Many people underestimate the impact that your word choice has on the completion of your goals and your overall productivity. Words can be extremely powerful and can keep you motivated while increasing your confidence, or they can keep you within your comfort zone and scared to take risks.

It is important to surround yourself with people who are careful with their word choice and speak with power and positive words in order to keep you determined and feeling capable.

Below are 10 words to stay clear of and avoid as they diminish your drive and your potential.

1. Jealous

We are all guilty of comparing our lives to that of others in our community, on different media platforms, or even our friends. We begin to hold ourselves to unachievable standards that are negative for our mental wellbeing in order to be like someone else. This is a toxic cycle that will eventually make us feel unmotivated and incapable. It is important to let go of jealousy and comparing yourself to others by replacing those thoughts with the goal to be the best version of yourself.

2. Never

By saying things like  “I could never do that” or “That would never happen to me” you are living through a fixed mindset and closed perspective. By shutting things out and diminishing them from the start, you will no longer be able to reach your fullest potential and feel satisfied and successful.

By taking the word never out of your vocabulary, you live by the belief that anything is possible and that you are deserving of whatever you set your mind to. The word never makes you feel incapable and demotivated, so it is important to replace it with positive and powerful ones.

3. Stupid

When you make a mistake, it is easy to fill your mind with negative self-talk such as “That was so stupid of me” or “I knew if I took a risk, I would do something stupid”. This keeps you living in a state of regret and not looking at the growth and learning opportunities that come with mistakes. Thinking of yourself as stupid and incapable reduces your self-confidence and the belief that you can be successful.

4. Fail

Failures allow for growth and learning. When you keep telling yourself that you will fail and that is why you should stay in your comfort zone, you are limiting yourself from reaching your dreams and aspirations. Letting go of this word and replacing it with an opportunity for growth will keep your drive going when you reach obstacles.

5. Impossible

This is one of the most limiting and closed-minded words that stops you from ever reaching your goals or creating any sort of plan to achieve them. When you say that something is impossible, you are telling yourself that you are incapable of acting upon your idea which could potentially be an extremely successful one.

6. Should Have

Looking back at the past with a sense of regret or wishing you did something and lingering on it is a waste of your time and makes you feel like you lost your chance. Instead of looking to the past, look at ways you could still complete your goals for the future.

7. Helpless

Telling yourself that you are helpless and not worth it lowers your self-confidence and your drive towards productivity. This leads to a victim mindset that makes you feel like you are incapable. Replace these helpless feelings with small steps towards a larger goal or accomplishment.

8. Can’t

Saying that you cannot do something without ever trying is a fixed mindset. Instead, it is important to be flexible and willing to learn in order to get through every obstacle and step along the way. Instead of telling yourself you can’t, find a way to learn how to.

9. Unqualified

Saying that you are unqualified or not capable of doing something takes away your desire to learn and makes you forget about your potential. Instead of saying these negative statements, search for ways to make yourself feel capable through learning opportunities.

10. Too risky

When you choose to step out of your comfort zone or doing something new and unfamiliar, the outcome will always be unpredictable. Understand that risk is inevitable, but being prepared and having confidence will allow you to reach these seemingly risky goals.