Four Aspects of a Healthy Relationship

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Relationship Advice, Sex Talk and Relationships

Every day as we routinely check our social media platforms, we are fed images of ‘goal couples’. Essentially, they display qualities that are admirable; even worthy of our envy. Despite the glamour, they give off, the truth of celebrity relationships is often met with dense realities.

When it comes to real-world relationships, the struggle to maintain healthy relationships is quite difficult with the endless sources of temptation right at our fingertips. However, even amongst the chaos of love, there are set in stone qualities that make for a good relationship. Let us consider the four, must-have qualities that will help any relationship stand the test of time.

Honest Communication

Honesty between two people in love is imperative for the relationship to function correctly. Freely expressing all of your inner most feelings deepens the bond and keeps the relationship free from secrets, deceit, resentments and confusion all of which will ultimately ruin any relationship in the long run. Honest communication is vital even if it’s not what the other wants to hear. Sure, it’s tough taking in constructive criticism, but ultimately, it promotes growth.

The Ability to Have Fun Together

Couples who enjoy spending recreational time together are more likely to maintain the longevity of their relationship. Engaging in fun activities with your partner helps to strengthen the bond of union. You create new and exciting memories that define the time spent together. This concept not only boosts morale, but it solidifies that your partner accepts you for you. We all need a break from the stressors of daily life. The ability to spend that fun time with your mate is priceless.


Commitment is key for any healthy relationship to function. Really it goes far beyond not cheating. Commitment means sticking together throughout the darkest of times. One helpless romantic once quoted,  “Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isn’t just a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgment, and a promise.”

Like any goal worth meeting, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way. A healthy couple acknowledges that conflicts will arise, however, they commit to making the relationship endure. They work through their issues in order to reach a point of equilibrium.

Accepting Your Partner For Who They Are

It has been said that a mother’s love is unmatched. What constitutes this never-ending affection? It’s her ability to love her child despite their imperfections. Although the love shared between lovers is passionate, it must be built on that unconditional love.

The beauty of a healthy relationship is that those involved are different and respecting and accepting the real person that is your partner is key. Each person comes from a unique background and family structure. They each possess different interests, personality traits, and experiences.

Those in a healthy relationship embrace their partner’s differences and they make the act of understanding their priority. Sure, one person may like vacationing in the mountains and the other at the beach. However, instead of criticizing their partner’s preference, they compromise. One year, they visit the beach and the next the mountains.

This same mentality is true when it comes to personality flaws. Nobody is perfect and if we live long enough, we’ll find a way to hurt our mate by our words or actions. Constant forgiveness, within reason, is vital for a relationship to remain healthy.

Maintaining a healthy relationship despite the challenges is an art. It takes commitment, understanding, and passion. Although our society is far from its chivalrous past, the qualities mentioned have remained. Cultivating these basic qualities will help for a meaningful and healthy relationship that lasts.


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