“Whatever your intuition guides you to do, I’d say, go for it!”

     Dr. Larry Burk     

What does your intuition tell you? Dr. Larry Burk is a Radiologist who has incorporated various forms of healing specialization including Hypnosis, Acupuncture and the Traditional Chinese Medicine into his work. He authored the book, Let Magic Happen, which follows his adventure from academic medicine and radiology to holistic medicine and parapsychology. He also co-facilitated the Medical Intuition and Symbolic Disease workshop at The Monroe Institute – and he invites everyone to join him in this healing adventure.

On this episode, he talks about the five elements, the symbolic diseases and the impact of emotions on one’s health. He also talks about what dreams might tell us and how intuition guides us into discovering our diseases. This episode brings a new light into the world of integrated medicine where traditional medicine and medical intuition work hand in hand.

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80: Show Notes

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Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist


Time stamps:

03:25 – Earth element
05:56 – Metal element
07:11 – Symbolism of Dreams
08:24 – Water element
09:22 – Why women experience cystitis more than men
10:27 – Wood element and anger
11:39 – Mysterious shoulder pain
17:13 – Fire element
18:26 – Tapping treatment
23:31 – Let Magic Happen


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast.

Dr. Veronica: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution. Today I have with me what I’ll call one of my new mentors, Dr. Larry Burke and he has a wonderful book that you must, must, must read. It is called Let Magic Happen. He talks about tapping and the five elements and this is from traditional Chinese medicine and he also was one of my teachers at Monroe Institute when I went for another medical intuitive training. Yes I do trainings, I’ve had several trainings because it is important whatever skill that you have to get it up to a high level of exit excellence and Dr. Larry Burk is one of those people.

We’re going to hear about his background. He’s a radiologist but he has all this other background in complimentary fields, some might call the alternative but it’s not either or it’s both. He is a practicing radiologist but also has a background in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and we’ll hear about some of that. So Dr. Larry thanks for being on.

Dr. Larry: Dr. Veronica it’s great to be here and it was great to meet you at the Monroe Institute Workshop.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah, so tell us about a little bit about your background as a radiologist and then how you transition into other areas.

Dr. Larry: Back in the 80s I helped develop the early research on MRI, the knee MRI and the shoulder. So that got me into deeply into the MRI field. And I got a couple spin offs from that. One is I was on the National Safety Committee for magnetic resonance imaging. So we had concerns about magnetic fields and about the fact that the magnet was so small and people are costlofobic.

So first I learned hypnosis to help patients as an alternative to get IV valium. Hypnosis to go through the MRI and then because my concerns about the magnetic field health effects, I read the Body Electric by Robert Becker and in the middle of that book there was a diagram of skin resistors chart around the acupuncture point. And it said he’s been doing some studies showing that the skin resistance drops when you go to the acupuncture point. So the headline under it was, Objective Proof That Acupuncture is Real.

When I saw that I said I want to learn acupuncture. So I finally went to UCLA and took the UCLA course in 98 and I’ve been doing hypnosis for a long time before that. And then eventually in 2002 I learned EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapping Technique which is a combination of the two techniques. Acupuncture and Hypnosis put together but no needles.

Dr. Veronica: So you have the distinction of being one of those doctors that you sit in the background and look at films all day but they do come out of your office and treat real patients, real clients and help them with some of the blocks that they’re experiencing. So now you talk about a lot now this is how we met at Monroe Institute about diseases being symbolic. So let’s talk about the five elements in traditional Chinese medicine and some of the symbolism of diseases that surround that, so your turn.

Dr. Larry: What we do is walk through the five elements like we did at the workshop where we do one, a different element every day as we go through the five days. And we usually start with the earth element which is connected to the stomach and the spleen and the emotion is worry and there’s also each element connected to a different body tissue and it happens to be, the earth element is connected to the muscles. And one of the things you’ll notice in just regular clinical practices, when you people with a lot muscle pain first thing to do is take them off sugar because sugar is inflammatory and it damages the spleen, the earth element and also damages the pancreas which is part of the earth element. So if you’re taking low sugar come back a week later and the muscle is sober.

But the symbolic disease that just illustrates that is ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease where people in the stomach meridian and the spleen and the earth element. You’re supposed to keep everything in balance where you’re taking in nutrition and you’re giving out whatever you need to give out to people, it’s a balance of giving and receiving. If you’re earth element is out of balance you’ve got people who basically give, give, give, give and never do any self-care at all and that’s the prototype ALS patient.

They are always also the nicest people you ever meet because they’ll do anything for you. But when it comes to doing something for their self they have almost no ability to do that. And so eventually their body, they don’t know how to say no because of their disease or whatever their childhood dysfunction was growing up, they never learned to say no. They might have been in an alcoholic family or somewhere where they just could say no. Eventually their body will say for them. ALS is the most dramatic way to do that.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, so any other diseases that are related to that area ALS we all know about it with the ice bucket challenge and ice water challenge or whatever it is, so it got really famous. But although it affects enough people that we know about it it’s not one of the bore common diseases of that area. What are some-

Dr. Larry: More common will be diabetes, just type two diabetes. You know where it’s all about the sugar and there’s a metaphor for type two diabetes. I always ask my patients how come your life is not sweet enough that you feel like you’ve got to put sugar in your blood and so it’s a question of sweetness. That often is a breakthrough for people and so you recommend them or just do something to make their life sweeter so you don’t need to be taking in so much sugar and that’s a huge way to sort of bring them back into balance in the earth element. So yeah that’s a big one.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, the next system element.

Dr. Larry: Next system in to the metal element and that’s the lungs and the colon and that’s all about grief. So grief often get stuck in the lungs or the sinuses, the lungs and sinuses are kind of connected in Chinese medicine and also the skin as well. The skin is the tissue that goes with the neurons. You see people have asthma and eczema that’s pretty classic from metal imbalance and people with chronic sinusitis bronchitis often have, when you ask them did you lose anybody in the last year or two and they can often identify major grief event that’s unresolved for them.

So tapping is one way to help them move the energy out of their sinuses and their chest. Acupuncture is good for that as well, so. I also find that dreams are really useful when people, when you ask people if they ever come back and visit you in your dreams and I always reinforce that. They say oh yeah they came to see me a couple times. That’s like an after death communication and you’re ought to pay attention to them.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah, interesting because we in the workshop I’ll say from experience that we did a lot of dream work. So we were talking about symbol of disease and doing some exercises to increase our old medical intuition. Especially on ourselves but we also did a lot of dream work. So for people who aren’t used to hearing a little bit about dream, let’s segue for a minute into some of the symbolism of dreams.

I actually it’s interesting because now I started journaling and I had these dreams that I remembered a couple nights ago when I said, because I remember it so well there must be something significant about it, so I’m going to get up and write it down and I did that. So I don’t know what it means yet, but I bet I’ll find out.

Dr. Larry: It’s just a discipline that people need to be reminded to adopt. It’s an ancient practice that we just pretty much forgot about modern medicine. Other than young fluid, when I asked psychotherapists, I’m teaching 100 psychotherapists how to tap and I say, “how many of you keep a dream diary?” It’s like 10%, I’m like shocked and they should be teaching all the patients how do it because it’s the cheapest mode of psychotherapy there is and you’ve got to ask yourself a question about your health or your life or your relationships or your job before you go to bed then except that intention to get an answer from the dream world and generally the way you know you’re getting something good is when it’s strange or disturbing to you. Then it means it’s a shadow elements something that in your waking life you’re just going to avoid that not deal with it. When it comes in a dream as a scary dream you got to pay attention.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, so a little segue on dreams. After metal what element is there?

Dr. Larry: Moving into the water element, so it’s all about the kidneys and the bladder and also low back pain is a big issue for people with the water element. Kidney stones anything that has it do with that particular and that’s all about fear. So you can almost think of a kidney stone as crystallized fear in your kidneys. Like you have an overwhelming amount of fear unbalancing your water element and it’s producing a physical manifestation, so that’s one way to think about it.

Let me think what else, oh if you got cystitis, you know what are you pissed off about. You know so there’s, it doesn’t always have to be one emotion it can be another anger emotion which is actually moving us into the next element which wood element where anger is the theme.

Dr. Veronica: Wait, before we go off to anger we’re talking about the water element. A lot of women have recurrent kidney infection more cystitis. Why is it from a symbolic point of view that women tend to have more cystitis and it’s relatively uncommon in men?

Dr. Larry: Well yeah, I mean I’m sure there’s some mechanical explanations that the urologist will tell you, you know the women [indiscernible 00:10:41] a lot sugar than the men so they tend to be more likely to get infections but I think a lot of women hold a lot of emotion in the bladder and there’s that chronic interstitial cystitis which is the thing which is sort of like auto immune disease of the bladder. And any time women have many more auto immune diseases than men and I think it has to do with the cultural attitude toward women that you know women are not allowed to speak their truth and they end up repressing and it turn inward.

The other area where this comes out I’m thinking other things in the kidney where the auto immune disease is the kidney is like lupus. Which is a big one and that’s again that’s made all those emotions turned inward and causing the inflammation. Antibodies are attacking your own tissues, so yeah.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so wood and anger.

Dr. Larry: Yeah wood and anger is about the liver and the gallbladder and most people are pretty much familiar the liver being the seed of anger and so- But the other thing it’s connected to are your tendon the ligaments and joints. So the most amazing metaphor somatics called somatics metaphor which is your emotions manifesting your body, the very direct way is the frozen shoulder which is very common in middle age women and if you interview them and ask what happened just before your shoulder start to freeze up, I had a big fight with my husband I really wanted to punch my husband on the face but because that’s not a socially acceptable response they’re going to freeze that emotion in their shoulders and then they’ll go on for often a couple years of suffering without and I’ve been on the frozen shoulder support group on Facebook for the last couple months and noticing everyone’s really angry that their shoulders frozen but they would never consider was angry before it started to freeze and thus which came first the chicken or the egg and they’re all focused on the biomechanical problems and their shoulder and getting surgery and you know physical therapy and it’s a pretty brute force approach when you could probably prevent it from freezing completely if you dealt with emotions that are stuck in your shoulder first. Which is what I did when I had a frozen shoulder 10 years ago. I was really angry and I recognize what was going on and I did a lot of tapping and acupuncture and all things and I was better and in two to three months instead of two to three years.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so can you share with us, are you comfortable sharing with us the type of issue you were angry about.

Dr. Larry: Oh yes, so it was in 2006 during the heart of the of the Bush administration. I became a political activist for the first time in my life I was really angry and I realized I was also unable to do anything with the anger. You know I was just angry and frustrated and it just started showing up on my shoulder and when I finally realized what was going on, I went to have an intuitive reading for my local medical intuitive and she was doing a healing on me and she said, “oh do you want me to tell you about your past lives that are connected to this experience?”. I say, “Yeah of course”. So she goes, I see you on stone and poison in the dark ages for your righteous anger and unjust authority figures. So up to that point I had been tapping on my anger at the neo cons and George Bush but then I started tapping on anger at Spanish Inquisition people who were torturing me and straddling me and poisoning me and I actually got better faster because of that. So you can tap on current life things I am past life stuff at the same time.

Dr. Veronica: And that’s interesting to bring up I’m glad you did because when I do medical intuitive readings on people, a lot of times I do see something about a past life and so I tell people I’m not going to necessarily see I don’t know whether I’m going to see past, present or future. But whatever I do see during the reading is of utmost importance right now in your life and so if I see something like that, like she said oh here’s what happened. A lot of times it does help explain some medical symptoms and then you know what to do to kind of get at it and that’s one of the purposes of also doing a medical intuitive reading.

The other part about these frozen shoulder just to mention if you think about it in terms of Ayurvedic medicine and energy and a chakra, the shoulders are in the heart chakra or it’s common for women to have breast problems but if they don’t have a breast problem they have a shoulder problem and it’s usually related to nurture yourself versus nurture your other. So a lot of times women will have relationship issues that they don’t feel like they can talk about and so therefore they manifest an illness in their body and one of those besides breast cancer.

When you have cancer you can comment on this too with the Chinese system. But we know, I know when you have cancer you have that’s what sometimes had a death wish. And so you have to deal with why have you had a death wish. The death wish is usually related somehow which energy system it is or which element it’s in. So it’s almost pretty easy when you hear a diagnosis to tell that person story and people say well how did you know. You gave me a diagnosis, here’s your story.

So in intuitive work I don’t want to know the diagnosis, I’d like to do it organically and not know anything. But when you find a problem it’s just like oh here it all downloading here is what the issue is. So women out there with cancer breast long problems with breathing, with shoulders that are frozen or joint problems. Think about that there are some symbolism going on and if you just deal with the structural of it, you get a triangle, structure, physiology, emotion.

You have to deal with all three, so frozen shoulder is a good- we talk about getting rid of things like sugar but dealing with the emotional but dealing with the structural parts too. Frozen shoulder is one of those one if you don’t do it all for three you’re going to keep that frozen shoulder.

Dr. Larry: I agree with it being a heart chokra. It is also interesting that you can have, the heart chokra can manifest in different elements. Obviously when you are talking about the heart and [indiscernible 00:17:23] but the terms of breast cancer, yeah that’s also a heart chokra issue but I think the element is not a balance there it’s the earth element because it’s all about- You know and people with breast cancer are nurturing everybody else again they’re still not nurturing themselves and the breast is all about nurturing. So that would be and earth element and of course some of the earth some of it goes right over the breast. So that’s it.

Dr. Veronica: So now this wood, we talk about wood and we talk about anger that seems for whatever reason are more male emotion, males seem like they have more issues with that wood element. Can you talk about why that is?

Dr. Larry: Well it’s interesting that women are more likely to get frozen shoulders but men are more likely to get tendonitis which is also part of the wood element. So the tendons ligaments and gliding of the joint are all involved and so for men the anger is a socially acceptable emotion for men to have. Grief not so much and fear certainly not that either you know. So yes that might be a reason why men’s favorite emotion is anger.

And then they get obviously anger hostility can affect your heart, so there you go heart again being empowered by the wood element this time. Yeah it’s a complex system combining that five elements and the chokra and actually now that I’m taking more training in the chokra, I’ll be putting more chaokra work into the Monroe Workshop when we do that in that fall, so yeah.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, so now there’s one more element, the fire.

Dr. Larry: The fire element moving into the heart and the small intestine and best example of a heart imbalance. It’s all about joy or lack of joy but also when the heart gets out of balance it can even be excitement is bad for the heart you know. Getting over manic that’s the heart being out of balance. So it’s really about the heart is the emperor organ, so it really needs to maintain a harmonious balance of the whole system and the most common examples of other than heart attacks and angina would be a rhythmus[?].

So people with age for fibrillation, tachycardia those kind of things and often they don’t want to do an ablation or some drugs whereas if they tap on the issue that’s upsetting their heart they might be able to bring their rhythm back into balance.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. So give us some examples I know you work with a lot of people with tapping and people say, what is this tapping stuff and what do you mean it can normalize the heart rhythm, that’s heresy. In fact some western MDs who were cardiologists and cardiac surgeons might want to say that that’s malpractice to suggest that tapping could normalize a heartbeat but tell us, give us some stories about diseases conditions that were better in some way by using tapping.

Dr. Larry: Yes. So I have a TV talk show host who had paroxysmal atrial tachycardia which your heart rate just goes into hundreds almost of two hundred you know randomly and we scheduled to have the ablation or can be put on some drugs but wanted to explore some other options first. So we in listening to the story there were some upsetting things about work going on and also a relationship thing in the family and when we tapped on those, it settled the heart down and she eventually didn’t need to have the drugs or the surgeries. So I mean they’re always there if you need them, but she need to have that.

What I like when I talk about tapping I like to use a simple computer metaphor which really works to help most people understand it. Every bad thing that happens to you, every family trauma every relationship issue or every failure at work you name it, it’s like malware program that gets downloaded into your meridian acupuncture, meridian system we consider the scorekeepers. So your everybody’s keeping score all the time the meridian are keeping the score and then it gets uploaded into your limits system which is the score board and that there’s a file out there for every bad thing that ever happens to you. In the file there’s a picture, there’s a story and there’s a program, that malware program that you don’t want is in there.

And so when we do the tapping we just say- and so when you have a flashback, let’s say you are veteran has a flashback, they’re finding that for every night in there having nightmares flashbacks and they just keep running that program over and over again and they have no idea how to uninstall the program. When you tap you intentionally find the file open the program, run it just long enough to hit the delete key over and over again on your face and your chest and you’re uninstalling the program.

So after you done tapping five minutes top ten minutes, half an hour a day whatever tell your patients I’m going to uninstall that program the next time you go back and access that file, there’s a picture there’s a story but there’s no program, so your body doesn’t do anything. You know is the program that runs your body and that’s a definition of emotional freedom and the FT is the body is free and that’s really important.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, wonderful. So now I have one other thing just something that people want to know. You have the distinction of a censored video on the internet, one where they say, you can’t see this because this is not acceptable to us and it’s not pornography. Tell us about- and being censored.

Dr. Larry: A few friends of mine had dreams about breast cancers ahead of time before they had any symptoms and then went in for their X-ray studies and then found the cancer. So I wrote a paper on this there was an Explorer Journal went back in 2015 and then when I got a chance to the TED talk last spring in Raleigh. I sent the proposal and they accepted it and my coaches who helped me craft the TED talk, said it’s very important to establish your medical credibility, otherwise TED might you know burn it.

So I talked about the paper I wrote I talked about my academic credibility and it got accepted by TED and it run for three or four months and then somebody must have felt that their paradigm was being threatened by the fact that dreams might be able to guide women as to whether they need a mammogram or not or how often they need a mammogram and I was very careful not to say any making extreme comments and then I said go get your mammogram and get it earlier if you have a dream that tells you need to get it.

So it’s still got, there is still red banner put on it with a disclaimer that says this does not meet our scientific standards. Well there’s a lot of TED talks that have no scientific research at all about them and they don’t pull those off. So I think it must have been a paradigm threatening.

Dr. Veronica: And paradigm meaning the traditional paradigm of go get your mammogram and then go get surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Dr. Larry: And be totally dependent on technology and someone else to take care of your body as opposed to the fact that you might be able to have to tune into your own intuitions for your dreams and get good guidance.

Dr. Veronica: So we’re going to put in the show notes a link to that video but you told us a work around so we can see the video. So I want you to tell us right here when people get to that burner what they do to actually see the video.

Dr. Larry: There is a little X in the right upper corner you just- it took me a day to figure this out. You just click on the X and the red burner goes away and you can watch the whole video.

Dr. Veronica: Okay, so hover your mouse over where the banner is and then X will appear because it took me a while to figure out how to do it too. So hover over it and look and look for where that X is with your mouse then you’ll be click it and get it away because then I was able to see it.

Dr. Larry: You can still listen to the TED talk without doing that, it just there is a red burner over my face all the whole time.

Dr. Veronica: We want to see your lovely face too.

Dr. Larry: And my slides, all the pictures the mammogram and the people had the dreams, yeah.

Dr. Veronica: So your book Let Magic Happen, go to letmagichappen.com so that you can get that book. It’s a very comprehensive book that explains all this with symbolism in it and it’s important to remember, think about it like a triangle there’s the structural, there’s a physiologic, there’s the emotional and Let Magic Happen is a book that puts it all together by a real MD who’s a radiologist but also helps people in complimentary ways that are extremely effective without poisoning you.

I’m sure Dr. Burk is not saying forget all your doctors and all his colleagues, he’s saying consider that there’s other people who can help you win. Some time you know a lot of times now these days traditional medical practitioners fail at being able to get the result that you would like and so when that failure happens you have to consider how important is it to you and to go a different route. Would you like to add on to that?

Dr. Larry: That’s what we called integrated medicine because you take the best from all worlds and integrate it into your health care plan. So whatever you need whatever your intuition guides you to do I say go for it. And there’s some of the dreamers in the study who are really being guided the whole way through their therapy et cetera by their dreams and you think oh they are going to have a dream tell him to go get acupuncture.

Well one of my most famous dreamers who want to [indiscernible 00:27:57] said her dreams told her to get full on chemo because she was guided by her dreams. The dreams actually had these healing images of oh there is toxic [indiscernible 00:28:10] chemo coming down the IV pole down the IV line in to her arm, it’s turning into healing energy. And so when she finished her chemo and she had a particularly aggressive kind of cancer, the doctor said oh on there must be some mistake here you got twice as much chemo as anyone else. And she had no side effects, so go figure that one.

Dr. Veronica: Interesting. So this is about Integrative Medicine, complimentary medicine the best of all worlds and that’s what we have at this point. So Monroe Institute is where you teach anybody, I can tell you from being in the class Dr. Larry Burk is fabulous he has so many stories. He freaked me out when we were talking about the extraterrestrial but that’s for another interview. He owes people who are abducted, let’s just say that and not only does he know people that were adopted, there were people in our seminar who piped up and says oh by the way I had an experience too and there were more than one person like that.

Those like when you go to Monroe Institute you will have fabulous experiences with emotional and physical healings that take place while you’re there ended after your way. We have a gentleman who actually lost a lot of weight and blood pressure lowered within a few weeks of him leaving the conference. But also just feeling like you, this is about empowerment to me it’s about when I give you information as a medical intuitive.

The purposes for me to really give you your power back or make you realize that you have power over what’s going on in your body. You did not have to depend on somebody out there with a bunch of degrees on their wall because there is healing that can take place without intervention by a traditional medical doctor.

Dr. Larry: And the workshop is also designed to be equally comfortable for health care practitioners and for people who are seeking healing and sort of the playing field is pretty level once we all get in there in the room. And it’s experience and plus it’s in the beautiful mountains with good food you know. Also as you mention the after-hours conversations are sometimes just as interesting as the workshop. The people who come to Monroe are quite unique.

Dr. Veronica: Oh yeah the people were, very everybody there was quite fascinating. You know energy pulls people together that need to be around each other and so to go there and you all meet and you have no idea why you’re all in the room together and then by the end of a seven day experience you feel like oh my gosh I’ve met some of my, what I’ll call soul group. These people were meant to be here with me to teach me something I’m meant to teach them something and this is pretty cool.

Dr. Larry: I also got the privilege of working, co-teaching with Winter Robinson who’s a very experienced medical intuitive teacher and she’s very gentle and helps people find their own- I think she calls it their own language because everybody’s intuition speaks to them in a different way.

Dr. Veronica: Yes and I found out that she was the mentor of one of my mentors Dr. Mona Lisa Shelton. I was like, “oh my God I can’t believe it you’re the one that she was talking about”. So it was like getting from a mentor to a higher level so that was a wonderful experience. So letmagichappen.com also in the show notes will be the link to the course and there are courses that are ongoing all the time.

This is I don’t know, when people will see this, our webinars our interviews are meant to be evergreen. So I’m going to make sure that Monroe Institute is right there so you know how to go to this course and realize that it’s a wonderful experience for any level. If you don’t have any medical background at all it’s for you, if you have a bunch of degrees with letters behind a name it’s for you too.

Dr. Larry: And we usually have it in April and October, twice a year.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. So thank you so much Dr. Larry.

Dr. Larry: Thank you, this is fun I’m looking forward to do this again sometime.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life, visit drveronica.com. See you all next week, take care.



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