I am blessed to have an impressive income that is increasing each month. I am earning more money than I need.

As my income increases, I become even more confident in my ability to earn.

Making money comes easily to me. I continually find new income streams that add significant resources to my finances. There are thousands of ways to earn money, so I am confident I can make even more in the future.

My bank account is growing each day. It is exciting to watch my balance grow. I enjoy managing my finances.

I live a life of abundance. I am fortunate and grateful.

New opportunities to generate income are presented to me daily. My friends, associates, and even strangers, are a constant source of earning opportunities.

I am known as a person that can make things happen. As my reputation grows, I receive even more income-generating opportunities. My eyes are open to the possibilities that exist all around me.

The world is full of money. I am willing to do my part to earn my fair share. I am a money magnet.

Today, I know that small increases in income can grow into a large sum. I am looking forward to boosting my income today. My income is continuously increasing.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my primary source of income? How can I add to that income stream?
2. What financial opportunities do I have in my life right now?
3. What would I do if I had a high income?

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