Each day is unique and provides unique opportunities. The key is to keep my eyes open for the vast possibilities each day presents.

I have all the opportunities I need to accomplish everything I desire.

Opportunities are constantly presented to me. I do a great job of noticing these opportunities. There are so many that I sometimes miss a few here and there, but I recognize the vast majority of them.

There are more possibilities presented to me than I could ever use or need. I am so thankful for such an abundance of opportunities to accomplish anything I can imagine.

When opportunities seem scarce, I know I am just failing to notice them. I take comfort in the knowledge that this ability is totally under my control. I remind myself to pay attention and keep my eyes open. As soon as I do this, I quickly see everything I have been missing.

Opportunities are easy to spot if my attention is focused on identifying them.

I can easily look at my life and see all the opportunities that have passed by me. While some might be regretful, I find it motivating to look at them. It reminds me that opportunities are constantly presented to me.

Today, I am open to new and existing opportunities. I am in tune with my environment. I know that today is filled with opportunity and I am committing to making the most of it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the three biggest opportunities I have missed in my life? Why did I fail to notice them or act upon them?
2. What are the three biggest opportunities in my life right now?
3. Where can I look for more opportunities?