52: Think Yourself Happy and Improve Your Life with Greg Jacobson

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Think Yourself Happy and Improve Your Life with Greg Jacobson

“I decided to sell half of my business… and focus on growing myself and being a better person, volunteer, parent and better husband.”

     Greg Jacobson     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Greg Jacobson about how to think yourself happy and improve your life.

Do you want to be happy? Best-selling author Greg Jacobson has taught hundreds of organizations and high-performing individuals to achieve more, meet objectives faster, and become better team players using emotional intelligence and deep-dive relationship building.

In this episode, Greg will talk all about what happy people do that unhappy people don’t. He will discuss proper goal setting and when it’s appropriate to reach out for help. Listen to the end to find out if you are too old to become successful.

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Think Yourself Happy – Greg Jacobson

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Time Stamps:

08:08 – Greg’s background

11:01 – Taking a step back

13:55 –  What happy people do – that unhappy people don’t

18:44 –  How to set proper goals

20:31 – Reaching out for helpful mentors

24:10 – Are you too old to succeed?


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica:  I am Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive and I am bringing to you ways to enrich your life.  Today again I am going to have another wonderful guest for you.  You want to know how to be happy if you think you cannot get anywhere, a lot of people use excuse upon excuse and objection to why their life is not working.  But yes you can at any age turn it around.  What you need is the will.  You have heard where there is a will there is a way and I have seen it time and time again, where there is a will there is a way.  And it gives us the best stories to tell.

So we all want to know how do you get to be successful, how do you make money and everybody thinks is be all and end all but yet I will let you know that money is not the be all and end all, your health is be all and end all. I don’t care if you have got a billion dollars, Oprah has a billion dollars and yet she is still working to conquer her weight issue.  All the money she has in the world cannot conquer that issue.  When you have any type of health issue you have to get yourself together from a spiritual level and a physical level and there is not a particular amount of money that you can pay someone else to get it together for you.  That means you have to make the change, you have to implement.

And so therefore, I bring you ways to implement change.  Why do I do this?  Because again you come with weight problems, with high blood pressure, with diabetes, with asthma, with heart disease, with cancer and you have done that all to yourself but I don’t blame you that you have done it to yourself because you didn’t know better.  But after you listen to Wellness For The Real World you will know better and when you know better perhaps you will do better.  Now why do I say perhaps?  I do dinner seminars and some of you might have come and be invited and I love hosting dinners and meeting people, you guys know I am tough talking but is see people come in week after week and not take action at all in their life.  They say well, I have got to go home and think about it.  So I say to people, I take into my program, into my coaching program somewhat people who are A and B students, if you are C, D or F ah ah, not for you.

Now let me tell you F student are the people who got a postcard, saw the ad in the paper, saw something on the internet and they said, “you know I need that” but they didn’t even bother calling or clicking to come to what the event is to see if there is something that could change their life.  They didn’t even bother, F, F.  So if you wonder why your life it’s the way it is, you are not taking action and you have an F. When opportunity is presented to you and you don’t take it up, F, failure.

Now the D student they come in, they come to a dinner or a talk or whatever but a lot of times I hold dinners and I host it and I pay for the dinner.  And they came just because they wanted the free dinner, they will listen to what I have got to say, yeah, yeah, yeah, I wish she would shut up and they just serve the food and then they proceed to leave. D, that’s why your life is the way it is, D, at least you called and came but D because you didn’t take action.

So everybody who is left, you are a C, B or A student and when you are a C, B or A student you may say ok, I am going to come in and see what she has got to say.  Is there something I just learned a lot from her in that hour, hour and fifteen minutes.  She is telling me information that is very accurate, backed up by data, backed up by testimonials of what type of results they are able to get, guaranteed, proven system. Yes I offer to people through my coaching guaranteed, proven system.  Guaranteed, guaranteed.  Do you know any other doctor that offers you a guarantee when they are writing that prescription, do they give you a guarantee? No they don’t but Dr. Veronica gives you a guarantee but I only take people who are A, B and C students to even come and talk to me.  You have to apply.  And so if you want a life change come on in and apply and then I will decide whether or not you can come into Dr. Veronica University of Getting Well.

Now, I am telling you here and I do this show so that you are able to hear other options of how you can make your life happy because I know that if you are not spiritual and emotionally happy then your physical health is going to suck, it really is just going to suck.  And so, you think you can’t do it but yes you can and I am going to prove it to you with my next guest.  His name is Greg Jacobson and he went from zero startup capital, zero, zero to a hundred million dollar business. Zero, he started from zero to a hundred million dollar business.  And his website happilyachieving.com.  He has been just all over this place, ABC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Variety, iHub radio, yadayadayada, all that kind of stuff, Better Homes and Gardens whatever you want to name it this man has been there because he knows how to get results from himself but he also knows how to get results for other people.  So let me say that again, he knows how to get results for himself and he knows how to get results for other people.

So when you are picking out who you are going to follow, who is going to mentor you and when you are going to make an investment in yourself, when you have decided to make a financial investment and a time investment in yourself you had better pick someone who you can see because they walk the walk and their clients walk the walk of getting results. So if you are failing, first of all you probably haven’t invested in yourself and when you have, you haven’t picked the right mentors and teacher.  Here we go, so Greg Jacobson, Think Yourself Happy is his book. Welcome to Wellness For The Real World.

Greg:  Thank you so much for having me Dr. Veronica, you have certainly set the tone because you were right on everything that you said, I don’t disagree with anything other than maybe the most important thing is your health and maybe even more it’s your attitude because I know sick people, you know, they are going to call themselves sick or other people might say they have cancer, they don’t focus on that they focus on every minute of every day making as much of what they have got, whether it’s a year or a day or ten years they don’t believe that they are sick and they are dying, they believe that they are here and they are living.  However, certainly, if you don’t have good health the rest of you is fairly useless, I agree with that a hundred percent.

Dr. Veronica:  Very, very true.  So you talked about, you know, happier people or healthier people and research supports that happier people are healthier people.  Now, you yourself have had so much experience, why did you decide to start working on this happy healthy relationship type thing?  The relationship between feeling happy and being healthy.  What started that for you?

Greg:  Well, I had been on the path of death, if I have more I am going to be much happier, I am certainly on that path. And I started a business and I brought my business partner in and sold him on the idea that if we just become billionaires we will have it all and we have all the capabilities which is got to put in the time effort and energy.  So we started to work and we started to put business on our credit cards, we started the ticket business, concert, sports and theatre.  This right when the internet blew up.  There was really no ticket sales on the internet, there were on the phone and in line.  So we mastered a program to do auto respond and then through the internet and we grew and grew and grew and turned this into a hundred and twenty hours a week.  Literally every day, all day we would push each other to do more and if there was anything to do we would do it and if there was nothing to do which was very rare we would sleep.

This went on for five years without a vacation, without a vacation and I had little kids and he had little kids, we were missing them grow up but our excuse to ourselves and our story was that we give them maximum amount of things and experiences then we will have it all and one day we will be able to retire but that was never really in the leading cards.  Once you get on the power of those more and more I have to have more which is really really is hard to hard to get off to that.

So what changed for me is one day we went on vacation, we decided that we were going to do it right, we took our kids to our parents’ house and we went to Bali Indonesia and we stayed at an amazing resort called Aman. We were walking around and having incredible dinner and we were with our wives and we decided to leave the wives and go take a cigar break, and smoking cigars is not really my thing but he wanted to do that.  So we walked along to the property and I said this is amazing, how are we going to do this more? What’s it going to take? He said more. It’s going to take more domination, it’s going to take more money, more control and I figured wait, wo wo, this is not all what I am thinking, I am thinking peaceful state of mind I don’t want to work anymore.  I really want to spend time with my friends and my family growing and having this sense of peace that I haven’t had in years.  So that moment I decided that we were straddling on different paths.  Then I decided to sell half of my business to him and focus on growing myself and being a better person and a better volunteer and a better parent and a better husband who is a better person.

I started a really big spiritual journey that I have been on in my whole life in small increments but this was all in and it changed my life.  I realized the happiness and being able to spend some time thinking rather than just building all the time was the start, that was the catalyst to all.

Dr. Veronica:  So you were off in this magnificent place and realizing I would like to have more of this and your partner was make more money, make more money and your answer was no, I think I need to step off of this.  How did you dial it back? Because there is a lot of people who are on that durable wheel, running around thinking more and more and more and just are afraid to step off because it’s so much of their identity that they are a mega producer.

Greg:  So right, you are so right.  And again, I am one of those people, I am not a naturally happy person so really I am just very realistic I would call it or I called it back then and focused on what is.  It wasn’t about positive thinking, it wasn’t about negative thinking, it was just about I have a pile of work to do, I have got to do it.  It was a shift in thinking at that moment, the change and I get it wrong I have got to say, I abdicated all my responsibilities. What I should have done is learned better to read reports and do things as an absentee owner.  And I didn’t, I just walked away believing that my partner who was like a brother to me will just work it out and be fair and never take advantage of me and let that be a lesson to all of you, it doesn’t work that way, you have to pay attention.

Dr. Veronica:  The Pollyanna attitude that everything is going to be fair to me even if I don’t watch it.

Greg:  Correct. And then what happened is it crashed and burned around me, it took a long time to for it to fall apart but it did and then again I am on this personal development journey and I went to another live event which I do a lot just to listen and grow and see how I can try it on if it fits for me I wear and adopt it into my persona, it becomes who I am, if not a sell cake is not for me. So I went to one and the homework for the night was life is.  And I came back the next day and for me life is great because I live in the bubble, because I had been working on myself for a long time and the people that I hang around work on themselves. So I didn’t realize for some reason the jets of pain that was around me.  So life is we went around the next thing people raised their hands like this, he  we would call on people, life if is suffering, the next person life is pain, life is ejection, life is waiting to die.  And I was hearing people say this and it really was taking its toll on me because I really didn’t realize. I feel so lucky and blessed all the time because I did focus on what works, not what doesn’t work, not what I don’t want.  And all these people who were pain, I said no, they don’t have to go through the pain of their past and move forward, they can just move forward they just don’t know how and there weren’t learning ………… 0:13:14.2.

So I decided to write this book and the book was just my gift to help people through pain that was unnecessary.  It wasn’t to make money, it wasn’t to get more jobs, I am a corporate trainer and an executive mentor.  I deal with very high end individuals, not usually your, you know, people with regular jobs or people with small businesses, I deal with Fortune 500 Companies and NGOs and large nonprofits and governments. So I help them solve problems and it usually comes down to relationships, it is what it comes down at the end. At the end of it all it’s all about relationships.

Dr. Veronica:  It is all about relationships.  Let’s talk about some of these changes that people can make.  You say that there are ten things that happy people do that unhappy people do not and one must be whine and complain whine and compline, whine and complain. It’s funny you said I focus on what I can do when the solutions and I believe that’s why you move your life forward but there are people who are unhappy and they focus on the unhappy.  So ten things that happy people do that unhappy people do not.  What are some of those things?

Greg:  Number one, hit it on the head is that they focus on what they want not what they don’t want.  I call them happy achievers because it’s not just being happy wondering around. I am talking about actually being a doer, having a plan of action and taking action because the doing is the most important part and if most people just did what they know and didn’t learn another thing their lives would be much better than trying to find the next silver bullet.  Happy achievers know what they want, they clearly define goals with time frames and action steps to accomplish them.  I would say that is certainly number one.

Dr. Veronica:  It’s interesting because you are saying clearly define goals and when they are going to achieve them.  I call that the how much by win, how much by win.  And so you are saying happy people are not just out there dreaming, they actually have that plan of action and not just a plan of action but I am going to do this by that date.  And even if these people write down more than they can do, they usually have a plan in they are executing that plan so maybe it will take a little bit longer to get there than what they said but they are certainly along the trail of down the line, quite a distance because they have an action plan and as I tell people you have got to have a system that works.  You have got to have a plan and follow that script.  So that makes people happy. Unhappy people they just whine and complain.  Number two, what else do happy people do that unhappy people do not?

Greg:  They project themselves in the situation that their minds are.  They look in the future and see themselves already doing this and that actually has a place for doing.  So the mind in humans can project different situations and they can see in advance whether that’s going to work or not.  We are the only animals that can do that.  So what happens is that people lose control of this function, they have it and they don’t know how to utilize it properly so it turns into worry.  So what they do is their minds takes over and they focus on all the worst things that can possibly happen and the worry about them.  What’s the point of that? Make your stories work for you.  Control your thoughts and focus on your future, what you want to happen and that’s what will happen.  The more you focus the more intensely and the more you work at it the sooner and the better it will turn out.  And like you said there is a waiting period, you didn’t say it quite like that but there is always a lag time, people have a tendency to overestimate what they can do in a short time and underestimate what they can do in say a year or five years.  So people start on a path, they maybe have a diet or something and they blow it and they are oh no I blew it and then they just let it go but the answer is step out and be a good friend to yourself.  Work on ninety percent, be ninety percent, if you miss that ten percent, you are doing great you are still getting an A, still getting an A in your class and in class.  So people focus on just getting one little thing done at a time or one big thing done they won’t be overwhelmed. People do have a giant list but you can only do one thing at a time effectively.

Dr. Veronica:  Let me ask a question, I find that what also makes people happy is being good enough but not perfect, good enough but not perfect.  So let’s go back, you know, this is my industry and area and most people I see, you talk about the diet and people say, oh gosh, I blew it.  So they start going to the gym.  So number one issue is that they say I am going to go to the gym and they set that they are going to go to the gym five times a week or six times a week and they don’t do it because they are so out of shape, they get sore and so they quit because of all that.  So first they set a goal that was just too high but then they quit because why I didn’t get to the gym five times so I suck and I just may as well not do it, I failed again.  As opposed to be good enough, ok, I got to the gym two times this week, I got to the gym two times a week for the last two weeks, I got to the gym three times a week for the last three weeks rather than making modest scores and patting themselves on the back they just say I quit because they made this goal that was too big and really unachievable. And I think that unhappy tend to do that, they make unrealistic goals and then when they have one little trip up on that unrealistic goal they quit the whole thing.  What do you say about that?

Greg:  I say you are exactly right and that’s why I preach do ninety percent because if you shoot for perfection which doesn’t even exist, you shoot for perfection you get ninety nine percent and you …….. 0:19:09.5, but what is the point of that?  If you get ninety percent you are a winner.  Now, I am not talking about a spelling contest or are sending out an email that is ninety percent right.  I am just talking about if you feel like, you know, what I am going to have a latte today and I used to have a latte day twice a day but I quit lattes and today I am going to have one and I am going to enjoy it.  This is just fantastic because you realize what you are doing, you realize you are enjoying it, you are letting yourself and you are not giving yourself up.  So you can then congratulate yourself, celebrate and take the next step which is what it’s all about.  One step after the next over time to get your distance. It doesn’t happy overnight, you can’t go to the gym and make up for poor health that you have gone through for the last twenty years and make up for it in a day or week.  This is a time process and like you said, you have got to take small steps and give yourself a pat on the back.  Don’t beat yourself up. If you mess up just jump right back on.  You can do this, you got this and again that’s another thing that what I discuss I a little voice in your head.  Make that little voice work for you not against you, say words of encouragement, tell yourself you are a winner that you have got this, that there is nothing that we can’t do, that you are resourceful and passionate.  Don’t look in the mirror and say you are a loser, don’t say you are fat, say look, you know what, I am on my way, I have made my steps, I am doing it.

Dr. Veronica:  What about the role of pride because I also see a lot of people, I am sure you see this because you are a coach of people that or businesses that you know they need help and at the time you offer the help to them they make their inquiry the decide for whatever reason that you are not going to be part of the team at that point in time. And then you circle around to six months, a year later and they are still in the same boat but they have too much pride to admit that you were right and now I need your help, I know it’s a year later, I am going to pull back on my pride and I am going to invest in your services because they are the right thing.  I think people who are happy are able to admit, you know what, I was wrong a year ago, six months ago, I can’t do this on my own, I haven’t fixed it and you are the best answer that came and so therefore now it’s time for you come on board.  I think that’s the difference between people who are self confident and happy versus people who are unhappy.  They don’t want to admit their failures and then get the proper help.  What do you say about that?

Greg:  I am saying they are not failures at all and the timing is everything, what was a great idea a week ago may not be a good idea today, what’s a good idea today may be a terrible idea tomorrow.  So it’s just a matter of timing, keep yourself open and understand that if you are moving forward in a direction you need to find a person that has already been there and has demonstrated success in not only helping themselves, but helping others.  And when you are ready to make that move just make that move it’s not a prideful thing for someone else it’s a help for you.  You are on a path for yourself, it’s not about what anybody else does or thinks and let me tell you. You go to a coach, they are already doing this, they are not worried about you and what you are not doing.  When it’s time for you to step up, they are going to be the first ones that are the most proud of you because they understand what that does, it’s a step forward.  And Think And Grow Rich and if you haven’t read that book, you need to by Napoleon Hill, it’s a fabulous book, he took hundreds of the most successful people, he is the first person who did this and found out what they had in common and interviewed them. And one of the things they had in common is that they all took action when it was time.  They had burning desires and they needed to take action when the action was in front of them they didn’t hesitate, they jumped when it was time to jump because they knew they were ready and that’s what separates the winners from the none winners. None winners are going to find excuses every time and the people that are winners they try to eliminate the reasons not to do it and as soon as they have done that they jump in with both feet because they know it’s going to improve them if they already asked these questions to themselves. So that is certainly an important thing.  I would get over the pride, it’s not about pride start moving forward in your life.

Dr. Veronica:  Another interesting piece about Think And Grow Rich, you know, you can read that over and over again and there are people who are super success coaches i.e. people like Bob Proctor who everyday they read some of this book.  But one of the takeaways I got is noticing that people who he was studying were not necessarily successful in the first half of their life, they were successful in middle age and beyond.  So I believe there are a lot of people in our culture believe that if I haven’t made it by forty, fifty, sixty, I am not going to make it whereas when you evaluate those people who were successful in Think And Grow Rich and these people who were magnificently successful most of them were successful in mid-life and beyond.

Greg:  You are so right, and not only that, most of them made their money during depression times and none of them were born with this traits.  So all of these traits that they found that were in all of these successful people it’s a trait that ran all through of them. Every single one of them was a learned trait, every single one, no one was born with the success principles.  So I think that is a great point you made and a lot of them did it late in life. It’s about not giving up, it’s about having the guts and …. 0:24:43.5 in order for you to say, you know what, I didn’t fail, I just learned, I learned what not to do, like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb late in life, like Colonel Sanders. These people would not take no for an answer, they knew they had the right thing going and they just didn’t give up.

Dr. Veronica:  It’s true.  So you can teach an old dog new tricks, you can teach an old dog new tricks. So you are never too old, you are sitting there thinking all our life has passed me by but no, it hasn’t.  It’s never too late if you are here on top of the earth and you have woke up on this side of ground, there is a reason that you tune in today on the show to listen to my voice, to listen to Greg Jacobson, Mr. happilyachieving.com.  You have to understand that there is a reason for everything, there is a purpose for everything. So here you are now, if you are a person who like to read and analyze that is why we have these books for you.

So Greg Jacobson’s book is Think Yourself Happy, five changes in thinking that will immediately improve your life.  And so what happens, take one of those changes and make the shift, practice it, it takes about four to six weeks to build new pathways in your brain.  That’s about how long it takes to develop a habit.  So if you go and say immediately I am going to do this and then you practice that, practice that, practice that, one at a time, he has five things in that book, within six months you are going to be a whole new person and it really can happen that first.  I have seen people that it does happen that first within six months.  So Greg Jacobson, happilyachieving.com thank you for being on Wellness For The Real World.

Greg:  Thank you so much for having me and I look forward for being in the show again soon.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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