she’s good at this. You’re, she actually loves doing it with the coordinating and the behind the scenes organization. So you got your team behind you that keeps you working out front. But Dr. Sarah, so first tell me a little bit about your background. Not as a MD because the MD for us now, especially in medicine is kind of regular these days and people look a little a sconce of people who have MDs.Even though there’s respect, it’s a like are you really going to help me or are you just going to give me pills? I want to know more about your medium background, your intuitive background. How did you first learn about it?

Dr. Sarah: So I was born in a village. Thank you. That’s how I learned about this. With my grandmother and my grandmother was the village tiller in Pakistan. And when I came out, I came out early in a town that didn’t have a hospital or a doctor. And my grandmothers, both of them knew what to do to a young mom. But my mom was very young in the village. They pulled me out, they rubbed me down and they, and again, I was early and unexpected, not breathing, not crying. And my grandmothers in the village were able to save me and create for me all the resources that I needed inside myself or outside myself to make it to the current age I am. They gave me the ability to breathe, the ability to really connect with the outside world and to get my needs met. And I learned that early on I was slow to speak. And so I didn’t speak until I was really like three years old. Up until that point. It was just scattered words here and there is what my grandmother told me. And then when I started speaking, it was because this woman came into our home. She was all, I could see her energy field. And I described it to my grandmother is what my grandmother told me. And so she took me with her when she was going to, she was like the midwife. She also was the first person to open a school in that region for girls. And so education was important and I learned early on not to ask questions, just to kind of accept and share what I was seeing with my grandmother and those around me.

Dr. Sarah: Later on when I went to med school, it was then that I realized, wow, and I went to med school in India. Not everyone sees like I see. And it was like what are those epiphany moments? And it was when I was studying, we were learning about the eyes and the abilities of what specifically colorblindness. And I remember like this aha going off in my head because people were talking about certain receptors and certain possibilities that you don’t see things. And it occurred to me that I had been seeing things and as a student sharing things that no one else knew that showed up on tests. And so early on I didn’t realize I had this ability. Later on when I went to med school, I started to recognize it and then further in when true healing was needed or something was told that it was incurable or needed certain medication or certain process and it healed without the medication, the process, the surgery, that’s when just light bulbs here and there went off until finally in 2008 is when when people started asking me to teach them what I was doing, did it really hit home that there was something here and something different and that process.

Dr. Sarah: So it’s been like a waking up process, an emerging process and allopathic or Western medicine is a part of the puzzle. Are you Vedic part of the puzzle? Traditional Chinese medicine aggregates the medicine, Hippocrates, medicine, anthro, philosophical, all of those are components and luckily today we can Google all of that. We can, we can connect all the dots, but ultimately no one else can see for you or hear for you or ultimately experience it for you and tell you, get with someone who can really see it and pointed out to you and teach it to you as well. It’s so beautiful. So the journey has been waking up to wow, these are powers that all of us have, but the ability to feel, the ability to see density or the ability to know there’s wellness in this area and dis ease in this area. And so that process and note, I also love oneness and understand that for me it’s a very core knowing that we’re all connected. You are an extension of me. I’m an extension of you. We are an extension of every energy that exists. There is a field and this field communicates and is made of space and we’re made of beautiful space and that space is communicating. And in that space we are one. We are the same being so to speak. And you will show up and mirror what I need to see inside myself and I will mirror for you what you, what is being communicated by your space.

Dr. Veronica: Oh my gosh. So you said like so many important things that I was just like I ask at first and so thank you for that. The last thing you talked about in people showing up and being a mirror, sometime people show up and there are a mirror and we don’t necessarily like what we see. And so in America today, there’s a lot of very difficult situations going on that are, a lot of people are sad and angry and don’t know what to do. And so I’ve been saying to people, listen, you have to say, teacher, what must I learned? That’s very difficult. And so you’re seeing all these difficult situations in your life, whether it be people and relationships or illness and disease, you have to look at it like, teacher, what must I learn from this? But it’s difficult. It seems a lot for a lot of us to find the higher meaning of difficult people or a disease. So give us some idea of how people can find easier, maybe the higher meaning of that.

Dr. Sarah: It’s um, it’s so beautiful. It’s moment by moment. The higher meaning is available for you in the current moment. If we are examining, if you are taking a look at something in the past, if there your energy is going into things like fears, shame, doubt, feeling insecure, feeling fear, it is actually drawing your drawing energy from the environment to exist. When you begin speaking about it and when you become a little bit indifferent about it, you are now putting energy out into the environment. We are either sucking energy or we’re putting energy out and much of our current world has been created for us to suck, consume energy. And when we’re in fear, when we’re in doubt, when we’re in shame, when we’re feeling not good enough, we then are consuming energy and sometimes we’ll go out and take an action like shopping, get addicted to something we will watch and numbers ourselves to not feel the pain that we’re feeling.

Dr. Sarah: The second that we begin to step into indifference or the second we begin speaking about it and truly sharing our hearts, our emotions, our thoughts without a filter is when we start stepping into giving energy into the environment. And when we start sharing about it and taking responsibility going, wow, okay, I may not have voted for this person or this is may not be something that I did, but I can go meet a neighbor that’s opposite from me that I’ve kind of held off from. Or I can go down and help this community and have courage or move into non-judgment and start putting energy out into the environment. Everything comes back to energy. And if we’re in a lower emotion, a lower vibration, we’re literally sucking life out of the environment. Keep us going. If we go, God, um, we get on the film with someone that can really help you, you then begin and sharing higher perspectives.

Dr. Sarah: You don’t want to call someone else who’s going to complain with you. You don’t want two people with the same vibration. But when you have that nature, complaining, sharing, woe is me, woe is the world you want to get on the phone with someone that says, okay, I hear you, I got you babe. I’ve got you a person. What are we going to do with this? What lights you up? What shifts you? What change can you make right in the moment? And our body doesn’t know the difference. When we visualize an accident or we visualize a bomb going off somewhere or we visualize these lower images where it can sucking energy from the environment and we’re co creating with oneness that results. When we begin going, I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m going to make this next moment a little bit better and we begin visualizing a world that’s working Wars that are stopping when we begin visualizing friendly things happening around us. That’s what we begin to create. Absolutely fabulous. So I want to switch gears a little so we can talk some shop about things that you impart to people. Let’s talk about sacred geometry and let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on in the universe and give it to us in layman’s terms so we understand how sacred geometry is affecting us. All sacred geometry is so beautiful. This is something that Leonardo da Vinci went into and started measuring things and all. When we look at everything in the universe and inside ourselves, we recognize that everything is measurable and everything comes back to being portions of each other. The smallest part of us, the Adam looks just like the universe, so I’m an electron at going around in nucleus follows a particular pattern over and over and over again, and that pattern is represented by our universe. It’s the same thing with the sun in the middle and though the all of the planets going around it and our sun goes around another gravitational pulling force and that looks like our electrons are nucleus or atoms. Everything is created in a mathematical formula. Our finger, this portion, when you add it equals this portion. When you add this push into this portion, it equals this portion. When we look at, and you will never have to measure your weather pants fit you around the waist anymore.

Dr. Sarah: You can measure around your neck, your neck is in it, in half the pants and half will be the exact same proportion as that part of your waist that the pants are to land on. I know of your hand from here. Here is your shoe size. You are walking around sacred geometry and what that means is there is a perfect proportion, a mathematical proportion that pervades the universe and that is within you and is within every molecule of water to everything that’s out trees. Everything that you see has in nature has a geometry to it. In Egypt, a lot of the ancient world throughout the world is built with these mathematical precision that allow it to stand and lasts lifetimes, multiple lifetimes, and it creates energy. If you’re familiar with feng shui a little bit, the Chinese art of spatial, but how space is created and divided and represented, you take the elements and you bring them into your home.

It’s the same thing as creating sacred geometry within your home, so a mathematical formula that works for everything. The smallest portion is working. The smallest part of you is working on that, and this is a little bit of a segue from that, but the more you understand how the earth is going to go around the sun, no matter what, there’s not a lot of freewill. You as being on earth will go around the sun, but the deeper ego inside yourself, inside each one of your thoughts or begin to end your stand, your energy, the smallest part of you is where you have the greatest amount of free will. And so when you begin to understand that, when you go into your thoughts, when you go into your beliefs, when you go into how you’re connected to yourself, how your organs are connected, or how you’re connected to everything, how portions of your body represent other portions of your body. When you get help connected, you are. That’s where your free will shows up and the more you’re able to connect and create for yourself and for others. When you recognize when you go outside yourself, the less free will you have until you are really connected to the freewill inside yourself. Whoa.

Dr. Veronica: So I have to, um, step, we’re talking about the sacred geometry and you talk about going to Egypt and there’s a lot of geometry and ego. And what a lot of people don’t know is there was a man in Egypt, in Hotep who was a practitioner and an architect. We believe of the pyramids. And so way, way, way back before Hippocrates, before some of the people that we think of today, like, you know, I do functional medicine and people say, Oh, the founder of functional medicine is doctor so-and-so. And I’m like, no, nobody found it. Anything. This has been here for a long time. And just he branded it very well. It called it this. But this has been here years and years and years and years ago. And so you lead a trip to Egypt every year. And I just want to put in a plug for that cause for people who want to understand more about the sacred geometry and healing.

Dr. Veronica: And I got to say because I’m an eye surgeon and the first cataract surgery we believe was done in Egypt, it’s represented in the hieroglyphics. Um, we went to, I want to say it was luck sore where we were in this temple, which also served as a hospital and you could see medical instruments and procedures on the wall and hieroglyphics. This is, there’s, there’s arts cause medicine, there’s art and there’s science that goes along. So you talked about your grandmother teaching you and so people who do this really well, they got the teaching from something else other than sitting in a classroom. Although classroom is important because we both got a lot of degrees in training, but talk about what people learn when they go on these expeditions with you to Egypt

Dr. Sarah: to Egypt. It’s like returning to the beginning of time, but the and beginning of who we actually are, the am Hotep, the first medical procedures, the eye surgeries, the brain surgeries, all of that. And even things that we’re currently seeing, like helicopters and they’ve got representatives of aircraft, watercraft and hieroglyphs long before and precisely cut out laser beautifully symmetrically made the, we couldn’t do with lasers, what they were doing with chisels back then. We still can’t make the great pyramids. The way that the great pyramid, the precision, the stones lined up to the star system with precision, more stones in it. Then all the cathedrals in Europe and energy, more energy created in those spaces. The actual hospitals were sacred geometry. You’d walk in, you’d experience the either the pyramids, the temples, or whether it was the grandmothers that were there. They knew how to create the healing frequency and allowed the truest form of you to be.

Dr. Sarah: And these places are left for us to go interact with and learn about ourselves. When we walk into a place that our so knows or remembers when we walk into place, that generates a particular type of energy and you got to experience that energy in those temples. And I love that. Um, you got to see the higher grips with the cataracts. So beautiful in those spaces. There’s healing in those spaces, mysteries, parts of you become available that you didn’t know about yourself in those spaces. A greater awakening for everyone that you come in contact with. Every relationship then begins at a journey of being born into a higher version of yourself and into receiving higher senses that are available to you. But we’ve got to do the work. No one else can lift your weights for you. No one else can build the muscles. Also, no one else can truly travel to these places and experience what you were. So what yourselves, what the memory, what can be activated for you there? And so it’s a very sacred journey. We, we love taking miracle makers is what we call them, because afterwards your life begins to be one continuous knowing of miracle. After miracle, much of the land communicates so easily. You drop the English language and you pick up the energy, the frequency, the ancient language of symbols in the higher requests.

Dr. Veronica: It’s wonderful. Now I know somebody sitting here saying, how am I ever gonna get to go to Egypt? Oh my gosh. And what I’m going to say right now is put it in out to the universe that you wanted to experience this and keep focused on it and it will happen. So, you know, I used to think, Oh, I want to do this, I want to do that. And I would keep it in it. I wouldn’t worry about how attached to the university works. Just I’m going to figure it, this is gonna happen, this is gonna happen, this is gonna happen. So for people who are watching and saying, Oh my gosh, Egypt, I would, I would love to go there. I’d love to experience it. Well maybe not this year or maybe this year. You never know another year in the future, put it on the vision board.

Dr. Veronica: Even if the vision board is in your mind that I’m gonna figure out how I’m going to get to Egypt to do something like this. Because I have found traveling, especially to places like Egypt and China, I have not been to India. That’s gotta be on my list. You experience things that there’s no words for, like you’re saying, you just go and you feel and it’s not even something that you can verbalize and then you, your body remembers. So as a doctor, I tell my clients, I’m not going to heal you, I’m going to give you tools, I’m going to teach you. Doctor means teacher tools. So your body remembers how to heal. And that might be that I’m going to tell you to talk to somebody or you may need to go somewhere because that’s where you’re going to get the memory and be able to get your healing. So I just want to say your website, Dr. Sarah Larson. Dot com correct?

Dr. Sarah: Correct. It’s Dr. Sarah with an H and Larsen, L a r, s e, n. and which I loved saying, I look nothing like a Sarah Larson in Norwegian. I’m Swedish, that kind of origin with the S E N last, the spelling. And so when people meet me, they’re like, Oh, your Dr. Sarah Larson. And I’m like, yes. And it’s my husband Greg Larson. I love having his last name and having the global, we no longer fit a mold that was created before the majority. Most people are mixed. It’s a beautiful thing. And traveling, like you said, dr Veronica is such a gift to give yourself and to get with those that if you want to travel, get with those that have already traveled, which is what you’re sharing. You’ve been to all of these beautiful places and that awakened this wisdom, each of those places. And if, um, so to your audience, there are places that you want to go and dr Veronica has been there, call her up, her voice, your voice changes, your cells change, you’re now carrying that place with you in your heart, in your vibration, everything moving forward. And it could have been when you were a child, but it never goes away.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. I w the other place, I would say that was a very sacred place when you step on Machu Picchu. Definitely the whole area. Peru and Cusco and Matsu Picchu, that was another one of those cellular memory types place. You look on it and you’re like, I’ve been here before. I know I’ve been here before, I’ve never been here before in this, this particular incarnation of me. But I know I’ve been here before and Egypt was that same type of way. You start to remember, um, so doctor, Dr. Larson do what other, are there other services that you provide for people besides going to on the, on the expeditions to places?

Dr. Sarah: Of course. So I’ve got a podcast myself and I’m going to, you are so knowledgeable and is so wonderful. I can’t wait to have you on ours. It’s called miracle makers out of Hollywood, the oldest studio in Hollywood. It’s the same studio that scandals Shodan and heroes. It’s UBN studios, sunset Gower studios. Every Sunday and twice a month I do readings. So if you want to connect with your body, you want to connect with a loved one that has transitioned. I read the energy field. And so we do that live on air. My website, I love awakening self-love and the dream body. And so we give gifts to people that visit our website and you can download the self love and the dream body. And so for each person that comes along, your soul is on a journey and those that are able to work with me and get a session or a, um, get booked in to come work with us here in Los Angeles.

Dr. Sarah: We I do for executives, for coaches that are really driven to amplify and get their body into flow. A lot of conversations around what is blocking you. So I offer clear guidance for that extraordinary life that you’re here to live. And so you can come into Los Angeles. I fly out all over the world and also see executives and people in their offices and I love to give talks on this and train others how to move the energy within themselves and to move it within the classroom or within the office as well. And so quite often I am available to share the mysteries that will help you get more out of each person that you’re interacting with and more out of yourself and so private, one on one coaching, group coaching. And then for anyone that wants to learn more, there’s always something on YouTube or on iTunes or on one of the stations that am on some archives there. Especially all of that linked on my website.

Dr. Veronica: drsarahlarsen.com I gotta say one thing you just said, wait, I’ve got to do that. I’m going to thank you for the idea. This is the idea of born right here. I’m going to offer on air readings to people and I’m just like, why haven’t I been doing that before? You can’t do everything all the time though, but I want to start doing that and we’ll start going out and telling people, Hey, you want to get a reading? Here’s your chance to get a reading. Yes, I offer all types of services to people, but that would just be something wonderful to add cause I’ve been on shows and done reading on other people’s shows for them, but I’m going to start putting it into my own podcast and the readings more regularly for people. So thank you for that idea.

Dr. Sarah: Oh, you’re so welcome. I’m so excited for your audience because they get, you know, being an ophthalmologist, understanding light and how it hits the brain. And really, truly the vision, the vision, having vision allows things to shift. And anyone who gets I sent, anyone you get to reading from you is truly blessed. And I will tell you what’s interesting about my ophthalmology background. When I did my board exam, my absolute highest score was in optics, the physics. So I got like a 99% which is the highest you can get. So even from an academic standpoint, the sacred geometry in vision is what is part of my core genius. So it’s not just about the physical, it’s about getting into that those are spiritual area so that you can experience a whole healing. So Dr. Sarah Larson, it’s been such a pleasure. I thank you so much for your time. Uh, you’re so welcome. Thank you. You’re so welcome. And I look forward to doing more work together. Yes, thank you.


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