By letting go of the tendency to compare myself unrealistically to others, I equip myself for greater happiness and productivity.

Everyone’s journey is different. The point a person is at in his pursuit of his goals means nothing if I don’t consider where he started and all the factors that have played into his progress.

Some people will appear to be ahead of me, and some behind. Everyone progresses at his own rate, affected by many issues.

I let go of the desire to place myself on a scale with others and, instead, look at how far I have come as the only accurate measure of my progress.

Not only will I be at a different point in the journey from anyone else, I may even be on a completely different road! I am equipped for the unique journey my Creator has intended for me.

I let go of the need to pine after someone else’s talents or successes and focus instead on recognizing and developing my own. I free myself from the expectation to be something I was not equipped to be.

I wouldn’t put a cat in a pasture and expect her to herd sheep! It doesn’t suit her, and it would be a complete waste of my time to try to train her to do something so foreign to her nature.

In the same way, I strive to discover my own talents and develop those skills, recognizing that no one excels at everything. I excel the most when I accept who I am and strive to develop my full potential.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I recognize my own strengths?
2. Am I wasting time and energy trying to be someone I wasn’t equipped to be?
3. How am I developing my strengths and talents?

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