51: Chelation Therapy, Cholesterol, and the Politics of Heart Disease

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Chelation Therapy, Cholesterol, and the Politics of Heart Disease

“When you feel good you’re really there to be present for everyone else in your life and that’s what restoring health is all about”

      Dr. John Parks Trowbridge     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. John Parks Trowbridge on chelation therapy, cholesterol, and the politics of heart disease.

Are you suffering with a problem limiting your health? Dr. John Parks Trowbridge helps others find solutions for chronic conditions that take them out of their lives, cause disability and discomfort, or make life less worth living.

In this episode, John talks about why he is against drugs and surgery, his thoughts on the problem with cholesterol medication, and the benefits to Chelation therapy. He also talks about healthy eating and why heart disease is so political. Listen to the end for alternative healing methods and why Medicare reluctant to pay.

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51: Show Notes

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Cholesterol is Not the Culprit – Dr. Kummerow


Time Stamps:

06:45 – Being against drugs and surgery

09:45 – Chelation therapy

11:00 – Problems with cholesterol medication

13:02 – What is healthy eating?

14:50 – Why heart disease is political

19:00 – Diabetics and Chelation

21:00 – Alternative healing methods

24:00 – Why is Medicare reluctant to pay?


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

If you’d like to have access to our entire back catalog visit drveronica.com for instant access. Here’s your host, Dr. Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: I’m Dr. Veronica, medical doctor, medical intuitive, and I bring to you guests to be able to figure it all out, to live a healthy life. And sometimes you don’t get the answer from the mainstream media. And you’re saying, “Dr. Veronica, now you’re here on the mainstream media.” But my voice is a little bit different. Don’t you notice my voice is a little bit different?

You don’t get the full answer. It’s propaganda, and dogma, and pharmaceutical companies are deciding what poison you put in your body. And you say, “Oh my god, Dr. Veronica, how can you say that? You want to kill us. You’re trying to kill people,” when I say things like, “Why are you putting that poison in your body?”

You look at a commercial, and in that commercial you see all the side effects that are horrible, and yet you choose to still take the drug. And you say, “But there’s no other answer. There’s nothing else. My doctor says so. And my doctor is the best doctor because they have a degree from this or that medical school, and they graduated with honors. And they have this many publications. And they teach all the other doctors.”

Guess what, they’d be wrong. And this is what you get on Wellness for the Real World. You better get out there into the real world and know some of the real answers. And we bring to you science that is not necessarily always in the front of the mainstream. Because we don’t always necessarily have the billions of dollars behind us to do the marketing to get the word out there to you. But yes, there are other answers. Yes, there is hope.

And so we’re here in this wonderful, political season. It’s ramping up right now really, really loud, politics. And I know politics gives us all stress. Stress would be that anger, because whether you like him or you like her you are angry at somebody. Because you’re not just able to sit back and say, “This is all just entertainment and they’re all just spinning everything to get me to vote a certain way.”

Because you know that’s what they’re doing. They really think that they’re all different. Don’t you know they all go into the same locker room, even if it’s a she, and they all play on the same field and high five each other behind the scenes. With all the propaganda, that they’re pulling the wool over you, you really think those people are real? Come on. Get with the program.

Today we’re going to talk about the politics of part of your health, the most important part of your health, your heart, the politics of heart disease. Now you’re saying, “Dr. Veronica, how are there politics of heart disease?” Well, here’s how you’re going to find out about the politics of heart disease. I bring to you in esteemed colleague, Dr. John Parks Trowbridge. I want you to know his website upfront, healthchoicesnow.com.

When I argue about pro-choice, I mean pro-choice in health care totally. I’m talking about once I choose to have that baby, then I’m able to choose to bring the best things to that baby. It’s not about choice of whether I choose that baby lives or dies. And yes, you should have the right to choose whatever you want to with your body. I agree.

But then when I choose to have that child, and when I choose to do something particularly, I want the choice of the treatments that I want, the doctors that I want, everything that I want because it’s my body and I should be allowed to have it that way. This is America and we ought to be really free. But we’re not because we’re being brainwashed by politics.

We’re going to talk to Dr. Trowbridge about the politics of heart disease. You’re saying, “What gives this gentleman the right to talk about this?” His resume is so long that I don’t even want to tell you. But let’s start about we just went through the college season. Everybody was stressed about college. Let’s just start up with that he was a national merit scholar, and a California state scholar, and an eagle scout. And so for all you people out there that think that that’s the know all, end all, be all, with your kid is smart, okay, there you go.

President of Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine, Chairman of the National Health Federation, Fellow American College Advancement in Medicine, and it goes on and on and on. I’m not even going to read this. But he has his upcoming book you want to know about, because I’m impressed with this man, but I’m not impressed with your doctors. And his book is called, Your Doctors Don’t Impress Me Much, and I agree. Dr. Trowbridge, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Dr. John: Dr. Veronica, thanks for that wonderful introduction. We can skip all the details about me. I want to say I am thrilled that you’re a real doctor. That’s always the criticism. You’re a real doctor who says, “Hey, we really can do it better. And our patients deserve it.”

Dr. Veronica: They do. They deserve better. I left doing conventional medicine because my life was in congruent. What I was doing for myself I wasn’t doing for my clients, and that is just unfair. It was incongruent. And so for me it was about whatever I can do to stay well and not have to take that poison. And yet I was prescribing poison to people. And so here we are.

Dr. John: That’s how wellness happens in the real world, you learn what to do and then you do it. You can choose to do it.

Dr. Veronica: We’re talking about the politics of heart disease. We’re here in the campaign season. Everybody thinks it’s just all about the affordable care act, and is it or isn’t it. And people are in fear which is why they want to fight for the “Affordable Care Act” which for most of us is really not affordable. Let’s just put it out there on the table.

But that’s not what the show is about today. Tell us about you are against the current paradigm of drugs and surgery for cardiovascular disease. Why?

Dr. John: That’s such a reactive treatment situation. We wait until you’re already sick, sick enough to need the drugs, sick enough to need the operations, which incidentally is a plural because generally you don’t just get one, you get one and one in a few years, another few years you get another.

But the problem is this is reacting to what happened rather than helping to predict your situation, and do things that would minimize your risk, or certainly delay your risks for developing that disease. Everybody thinks that’s cholesterol drugs. No, no, no. Those are dangerous drugs.

Dr. Veronica: People say, “But I already have this high cholesterol. I already have this heart problem. I’m on all these medications. I’m fat. I can’t lose the weight. I got plaques in my arteries. I almost died on the table. There’s no other answer for me. What do you say to that Dr. Trowbridge, the real Dr. Trowbridge?

Dr. John: Dr. Veronica, you are describing the condition in which so many millions of Americans are finding themselves. There is something other than the drugs and surgery from your cardiologist and surgeon, and that is called chelation therapy. The reason being that we get sick because we’re poisoned.

This is an environmentally toxic planet. We have lead poising. We have mercury. We have arsenic, cadmium, and so on. These are the items that are changing our chemistry on the inside and making the heart disease and other illnesses show up. Why not treat what’s causing the problem instead of just reacting to what has already happened? Of course chelation will not only help reduce that but it will also help literally treat the illnesses themselves, the heart disease, the blockage, and so on.

Dr. Veronica: So you’re talking about true reversal of conditions, is that so?

Dr. John: Oh, absolutely. This has been reported since 1955. That’s the crazy part. When we talk about the politics you go, that was when Eisenhower had his heart attack. Why isn’t that widespread known and used right now? Well, it’s used but it’s kind of in the dark more than anything else.

Despite the fact that the National Institutes of Health just finished and reported about three years ago a $35 million study showing that chelation helps prevent a second heart attack. That was the particular concern they were studying. And it works even better with diabetics. And you were describing Dr. Veronica, you were talking about I’m fat. My cholesterol’s already up. Hey, you’re describing diabetics and pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. Let’s step back a second because chelation therapy is something that has been thrown around in words, and people have kind of heard about it but it’s really undercover and kind of secretive. What exactly is chelation therapy?

Dr. John: It’s such a simple thing. It’s an FDA approved method by which you can remove toxic metals from the body. Actually if you don’t have a chelator which is the fancy name for something that grabs a metal and takes it out, if you don’t have that you can’t remove the toxic metals.

And the real key is this, there’s different kinds of chelators. There’s oral ones. There’s IV in the vein ones and such. The real deal in taking care of heart disease has been the ones in the veins. And you can add to that the oral medications, also FDA approved, to get these toxic metals reduced. But the beauty of this is you get dramatically better in terms of how well you feel. That’s what it’s all about.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. And that means longer life and all that other stuff that everybody’s going for. You want to live forever and people are addicted to their doctor because they’re addicted to that prescription, to that medicine that’s actually doing them more harm than good. Let’s talk a little bit about those medicines that do more harm than good.

We’re living in fear here. Talk to us because we’re living in fear because we feel like we don’t have any more choices. But maybe we should be fearful of some of the drugs that our doctors are prescribing to us. And one of those are the cholesterol medications, one of the top prescribed drugs in the country. They’re taking them like jelly beans.

Tell us about the dangers about them, and why there are people like me and you who are singing from the mountaintops, “You got to do something else.” What’s the problem with the current cholesterol medications?

Dr. John: Dr. Veronica there’s an absolutely wonderful book published a couple of years ago by a fellow named Kummerow. Dr. Kummerow, a PhD researcher had studied hip cholesterol and blockage disease for 70 years of his life. He would be considered an expert.

He’s now 102. He published his book a couple of years ago called Cholesterol is Not the Culprit. This summer… his lifetime of research I’ve been quoting him in my lectures around the world that cholesterol is not the problem.

Actually, the reason your cholesterol is up is because you have too much sugars and starches in your standard American diet. That’s what we do. Especially if you’re traveling or out and about away from your house, try to get really healthy foods. It’s harder. And that’s where our cholesterol is coming from.

It’s not from a genetic [Unintelligible 00:12:28] but it’s because we have a bad diet. And that’s what creates the situation inside, the acidotic situation in your body that allows the plaque, the blockage to form. And instead of just pushing down the cholesterol, why don’t we treat the reasons that are causing it. And toxic metals can raise your cholesterol level. Chelation therapy has been show to drop your cholesterol level 15% to 20%.

Dr. Veronica: Let me give you what people say, “I eat healthy.” Everybody walks in and talks to me say, “I’m not eating that grape.” But I eat healthy. And still, even though I’m eating healthy my cholesterol is still high. So there’s no other choice.

Address the crowd of people, which is about 90% of people who come in who keep their heads buried in the sand and don’t really know what healthy means. Because healthy is different for each individual based on what inflames their body, and that will also jack up your cholesterol. Address those who say, “I eat healthy.” Is there one way to eat healthy?

Dr. John: Gosh, Dr. Veronica, you’ve really put me on the spot. Because as you well know, the foods are different now. Back in 1940 we are an agricultural nation. We had farming. We had home gardens and such. Now we are an agri business nation. We grow crops just to make them look good and weigh a lot so we can sell them for much more money on the stores.

We don’t have organic food like we used to have. Fertilizer came about in 1940’s because we had all these nitrogen available that we had built up supplies for explosives, and bullets, and such. What do you with all that? They said, “Hey, we can use this as fertilizer.” And now we can grow big plants but they don’t have the nutrition we need.

We’re getting shorter every year on our vitamins and minerals. If it’s not our diet selection, if we have a good selection, we don’t have the good foods easily available. The department of agriculture every year publishes a list of what is less and less available on our foods than the years before. It’s startling. Even “eating right” is harder and harder. People need to be taking antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and such, what you need on the inside to make your body work, they’re just not.

Dr. Veronica: Now, we said this is all political. Why do you say heart disease is so political?

Dr. John: You know Dr. Veronica, when I was chairman of the board of the National Health Federation, our president Maureen Salaman, you might recall her. She would say, “We’re never going to cure cancer because there’s more people making a living off of it than dying from it.

And now with our wonderful heart drugs and heart surgery we got a situation where this is big business to take care of people with drugs and surgery. And Dr. Veronica, the problem is that why not solve something naturally and more safely than these if it can be solved.

And here’s the sad part, Dr. Veronica, the people that I often see have already been through that system. They have managed to survive it. They don’t want to do that again. They saw people die or get intense suffering and disability from the drugs, surgery, and so on. The politics of this are, your interests will pay for the drugs and the surgery. And they won’t pay for the chelation because they say that’s experimental.

Sixty years of experimental removing the toxic metals, the National Institutes of Health showing that it works for heart disease, wow, that doesn’t impress me much either then.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. And people come to me all the time. Right now, if you would like to be healthy you have to invest in your health. What does that mean? It means when you invest, just like when you invest for a retirement, you expect to get a return. It means that you expect everything to be there when you’re ready to retire and more.

Right now our health care system, which is really a sick care system is a big expense. And you’re paying money and you’re getting your care for what you think is free, or your employers pay money. Other people are getting rich from you being sick.

Now, the other part of it is you can make the investment, choose to make the investment in your health. Right now you have to choose to go out and find a practitioner who thinks about this a little bit differently. Although we’re thinking about this based on real research. We’re not talking big experiments. We said to you the National Institutes of Health, that happens to be run by your government. The National Institutes of Health has said this stuff works.

Right now they’re choosing not to pay for it. We can talk all day about the politics of health care. It’s about keeping you in fear and keeping you voting a certain way. I know you realize that. But the National Institutes of Health has said this works.

I love chelation therapy. Ask me more about this. You can go to drveronica.com. IV nutritional therapy, supplements, eating strategies, the idea is when you’re broken down and sick you’re going to say, “Oh my god, it costs so much money,” because you didn’t invest in your health over the years little by little.

I’m in my office taking care of sick people, but little by little I wasn’t putting away for my own health. And so people say, “Your skin looks beautiful.” That’s because the investment has been made over time. But you can be rejuvenated. We can reverse diseases, chronic diseases that people say you can’t reverse like heart disease, like diabetes. And chelation therapy is one of the answers. And yes, this has been studied. Let’s talk, tell us about a little bit more about the pre-diabetes picture and chelation therapy.

Dr. John: Dr. Veronica, you hit on the real major issue of our time. The term metabolic syndrome might be familiar to some of your listeners. The idea is you have eaten wrongly and you’ve now gotten nutritional deficiencies, and exposure to toxic metals and such. You’re changing the way your body manages its energy production system. That’s based upon your blood sugar.

When you have toxic metals to amplify the effect of your poor dietary choices or the food that simply doesn’t have what you expect in terms of vitamins in minerals, things just keep getting worst. And that’s why people gain weight. That’s why people have the diabetic pattern and such. And that accelerates the blockage disease going on inside.

We can help slow that down quite dramatically. The NIH, National Institutes of Health Studies showed that chelation was double the effectiveness in preventing the second heart attack than in just regular people. Diabetics then of course, they can really benefit from something like this because it reduces their risk for surgery.

The funny part about this is we could’ve told them that result a long time ago, because in 1963 researcher done in just the doctor’s office, not a medical study or something, showed dramatic improvements with diabetic patients. Now, over the course of the last 60 years we’ve seen studies that show 90+% of limbs that are scheduled for amputation don’t have to be cut off, because chelation can change the circulation pattern and improve the blood sugar management, and you don’t have to lose your legs, and your feet, and your hands, and so on.

It’s remarkable that we’re allowing the sacrifice of our bodies and our body parts instead of really embracing a… Unfortunately it’s a politically hot topic, isn’t it?

Dr. Veronica: It is. I’m just going to have to diverge a minute here because people are listening and saying, “I’m a little leery. I don’t want to go get chelation. Plus it costs a lot of money.” I have people who submit forms to me and say, “I’m not doing anything. I’m going to keep my body where it is because I want to do everything as cheaply as possible.”

You’re going to have to make some investment. So people say, “Are there some alternatives?” Chelation therapy is wonderful. It’s not for every single person that comes in. And I would say to people before I recommend for chelation therapy to try different types of protocols. When people come to me and they’re having an issue I put them through oral protocols before I recommend them for chelation therapy. Because we want to try the path of least resistance first.

And a lot of people do respond well and start reversing their numbers just on these oral protocols. But it’s not about getting that multi-level marketing product and just taking that one size fits all. You got to be with a practitioner who can look at your history and pick out a protocol that’s going to work for you. And there are some protocols that actually work to decrease your heavy metals.

Here’s the thing, it depends on how built up you are in these metals and things like that. There’s all kinds of things that are going on in the body, it depends. And so what I would say for people who are saying, “I’m not ready to go for chelation. It costs so much money.” You’re going to have to make some type of investment to at least get on the road and try something. And then maybe that you’re too far gone but what I tell people when they say, “I’m not sure.” Where there’s a will there’s a way. If you really value your health the way you value it then you’re going to figure out how to get it done.

If I said to you, “Hey, I got a $500,000 house in the best neighborhood. And I can get that house for you for $50,000.” You would figure out where to get that $50,000 for. That’s a woman. Mr. Man, I have that Maserati there. And that Maserati usually costs $150,000. I can get it to you for $10,000 because I have a special. You would figure out how to get that $10,000. I know you would.

What’s really what you value. You can figure out where to do it. And those of us who are practitioners in this, we have ways to help it be affordable to practically anybody. I feel like I can get somebody with a bankruptcy some type of credit in one of my programs, seriously.

You say, “Why do you do that?” I do that because I would like everybody to have access. And there are real costs involved in offering services like high-end really that work medical detoxes and chelation therapies. There are special things that you have to do just to make sure that you are going to get the result. Because I want to make sure that you get a result.

When you go to somebody for chelation you want to make sure they’re well-trained. They’re running things the way they should, so that you can get a result. Because sometimes people can have down sides and things like that. So you want to make sure that you’re not going to the back woods whatever it is place where you’re not getting what it is.

Now, we’re getting down towards the end of the show. And that is my segue into let’s talk money really. Why are Medicare and insurance companies reluctant to pay for this chelation therapy?

Dr. John: Medicare is kind of the leader in this because they have so many “covered” patients, which means lots of older folks. And if they say, “We consider this to be experimental. It’s not the usual and customary and reasonable treatment and so on.” Then the rest of the insurance companies will happily fall right into line and march behind them.

And the real politics is marching with your feet. If the insurance company says, “We won’t pay for it,” and you go, “Okay, that’s too bad. I wish I could’ve gotten it,” then you’re marching right along behind them. If you turn off that path and march to a different drummer of healing and happiness then you actually get to enjoy the benefits now today.

Other people can wait until it’s finally approved or whatever. But the deal is that quite honestly, the politics that the surgery and drug companies can bring to bear in terms of pressure from lobbyists and scientific studies… Dr. Veronica, you know that when we pick a medical journal, at least 35% of those articles are from the companies that are advertising in the journal. And they don’t publish what doesn’t show their drug working well.

Dr. Veronica: Absolutely. There’s so much stuff behind the scenes. Here’s the bottom line. If you want to wait until it gets approved or it’s covered that’s fine, but you may not be here because your body doesn’t wait. Nature does not wait.

And so you could say, “Well, it’s not…” Make your excuse but nature is not going to wait. The laws of nature are as they are. If you’re toxic, if you haven’t been on that pathway and you’re ready to get on their pathway figure it out.

I just want to say to Dr. Trowbridge, thank you. Go to healthchoicesnow.com. Dr. Trowbridge has some other interesting topics that I’m going to bring him back on for because he has so many interesting topics, you want to know about these just so you could educate yourself.

It’s about having your eyes open. Go to healthchoicesnow.com and visit Dr. Trowbridge so you can see other ways of doing it. And these are from, everybody wants to say your real doctor, us real doctors have really come to our senses now. And we realize, whether you believe in heaven or hell, and I don’t necessarily believe in that construct of how the world works, but I’m going to heaven.

Because I’m going to do the right thing by people. I’m going to tell you the real answer. And if bare minimum, you like to go to the university of Google for your medical degree and Dr. YouTube, one of the doctors that you’re going to see is Dr. Veronica. And another doctor that you’re going to see or hear is Dr. Trowbridge, so that you can be listening on Dr. YouTube to who’s got some real answers for you.

Dr. Trowbridge, thank you for being on Wellness for the Real World. Thank you for bringing this information to the public.

Dr. John: Dr. Veronica, I really appreciate it. Remember that the most important thing in relationships is when you feel to it, you’re really there to be present for everyone else in your life. And that’s what restoring health is all about.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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