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“If we can have the courage to share our shame… there is hope in victory”

     Karen Newman     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews  Karen Newman about taking control of cancer and learning to love yourself.

Are you fighting cancer? Registered Dietician, Karen Newman, helps others transform their lives through diet, exercise, self-love and a relationship with God.

In this episode, Karen will talk about her battle with bulimia and how she cured her cancer. She will share the lessons learned that helped her survive. Listen to the end to find out what to do when your doctor gives you advice that you are not happy with.

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61: Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

06:11 – Suffering from bulimia

10:29 – Allowing Love into your heart

14:02 – Taking control of cancer

16:45 – Lessons learned that helped survival

19:57 – Competing in triathlons

22:40 – When your doctor says no

23:00 – Karen’s new diagnosis


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: I’m Dr. Veronica, bringing you more information than you can possibly digest. But if you take away just one nugget a week, actually I want you to take two nuggets a week from each of my guest, one from each segment. One nugget a week and make one change or two small changes a week, you will transform your life in a rather short period of time. It is about taking action. You have to do something.

So why is this so important? It’s important because as I tell you time and time again, and I hope that you hear what’s going on in your mind is going to affect your body. And that will translate to a physical illness. So whether you have a have a problem with your weight, or your heart, or you have cancer, or it’s diabetes, or thyroid problems, or the legs in your vein aren’t right, or you have an injury. That is saying something about your spiritual state.

And when your spiritual state is not quite right, your body is there to tell you and challenging you to change. You will make a change in your life when you listen to your body, which is an outward expression of what’s going on in your spirit.

And so when you see someone who you think they look wonderful and they radiate wonderfulness that is their spiritual state. When you see somebody who is 116, 106, or 107 years old, and you’re like, “Wow, I’d like to be with them,” they figured out how to get it together. And some people have gotten it together through lots of trials and tribulations. So people come and they think it’s just about what diet you’re on, how few calories you could eat, how much you can exercise, and that’s all that matters. Faster, stronger, and better by not needing any food, and exercising a whole lot, and then you will get to be who you want to be.

Guess what, we all know that is false, yet people continue to do it that way. They make their resolutions in New Year’s, and we’re way past the New Year now, so people have long forgotten the resolution that they’ve made. Because most people quit 21 days after they say they’re going to do something.

There’s another way to do it. And another way to do it is get your mind in order and then your body will follow. We have a unique guest on today because she is a world class athlete. I see women like this and I’m all jealous of them that they can do these types of things. You got to know that I was an athlete back, I’m a weekend warrior type person, but I’m not elite at even being a weekend warrior. But I finish and so I feel good about this stuff.

When I went out, we’re in the Philadelphia area, I like to go down and do the Broad Street Run. I’m in the back. And the person who won the race won before I even got to start. I take my time. I get there. I finish. I feel good. I’m smiling. It’s about progressing in my own life journey. Although I would love if I could’ve been an elite athlete. I love sports. I’ve always loved playing sports. Back in the day in high school I got several varsity letters. But sports wasn’t my focus necessarily. But now that I look back on it I wish it would’ve been my focus because it’s just fun. I love physical activity.

So the guest that I have with me now is an author and a dietician, and an all-American triathlete. And she’s won in 2012 a silver medal. She’s a top American finisher in her age group. Here is the real interesting part about this. She has managed to keep up her training even when going through cancer. And I’m sure this is all part of our journey.

I’m going to bring on to you and introduce Karen Newman. You want to hear this story because she has something unusual about her story that I didn’t tell you about. The cancer’s unusual and that she could train through it. But of course you know there’s another twist to this story. Karen, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Karen: Thank you so much. It is such a pleasure to be on your show Veronica. Thank you so much for asking me. And I’m excited to inspire your audience.

Dr. Veronica: You’re going to have to give me some coaching, because I’m trying to figure out, okay, I had an injury. The years are ticking by. And I want to be better and I’m not, but I get there. I want to be better than I am. But let’s not talk about this. We want to talk more about your journey through cancer. What happened? How did it start?

You had a disorder that’s very common in America today that’s hidden. And I want to talk specifically about that disorder because we see someone like you, you look like… When we see people like you running around, you’re the people that we all look jealous of. And they look like the picture of health. But you had not only the cancer going on, you had something else going on. Tell us about that.

Karen: To be perfectly honest I am a dietician as you mentioned, but I was suffering from bulimia. And it is a hidden epidemic. I started having an eating disorder when I was 14. I was teased and bullied as a child. And I really wore those labels. And I was trying so hard to fit in, and to matter, and to not get teased.

And so I started to reach in search for perfection. And I learned to wear all these different masks. And I would do whatever I could to please everyone. And I as I journeyed on and on I became interested of course in nutrition and was introduced to bulimia at age 20. And I suffered for 25 years. No one knew. I was a very good actress. I had learned as a child to wear these masks.

I would stand in front of the American Dietetic Association and travel all over the country, speaking about good nutrition. While frequently the taste of  bile might be on my tongue. And the shame that cloaked me was almost unbearable.

One thing I really want your audience to know is that secrets love the darkness. They really flourish there. And if we can have the courage to share our shame, share what is possibly an addition with someone we love or seek help, there is hope and victory. I thought I would lose everything. I thought I would lose my husband. I thought I would lose my job. I thought I would lose my children. And it’s exactly the opposite. People embraced me with all of my imperfections.

The turning point for me was actually three weeks before my cancer diagnosis. There I was on my knees begging god to take me home because I could not live with this lie anymore. It was destroying absolutely everything in my life. And when I heard the diagnosis of cancer three weeks later I instinctively knew that I could not keep bulimia as my best friend and beat cancer. So it was a fight for years actually.

And I also knew that god did not give me cancer but he was allowing me to go through the journey because he could see the other side. And I am grateful, as hard as this is to hear, for the diagnosis of cancer because it completely changed my life.

Dr. Veronica: Tell us a little bit more about developing bulimia. Because it’s interesting that, you said, “I developed this since 20.” I assumed that was the age where you were picking your career and thinking about being a dietician.

One of the issues with our whole industry, we’re now so focused on obesity. On the other side we have all these little, skinny dieticians running around and telling everybody to eat salad, which is not obviously working. We have this disconnect. And on the other side we frown down upon those people with the giant bodies because we don’t think that they’re physically attractive. And yet the people who are like you who are athletic looking and fit, we think they’re a goddess. But yet we don’t know that all this is going on around the scenes.

In functional wellness we talk about those fat, skinny people. Those people who although they look okay on the outside, their metabolism and their metabolic state is actually very scary on the inside. And I assume when you have bulimia that this wasn’t going on in you. You looked okay from the inside, but from the inside it was like, oh my god.

How can I say that I know that that’s true? Because cancer manifested in your body. It wasn’t on your mental state, but the physical allows the cancer to manifest. It doesn’t manifest in a healthy, physiologic state. What do you say… Because this is a more powerful story than just saying you have cancer. I’m saying just cancer. Cancer is a big deal. But to tell people, “I was the picture of health. I was athlete and a dietician, yet I had this disease that was counter to all that,” that likely contributed to you and manifesting the cancer. What do you tell people about that?

Karen: Really what I’ve learned is that exactly what you said, I bring it all back to love, because I did not love myself. Back as a child, bullied, teased, I was dyslexic. We had a dunce chair. There was just so many people in my life causing me to wear labels and to finally just taint myself. I didn’t even need bullies anymore. I had my own inner bully. And I just thought I was not worthy, not important in this world.

And I’m not surprised that I wound up getting this huge tumor in my left breast right over my heart that was broken. And so I just want every single person to know that they are so loved. And love is vital. And whatever they look like they are beautiful. And I was very good at… I learned as a child to wear these masks and be whoever anybody wanted me to be.

I sought dietetics because I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about nutrition. I could help everyone. I was very good at helping people. [Unintelligible 00:12:11] so much, but I couldn’t help myself, and why? Because I didn’t know how to allow love into my heart. I didn’t know how to love myself and break open a space to receive love.

And I believe in my heart now that is open to receiving love that this is a game changer in life. And re-allowing people to love us. I learned this from my friends who found out that I was going to have to go through chemotherapy. And they drove over to my house and they just blocked my car, and said, “Get in the car. We’re driving you to chemo.” And I had never really accepted unconditional love.

And in that moment I had no choice and I’m so grateful. So I want everyone to open themselves to love, to hear loving words, to throw off all those negative labels that are a lie, and to keep loving words close to your heart because they’re so vital. And we every single have that opportunity to speak love and life into one another. And it’s a free gift.

Dr. Veronica: Let’s talk a little bit more about this. I just want to put in for you to understand as the audience what’s going on with people like Karen, for people also who have breast cancer. Karen made the point that her breast cancer was right over her inner left breast, over her heart.

From an intuitive standpoint, energetically, and people who know about Ayurvedic medicine and yoga will understand this. This is right in your heart chakra. Your breast, your lungs, your heart, your arms are all in that energy center related to the heart. And related to the heart has to do with of course love and nurturing, but love and nurturing of yourself versus others.

And so when you don’t love yourself enough, even though you may be very nurturing to everybody else, you’re going to manifest some type of disease within your heart energy center. For men, a lot of times it’s about anger. And they end up having high blood pressure and heart attacks in the heart chakra. For women a lot of times they manifest breast cancer.

If you get over that cancer but do not get over that spiritual state that allowed the cancer to take root in your body you will just get another disease in the heart chakra. So you will say, “I got over my cancer but the chemotherapy messed up my heart, or messed up my lungs. Or I had the surgery and now I have lymphedema in my arm,” all in the heart chakra.

Why did you get this? Still, another very serious and/or life threatening situation in that same area. Even though it seems like it’s a different organ to you it’s not. It’s all in the same energy center. And so when cancer comes knocking at your door, when a heart attack, or heart disease, or heart failure, or a serious lump, or a problem with your arms comes knocking at your door. You have a stroke. Your arms don’t move. You better do some serious soul searching. Because that is the only way that you’re going to be able to heal.

Again, that fear, that anger, that sadness. And it may be fear that other people aren’t going to love you, or sadness that somebody doesn’t love you, or shame about something. You better get rid of that in some kind of way. Let it go. As you let it go your physiology changes. And then these diseases that can take your life won’t take your life.

Also understand that whenever somebody has cancer they have had a death wish. And so if you listen closely to my shows, you will listen to every single person who comes on who’s had cancer at one time or another who says, “I really was having that time where I wished I was dead for some reason.” Instead of committing suicide with a gun or a knife, or something like that, you’re going to kill yourself with a disease, and you get the pity party that comes up with it.

Karen is telling us what’s going on with her that illustrates the point of what happens when you don’t get it together. Now, five lessons to live from a one breasted world record holding miracle, that is you. What are some of the lessons that you can give the audience?

Karen: The first one I want everyone to know is to just throw off any negative labels that you’re wearing. I don’t want you to ever listen to those lies. And I really encourage you to speak some affirmations, whether you write them on your cellphone, you hang them on your mirror. Have some wonderful, beautiful affirmations. So that when a negative thought comes into your head you can change that around to a positive. Because words are so incredibly powerful.

I also want everyone to know that you can allow others to help you. It is a gift not only for yourself, but it is a gift for others. It works both ways. So be a blessing and allow blessing to come into your life.

And the third thing that I always say is never give up your dream. When I was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 breast cancer I had earned a slot to the triathlon world championship. And I was told that I needed to give up those dreams.

And finally I decided I’m not listening to those defeating words. I am going to hold this dream close to my heart. And I had to go through several oncologists to find one that was willing to at least work with me. And I was able to compete at this elite triathlon world championship while going through chemotherapy. And it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life, but I did it because I spoke encouraging words and because people loved me to the finish line, and god loved me to the finish line.

And when I crossed it the whole wide world, 75 countries were waiting for me. And falling into their arms was one of the greatest athletic achievements of my life. So I want everyone to know, whatever they’re going through to dream their big dream.

The other thing I want everyone to know is that trials in your life can be the most extraordinary transformative moment. You learn something through the fire. You really do. So open yourself to receiving new gifts and being able to give back to this hurting world in ways that you just never ever thought was possible.

I just wanted everyone to know that they are perfectly imperfect. That whatever they’re going through they’re beautiful on the inside and the outside. I want them all to know that they are perfectly imperfect. And that’s just wonderful. Because vulnerability makes you so beautiful, so don’t be afraid to share what you’re really going through. Throw off the mask and be your authentic self. And that’s my fifth one. And I have many more by the way.

Dr. Veronica: Are you still competing now?

Karen: I’m supposed to compete at the triathlon world championships in Cozumel, Mexico. But I do have to share with you Veronica that I was in the hospital on Mother’s Day. I was taken in to the hospital, through ER, and they found a compression fracture in my spine. And I just had a bone biopsy yesterday. And unfortunately we found aggressive cancer in my spine. So we’re going to be doing a PET scan.

But I really and truly believe that I am going to be living a very long time. And this is just another trial and another challenge. I will be singing and praying that I can race with the world championships in Cozumel.

Dr. Veronica: Thank you for sharing that very personal news, which for most people, I know that although there’s this area of you that says, “Oh my god, not again. I’m scared.” But you’ve been fearless through this. You’ve managed even despite those emotions to be able to walk through. Keep your eyes open. There are people out there outside of the traditional system, hard to hear about them, who cure cancer.

I was on the internet this morning because I travel in this functional circle of people who do stuff out in “left field.” It’s not quite out in left field. And they work very well with cancer patients, and actually keep them alive longer.

I’m going to talk about this right now and I’m going to get this guy on the show. And interestingly, one of the guys that I met, a teacher. I’ve been to a conference and I’m actually in June going to a conference where he’s teaching about IV nutritional therapy.

He gets people who have been through cancer, who the traditional medical situation has exhausted itself. Because at a point you’ve gotten everything that the traditionally trained oncologist can give you. And yet there still is always something else.

And so I met this guy. He’s another Dr. Anderson. He happens to be a naturopath and an expert in IV nutritional therapy. People come to him from around the world. I’m telling people this. He’s out in Seattle or Oregon, or some place like this.

I’m telling people about this on the air because I know there’s somebody who is listening to my voice who’s looking for some hope. You can contact me on my website, If anybody’s out there and saying, “I’m at the end of my rope and I want to know is there something else that can help you?”

Yes, there’s always something out there that can help you. And so when your doctor says no, you say next. And look for what other opportunities that are out there. It’s not over until it’s over. It’s not done until it’s done. And so perhaps Karen is here on this show today because there’s several people out there who need to know that there’s another way. There’s a doctor in Houston who knows how to cure cancer. There’s Dr. Anderson over there on the west coast. He has people who have come to him years later. They’re alive. When they had a diagnosis and somebody said they would be gone in a month, or two months, or something like that.

There are treatments out there that will work to truly cure you and rejuvenate you. What happens with cancer with a lot of people is it gets put at bay, and it doesn’t show up. But you have to switch your physiology and all that type of stuff to keep it at bay. And you have to rejuvenate your system.

Why do I talk about this also? There’s a doctor who created some chemotherapy, and the next thing he did was create a supplement company. Because he understands we’re breaking down the body, we have to build it back up now.

Karen can say whether I’m saying stuff that is true or false, there’s always another way. Karen, if you’re interested in that information I’ll definitely share it with you after the show and tell you where to go just so you have options.

Karen: I absolutely would. It’s just amazing that I’m talking to you today. After getting this news last night at seven o’clock in the [Unintelligible 00:24:32]. I wasn’t going to share but I said, “You know what, this is the truth. This is the reality of my life.” And as you said, there is always hope. And I have so many things to do in this kingdom, and it is not over yet.

I’m just so blessed and I want to get all the information that you have available. And I want every single person out there to know that you are amazing. There is hope and victory for all of us, and to not give it up.

Dr. Veronica: Let me just say something. You might say, “Dr. Veronica, you’re amazing.” No. I work on behalf of the creator of the universe, the creator of all that there is to bring forth the message.

And so as an intuitive I draw people into my sphere who needs something that I have to give. And so it just happens today that I brought forth a guest who the audience needs to hear her story, but she needs something. I’m here as a gift.

I’ve had people tell me, “You’re an angel.” I’m here to give a message, and that’s what angels do, they give a message. And they give the message at the right time to the right person. I don’t even know what it’s going to happen. She got this last night. But guess what, my energy knew that she needed to be on. And she knew that she needed to be on, and we didn’t even know why.

When you’re wondering how the universe works understand that there are forces out there working behind the scenes that you may not understand but it’s still happening. And so this to me is one of the examples of how incredible the universe works to help us all get over what we need to get over. And help us all evolve in our soul. And part of that is dealing with some challenges in our body.

And Karen has gone through the challenge, not only for herself, but so she can help other people. Because think about it, a dietician with a bulimia, who’s a triathlete, who went through cancer, who’s winning still, who then comes on with a medical doctor who’s a medical intuitive, who has nothing to do with traditional oncology can tell here, “Here’s where you go somebody [Unintelligible 00:26:43].” By the way, they happen to have the last name Anderson too.

Karen Newman, I want you to go to her website. Send her healing energy to her website, Karen, thank you for being on Wellness for the Real World.

Karen: Thank you so much.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit See you all next week. Take care.




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