Everybody experiences negative feelings in their lifetime. Whether you are prone to negative thinking, or you’re suffering negative thoughts after a crisis, it’s crucial to learn how to deal with them effectively.

The sooner you control those negative thoughts, the less impact they’ll have on your life. If you’re struggling to let go of negative thinking, below you’ll discover some simple strategies you can try.

Addressing your feelings

The first step to overcoming negative feelings is to address them. It’s tempting to bottle up negative emotions, hoping they’ll simply subside on their own. However, this very rarely happens. In fact, bottling up negative emotions can cause them to worsen.

Therefore, it’s important to address your feelings. Write them down and analyze them. What is causing the feelings and how is it impacting your life? The simple act of writing down how you feel can make it seem easier to manage.

Confide in someone you trust

It’s also common to try and deal with negative emotions by yourself. However, if you share your feelings with someone you trust, it can minimize them and help you overcome them.

The popular saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” can prove true in times of crisis. Remember, you aren’t alone in this. By opening up, you may find others feel the same way. This can make you feel much less alone and better able to combat negative feelings.

Look for the positive

This may not be the easiest strategy, but it’s definitely effective. Negative feelings often come from feeling helpless and seeing only the negative in a situation. So, by looking for something positive after a crisis, it can help minimize those negative feelings.

Every challenging situation we go through can teach us something positive. It could be identifying something you can do to better handle the situation if it ever crops up again. Or, you could focus on what you’ve learnt throughout the crisis.

If you can find just one positive thing, it’s going to make a huge difference to how you feel.

Remove negative sources from your life

In order to focus on the positives, you’re going to need to get rid of the negatives in your life.

So, think about the top three negative sources in your day to life. This could be social media, people or a particular part of your daily routine.

Once you’ve identified where your negativity typically comes from, you can then think of ways to reduce it during the week. For example, you could endeavor to spend less time on social media each day. If it’s people bringing you down, spend less time with them and focus on surrounding yourself with more positive people.

When you start to introduce more positivity into your life, it’s going to help reduce those negative feelings.

Write down your thoughts and feelings

We mentioned earlier that bottling up negative feelings can cause them to get worse. For this reason, a great tip to overcome them is to write down your thoughts and feelings.

This is especially ideal for those who feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings. Writing them down can help to get them out of your head and help you identify ways to manage them.

By writing down thoughts and feelings, it gives us the opportunity to better understand them. This in turn allows you to recognize when you are experiencing them, and what you can do to counteract them.

These are some of the best strategies you can use to overcome negative feelings. Addressing them and taking steps to understand them will greatly help with your ability to handle negative emotions.

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