Hear what people say about Dr. Veronica as a Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive? What is this Whack-a-Doodle Stuff?

The average doctor visit in the U.S. lasts only eight minutes. You know that you can hardly get any answers in that short period of time. Your doctor barely knows your name after eight minutes!

There’s a better way.

I’m Dr. Veronica Anderson. I am an eye surgeon. I am also a medical intuitive. To achieve optimum health, good vision — in every sense — allows you to clearly see the path to understanding what your body is telling you.

Here you are, on my website … reading … and knowing that there is more to the story of your body and your health than you have been told. You’ve been to all kinds of doctors and other healthcare professionals, and you still have the problem. The doctors you’ve seen all have fabulous degrees and credentials from the best schools and training programs. But, things just keep cropping up, and there seems to be no cause. The doctors have all given you the same answers, over and over again. Now what?

Are you asking:

  • Why can’t I lose weight or keep it off when I lose it?
  • Why do I still have pain even when taking strong medications?
  • Everyone in the family has “Sugar” (Diabetes). Am I going to get it too?
  • Sex sucks. Things are just not working right “down there.”
  • I am accident-prone. Cars, bikes, just walking around … Stuff just happens … randomly… What is going on?
  • My thyroid is out of whack. My joints hurt. I’m losing my hair. What’s going on?
  • OH NO! The big “C”. I have cancer. How did this happen to me? I’ve done everything “right.”

I hear these complaints almost daily. People go to their doctors for answers, and although they may get treatment, they also KNOW that there is something more going on. It’s not all physical. And most medicines and surgeries fall short of a complete cure.

When I practiced only Western conventional medicine, I had patients that had problems and I KNEW it was in their heads, yet they had real live issues. Real abnormal test results and illness. Some patients even predicted their illnesses or complications long before the symptom or problem occurred.

You know something is wrong or something is going to happen and yet you do not know how to stop it or how to fix it, and neither do your prestigiously trained doctors. (By the way, I have an Ivy League degree and I graduated from medical school with honors.)

I have watched so many people suffer looking for more answers, and I have always known that there is a better way. I could always “see” people’s issues even before I knew exactly what a medical intuitive was. Even from my medical school days, I could see the medical answer quickly and easily. The answer just came to me, seemingly out of thin air.

I have helped people thousands of miles away that I have never seen or met. I’ve had the ability to provide answers that Western medicine couldn’t find through testing, and helped people shift their health into a better place. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to become a doctor. I’ve always had the desire to help people. While my work as a doctor does a great deal, my medical intuitve skills help people find answers. Answers that complement whatever else they are currently doing, and WITHOUT adverse side effects.

How amazing is that?

Its time to consider something different. Something deeper: a Medical Intuitive Reading.

This is an opportunity for you to work with a REAL medical doctor AND medical intuitive who understands all the conventional approaches, and I will start with you where you are. We’ll work together. Just think — even if we spend only one hour together, that is 12 times longer than the amount of time you’ll get with most other doctors. Imagine how much we can accomplish towards YOUR health and wellness goals.

When you’re fed up with incomplete answers, it’s time to try something VERY different.

This is where my medical intuitive skills come in. I am a fully trained doctor. I hold a board certification. (So does practically every other well-trained doctor in the US.) What makes me different is that I am able to use my well-developed senses of clairvoyance and claircognizance along with other medical intuitive skills to “see” issues that are occurring in your spirit. I also “see” physical ailments. I see information about you once you give me permission to go inside your energy field.

I can give you specific strategies and solutions to put you on the path to wellness and healing.

The information I receive is specific only to you. No one else. Once I see your issues, I then give you a 360-degree complementary plan which includes eating recommendations, supplements, exercise plans, and spiritual exercises. I also make recommendations as to what other complementary practitioners can help you with in connection to your issue. I can see stressors in your life and give you pointed strategies as to what to do to reduce them. My recommendations for what kinds of music to listen to, along with other voices and sounds to help you heal, are very popular.

Follow-up sessions and packages are meant to get you to your goal. Everyone needs a coach to correct errors and blind spots. Self-help books and videos cannot tell you what you are doing right and wrong or make specific recommendations. Think about it — Did you learn to drive a car, ski, or do anything complex — or pivotal — in your life by just reading a book or watching a video?

If you are really serious about making a change, a true shift, then you must:

  1. Be dedicated. Persevere and do what is necessary.
  2. Put people on your team who are experts that can help you achieve real change.

This is your chance to work with me — a medical doctor and medical intuitive with training in homeopathy and other complementary means to attain your optimal health. Work with a medical intuitive can uncover the emotional and spiritual blocks that have led to manifestations of illness and injuries in your body.

There is an energetic, scientific, and well-known explanation for your illness and a way to resolve it. I, Dr. Veronica, Medical Doctor and Medical Intuitive, am here to guide you.

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