Have you heard about intuitive reading? Are you curious about what this is? A lot of times, people misinterpret intuitive reading and think that intuitive readers can foresee the future. Some might think that professional intuitive readers can help them become millionaires by telling them the winning lottery numbers. Remember that they are readers, not fortune tellers. They can’t even tell you when you’ll meet the person you’ll spend your life with or when you’ll get pregnant and have babies. If you’re trying to get answers about the future, asking for advice from an intuitive reader is not the best choice.

Before you start listening or watching the intuitive readings I did with my guests, let me give you a quick overview of what intuitive reading is and how it’s done. Remember that this kind of reading is done by professional readers. Some of them are Life Coaches, Psychics, or Shamans. Intuitive readers usually see and sense something that “normal” people can’t. With the use of energy that surrounds the person, an intuitive reader can identify the past experiences, struggles, and trauma that the person has experienced.

Here are some important things that you need to know about Intuitive Reading.

An intuitive reading is different from fortune-telling.

Professional intuitive readers can read your energy and aura. They can tell you events which occurred years ago, but they can never tell you what’s going to happen in your life 5 to 10 years from now. Intuitive readings can help you to move forward by telling you to let go of the negative energy which affects your present life journey and will affect your future.

Intuitive Readings dig into your soul and life journey

Each one of us has our life path and journey. It starts the moment we are born and continues as we go on with life. This journey includes your health, wealth, career, relationships and even spirituality and personal growth. An intuitive reader can help you understand and have a clearer vision of how every aspect affects your life journey and how it can be transformed.

Intuitive Readings are Spiritual and help you to be aligned with your heart and soul

After an intuitive reading, you will feel reconnected with everything around you. It will help you to have new perceptions and perspectives in life. Intuitive readings can enlighten and empower you which will then lead to a healthier life and soul journey.

Intuitive reading is not something to be feared. Your intuitive reader will not predict your future. An intuitive reading is an understanding of the current situations that surround you. It’s about gaining clarity. An intuitive reading is not something people do for fun. You will not just listen to a reading and do nothing about it. Use the reading to identify the areas that when worked on and transformed can set you on a more fulfilling life path. Intuitive readings with a skilled and ethical practitioner is an avenue to explore.

If you want to know more about your health, if you’re wondering what happened with your past , your purpose and career, your wealth, and even your spiritual growth, intuitive reading is something you can try and with follow-up sessions, your life will transform quicker.

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“Intuition is reading from the soul.”
– Dean Koontz –