76: The Five Elements into Understanding One’s Self

“If you discover what your element is, what the elements of your friends are, what your family is, then, you have a key into the world of how people live.”

      Dondi Dahlin     

Do you want to find out what your element is? Dondi Dahlin is the author of the book, The Five Elements, which brings back the ancient wisdom where people are born with five personality types: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. She shows us that there is something more to a person’s individuality that is beyond what is in the genes.

On this episode, she talks about the five elements that define your personality and influence a person’s health. She talks about how the elements are assessed and composed and how these elements help improve people’s health. Find out these elements and understand why people do what they do, act the way they act, and live the way they live.

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76: Show Notes

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Time stamps:

08:29 – What are the five elements

10:33 – Where does the five elements system come from

12:08 – Composition of the five elements within a person

13:58 – How are the elements assessed

16:47 – Personality of a water person

17:51 – Personality of a wood person

18:46 – Personality of a fire person

19:32 – Personality of an earth person

20:37 – Personality of a metal person

23:14 – How these elements improve one’s health



The Five Elements – Dondi Dahlin

The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with Dondi Dahlin


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