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A relationship that is headed for divorce will show signs of multiple challenges and issues. If you notice difficult complaints that are not easy to resolve, then your relationship may be in danger of divorce.

These complaints and issues can be signs of an impending divorce:

1. You feel the love is gone in your relationship. One of the most frequent complaints is that love has faded.

* It’s normal for relationships to change over time. Your love will also change. It may feel more like an ebb and flow. The first bloom of romance will change into a deeper kind of love. But it shouldn’t disappear. A relationship that has lost its love is in danger of separation and divorce.

2. Mutual resentment has reached high levels. Anger and resentment can do immense damage to a relationship. If you both resent each other, then it’s a strong sign the marriage is in trouble.

3. You feel criticized all the time. If one partner feels criticized by the other, this can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms and anger.

* In a healthy relationship, you may occasionally criticize each other and argue. However, if the criticisms are constant and feel overwhelming, there’s a bigger issue.

* An unhealthy relationship can be created by one partner constantly belittling the other partner and making them feel worthless.

4. You regret sharing your feelings. If you regret opening up to your partner, then it’s a sign the relationship is having issues.

5. Trust is missing from the relationship. A couple that has lost trust is in danger of divorce.

* Trust is a key foundation of marriages, so relationships can crumble if it disappears.

* Do you question your partner’s motives and suggestions? Do you worry that they are cheating on you? Do you believe your partner no longer wants you to be successful? These are common examples of missing trust in a relationship.

* A lack of trust means that you don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable around your partner. This can hinder you from sharing your deepest thoughts.

6. Your ex is affecting the marriage. Do you have an ex that is hurting your current relationship? This can lead to serious issues in a marriage and become a key factor in a divorce.

* Even if you no longer have feelings for your ex, your current partner can feel uncomfortable and scared. They can question the strength of the marriage.

7. You struggle to resolve your differences. Do you feel that you have the same argument with your partner all the time, yet you can’t solve anything?

* In a relationship, it’s common for one or both of you to bring up the same issues. However, eventually progress has to be made in resolving the issues. Otherwise, it starts to affect the marriage. If you don’t make any progress, then you’re at risk of stagnating in the issue.

* It’s important to be able to compromise, forgive, apologize, and move on.

* Relationships that continue to have the same arguments with no resolutions can suffer from distance and resentment. You’re at risk of losing the closeness and emotional connection you have with your partner.

* A negative pattern can form that leads to frequent arguments that don’t get solved. Over time, this can tear apart your marriage and lead to divorce.

Before a divorce occurs, you may notice multiple signs that a relationship is suffering. By paying attention to the complaints and signs, you can work on positive resolutions to your challenges instead of divorce.

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