48: Sovereign Partnerships, Sexuality, and Spirituality

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“When you’re full as a women you have so much more to give to all the other people in your life”

     Jen Rode     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interview Ben and Jen Rode to know about sovereign partnerships, sexuality, and spirituality.

Do you want a long lasting relationship? Ben and Jen Rode help others with the growth of conscious partnership through energy healing systems, body work, meditation, hypnosis, intimacy building techniques, and modern mystery school processes.

In this episode, Ben and Jen will talk about healing through sexual activity and how women can help men find their spiritual and masculine balance. Listen to the end for ways to repair a sexless relationship.

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48: Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

04:14 – Old and new relationship love

08:00 – Are spiritual men attractive?

11:00 – Balancing masculinity

15:30 – Healing through sexual activity

20:05 – Giving to women & guiding men

23:00 – Sexless relationship advice

25:10 – Getting rid of anchors


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

If you’d like to have access to our entire back catalog visit drveronica.com for instant access. Here’s your host, Dr. Veronica.

Dr. Veronica:  I am Dr. Veronica and your host once again for ever more you will hear my voice even when I am not on the radio.  You are hearing my voice because you are going to think of something wild I said.  I hope that I made you laugh, I hope you found something funny or very thought provoking and I also hope that it inspires you to actually make a change. Listening is wonderful.  You are listening to me, it’s entertainment only.  In order to make a change in your life you have to do something.

And so this is why I bring you such interesting topics so that you can consider a different way of doing life.  Why do I do this? You say Dr. Veronica, you are a physician, what is this all have to do with our health?  Well, what it has to do with your health is, the healthiest people are the happiest people and that means they figured out how to do life on their terms.  Whether they are doing it singly or in a relationship with their family, in the jungle and this couple we are about to talk to is in the jungle and not only are they in the jungle physically right now, they are coming to us from afar and they agreed to take some time out of their busy schedule in the jungle to talk to us about relationships.  And they are the creators of, you are going to love this, this is why you listen to this show, Explosive Sexual Healing, we have Ben and Jen Rode. Ben and Jen, you know that they had to get together because it was Ben and Jen and it sounds good together.  Ben and Jen Rode just sound like they ought to have an explosive relationship because it just goes together so well.

So let me introduce Ben and Jen Rode, they are the cofounders of the Rode institute, it’s an educational center for the advancement of spiritual partnership, sexuality and spirituality.  And when you have good sex you know it’s a spiritual experience.  I can tell you I met my husband and I didn’t believe in God and God just came really real.  So Ben and Jen, they are motivational speakers, they are leading relationship experts and cutting edge spiritual teachers, and, I know, a lot of people out there say sex, spirituality they are not supposed to be even in the same realm. When I go and have my spiritual experience, I am not supposed to think about sex because here I am in America and I will get struck down by lightning and sent straight to hell every time I think about that x word.

Ben:  I don’t know why we are still alive?

Dr. Veronica:  Because you are living life and enjoying it. So Ben and Jen welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Ben:  Dr. Veronica this is fun, I can tell I like this show already

Jen:  We love you already, this is great thanks for having us here

Dr. Veronica:  Hey, whatever you do it has got to be fun.  So when I come into the studio and I am recording or talking to one of the quests and it’s live or it’s not live, it’s going to be fun because I understand that in order for my body to be healthy I have to laugh and love.  And so you guys are laughing, let’s talk more about loving.  And so there is the new way of doing relationships in the now time and there is the old way.  So give us a little compare and contrast, what would you say is the old way and then give us some of the new way?

Ben:  Yeah, great question, I love this question one of my favorite topics.  So the old way is we look our entire lives to find the one, to find our life partner and then we find them and we are so excited and we get married and then we leave each other for eight hours a day or ten hours a day or twelve hours a day and we are away from our favorite person on the planet all day. And then we come back at night and we don’t even know who we are anymore, we don’t even know our partner anymore.

And the new way is, we call it sovereign partnership, it’s life partners in life purpose and we are at the time in the planet right now where the ego masculine has been running the show and we need the divine feminine to come in and help bring back the balance, right?  And so generally work together, I mean, work with life patterns that are in life purpose together and it creates the perfect balance because she holds me to my higher self, she holds me to my higher self and I hold her to higher self and we are each other’s closest mirrors, right?  So we are changing the planet together in a way that I never could have done if I was by myself.  And the older way of just working jobs we can’t stand for somebody who can’t stand us, it will make the relationship miserable and we get to grow together every day and fall in love deeper every day. And, I mean, this morning we just rolled out of bed just in time for this.

Dr. Veronica:  Don’t make people jealous.

Ben:  And we spent probably five minutes just looking in each other’s eyes and running my fingers through her hair and telling her how perfect she is and how much I love her and we have a big business and the most important thing in our business is to make sure that we fall deeper in love every day.  Like that’s the most important thing in our business.

Jen:  We really believe that life partners in life purpose are going to be changing, I mean, are already and they are going to continue to change the planet and it is going to be a big part of what is changing the planet.  We gig out on the stuff and it wasn’t always this way for us, you know, …… 0:06:42.0 we have been in business almost four years and when Ben and I first got together four years ago, I mean, it was not like this, he was a mailman, I was a preschool teacher. We quit our jobs with six hundred bucks in our bank account and we had no idea what we were doing.  We had a lot of financial stress, Ben and I had met and married one month after meeting and yeah.  And so we had done the whole, you know, work seventy hours the week thing and spend time apart and when we got married we were like oh my god, I can’t be apart from you, I can’t do that, I can’t do that and I can’t overwork anymore.  We were pretty delusional, we believed we can have the best life ever, we believed we can have it all and we believed that everyone else on the planet can have it all too.

Ben:  can and should.

Jen:  can and should, yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Veronica:  I love that story, I love it.  Mailman meets preschool teacher and six hundred dollars in the bank account because people and I talk about it, you have to implement, you have to do something to change.  You can’t just walk around whining, whining, whining. You have got to do something. But now this is a question for Jen, after you told me he was a mailman, I was just like I am listening to you guys, you sound, you know, it’s all sweet and kind of new age and soft and cuddly and all that type of stuff.  So Jen I see guys like this, I travel on the circuit, I am a medical intuitive and so I meet these guys that are really spiritual and earth crunchy and everything and the only thing I can think, now, you have got to realize this is super educated, super achiever woman with maybe more testosterone than some men, all I can think is whinny men, whinny men, whinny men. So how, a lot of times I see these guys who are just so spiritual that they are not attractive from a masculine standpoint.  So tell me seriously, I am just, a mailman, that sounds sexy, spiritual guy not so sexy.  Tell me about that.

Jen:  So sexy, so sexy.  I agree that there so many men that right now, and I love that you just spoke to that, there is so much imbalance on the planet right now, there are so many men that are going crunchy spiritual and they are really too in their feminine and there are so many women like you just said that are so in their masculine. And you know, when Ben and I met I was really really in my masculine, I was in overwork, I was controlling everything, I was a lead teacher, right? And Ben was not crunchy spiritual, he was science, brain scan, he was just studying, studying, studying, I was the booboo lady floating in the sky spiritual.  I don’t know Ben if you want to speak to that.  And I totally agree with you.

Ben:  Yeah, so I did not believe in, so Jen is a clairvoyance, she meditates six to eight hours a day getting in the mysteries of the universe and then we give them to the people in our programs.  And so when we met I thought clairvoyance work …… I thought that, I didn’t believe in psychics and colors and  0:09:54.8, I didn’t believe in yoga.  And so we were very unlikely pairing and I knew I was going to marry her before I saw her.

Jen:  Yeah, and it’s that unlikely pairing that is actually created on balance and synergy for us in the past few years because Ben has really helped me to ground and interpret and to be able to communicate from a place that is a lot more grounded and of course he has seen some crazy stuff

Dr. Veronica:  Alright Mr. mailman, we are here, the audience is in the Philadelphia area, you know the type, yelling at the Eagles games nasty things, eating their soft pretzels and cheese steaks with cheese whiz on it.  Talk to the men’s men, talk to the men’s men about how to do their relationship a little bit differently, not the earthy crunchy whinny way but how would you tell a man, men I know, most men out there that I meet, even if they are Mr. Machismo, you know, eat cheese whiz, Flyers fan have a true desire to please the woman that they are with.  What do you say to get started because you came from, you know, the mailman.  We all have fantasies about the mailman. So tell us how you got from that to where you are now?  How you would tell men to get started?

Ben:  Ok, first step is to forget everything you know.  One of the big issues in the way that the “masculine” has been and think so they need to be is they think to be hard.  They think they need to be in charge, they think they need to be the boss and in some ways they do.  There is a fine line and most men take it too far, most masculine machismo men take it too far. And there needs to be a time when you are looking at your woman with soft eyes, right?  It’s like you have to have the solid rock, you know, you have to be a rock, you have to have the solid energy, be the solid man and it’s the eyes and it’s what behind the eyes, right? And you can be the man and treat her like a queen and treat her like your queen. So he is not boss, she is the boss.  So here is the thing, he’s in control but he is in command.

Dr. Veronica:  I like that

Ben:  So everything he does, he does to serve her from his masculine.  So he is not crunchy hippy, he is not bowing down to her, he is not surrendering his throat to her and everything that he does, he does to help her surrender, help her surrender deeper and help her relax more while giving her so much love and so much attention that she experiences something she has never had before which is the ability to fully surrender and fully let go and know that she is one hundred percent safe in that relationship.

Dr. Veronica:  I know you guys have something that you can offer the audience that they can get a test for free of the type of services and workshops and courses that you offer.  So can you tell the audience where they can go to get that?

Ben:  Yeah, great, thanks for asking.  So rodeinstitute.com is where you can find out about most of our services or eshealing.com like explosivesexualhealing.com to learn specifically about that.  And we have a gift for your listeners and so if you go to sovu4u.com and you can use the code puravita which is, we live in Costa Rica, so puravita in Costa Rica means pure life and they say it as hello, goodbye, Fu, I hate my life

Dr. Veronica:  How do you spell puravita?

Ben:  puravita

Dr. Veronica:  I just wanted to make sure just because you know, you put it wrong in the website then you don’t get your gift.

Ben:  So that will give you a free month of Jen’s program sovereign you and it’s amazing

Jen:  Yeah, and it’s live calls, it’s live activations even if you are not booboo crunchy, if you just listen to the guided meditation you will get a lot out of it and then of course I do the calls live, I answer our questions, it’s really really open, it’s too amazing there for people. So please take advantage of the offer you will absolutely love it, it will transform your life.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, it’s wonderful they go to online courses especially the ones that are live or, you know, some of it is live, some of it is not live but that’s wonderful because it allows you to ask questions anonymously, so you can ask the most bizarre questions and nobody will know that you are there or what you are asking and get an answer to it.  You give a fake name and you get advice there, it’s wonderful to be able to do that.

Ben:  or you can know that everyone else on earth is just as crazy.

Jen:  And there are offers for you too Veronica, I would love to have you on and get ……….0:15:30.2 to your lovely booming voice, you are really well, I am serious.

Dr. Veronica:  I think I will come on sometime but let’s talk about explosive sexual healing, when you think about sexual healing you go back to Marvin Gay and now it doesn’t seem like a big deal when he wrote the song sexual healing but back when he wrote that, it was oh, my god, what’s he talking about, what’s he saying aahhh.  So explosive sexual healing.  One would think although Marvin Gay talked about it, sang about it, how can people heal through sexual activity, why do you use that term, tell us about that?

Ben:  So, our sexuality is a perfect hologram to what’s happening in the rest of our life.  It’s usually the first wound has been our sexuality, right? Especially if there has been some kind of sexual abuse.  And we live in a society that shames through sex and the same time sells through sex, right?  There is a very schizophrenic thing we are doing to the people here and, you know, religion shut down our sexuality and why do you think that is?  It’s because our sexuality, like you said before, is a direct connection to sores, it’s our direct connection to god, god is all that is.  It’s our direct connection to our higher self.  And, like Jen was saying earlier, when I first started creating this, when it started coming through me, it was based on brain scans and medical journals and the female brain in orgasm completely shuts down.  It’s the deepest form of hypnotic trance available and we all know that we manifest through vibration, everything we have in our lives is we have because of the vibration that we are at.  So this level of explosive sexual healing ticks at a thirty minute of g-spot organism and it’s more like explosive spiritual healing than anything else.

So if you do three hour session, the first hour and a half is getting out the trauma, getting out the pain, getting out the blocks that we have been holding on to on a cellular level and then the next half of the session is bringing her to state of consciousness through her sexuality that she never even knew is possible. And at the last point where she is about to let go is what we call a level of nine orgasm which is a complete death of the identity, she literally loses her identity and the voice in her head tells her if you let go you are going to die and she does, she dies, she dies to who she has been and while her brain is in that wide open state, wide open, it’s like hacking a computer program we install new programs and perfect.  You are perfect right now, you love yourself, you trust yourself, you are with a perfect partner.  Whatever it is that she needs to know to be her next level of her identity we install them like installing a new computer program in her computer.  And she comes out and she is a new person. And that level of orgasm is like breaking out of the matrix, it’s like breaking out of the computer program and she is outside looking back in kind of laughing at herself or even ever thinking that any of it was real and then she comes back and she knows she is infinite being, right?

So there is the connection between the sexuality and the spirituality is using that sexuality and I don’t know any other way to do it other than plant medicine or drugs or something like that but this is a natural way of achieving the state of the highest level of consciousness as possible where you can sit on the mountain top and meditate for thirty years and find Samadhi or satori or you could do a couple of sessions of explosive sexual healing.

Dr. Veronica:  Now, I would like everybody listening to just think about what you just heard, not in the fact that he just explained this process to you but Ben is talking about he is the giver in this situation and he is speaking with such passion about what he is giving to Jen and it’s just interesting because we know physiologically that a lot of times men have more of the hormonal release, more of the oxytocin release from giving than they do from actually receiving, that it can be higher in men and more pleasurable for men to give than actually have an orgasm themselves.  So Jen, I think for women we all would love to have a man who, I got one, so I am good, I just want to let you all know out there that I am really good, I am really good.  But we would like to have our partner come in to themselves and be able to give this way.  He was the mailman, you were the ……….. 0:20:30.7 how did you work with him to come in to himself so that you are given these awesome gifts on a regular basis?  How did that happen?

Jen:  I think men are actually hard wired to give, I think that they are actually hard wired to want to give to their women and what happens, what I find that happens and what was happening in our relationship earlier on is that women, we have been afraid to receive right?  I mean, it can be very very scary to be able to receive. So in our relationship like I had so much coming up around receiving I thought it was supposed to be giving, I thought I was supposed to be enjoying and I had a lot of fear coming up around being seen and being heard and being felt and just being witnessed by my partner.

So I think it’s more in the being willing to receive what your man is giving you and then also being willing to guide him.  And the guiding isn’t of course telling him what to do, it’s like guiding him with your sound, it’s guiding him with your breath, it’s guiding him with your body movement, right? So them more that you can open to him, the more that he wants to give to you and them more that he wants to give to you the more that you receive, right?  And it’s just as beautiful, and then we are so full and when you are full as a woman you have so much more to give to all the other people in your life and when you are full as a woman the man feels so much more full too, so it’s just everybody dance.

Ben:  And we coach a lot of couples that have been married ten, twenty, thirty, forty years and she says he just doesn’t give to me, he just doesn’t give and what happens every time when we trace it back there was time when he was giving and she shut him down or she did something to push him away and shut him down and never allowed him to bring it back.  So it’s such an interesting contrast and I love that you asked Jen the question what did you do to allow him to give?  And that is the question to ask

Dr. Veronica:  People in sexless marriages that are miserable.  There are a lot of women who talk about this, I don’t know where the shutdown where this really happens, it happens for different reasons. But for people who are in sexless marriage and relationships what type of advice would you give the man and the woman because mister if you think that your wife is not thinking about having sex she is and it doesn’t matter what ages you and women if you are not giving to your husband and you have shut him down, he does want it and they will get it from somewhere.  So what do you say to people in these sexless marriages?

Jen:  So especially in marriages where they have been married for decades people just tend to drift further and further apart if you are not focusing on building the marriage every single day.  Marriages aren’t something that you can go a year or even a month without working on and when I say working on I don’t mean working on it, I mean, like I said at the beginning of the show, the most important thing in my business is to fall deeper in love with my wife every single day.  I never miss an opportunity to tell her how beautiful she looks and how much I love her and worship her and never miss a chance to touch her or kiss her or slap her on the ass.  I never miss an opportunity.  There will never be a day that goes by where my wife hasn’t had probably ten times how sexy I think she is and how much I love her and how beautiful she is and how smart she is and how good at what she does.  I think she is.

And so now where people drift away is where this isn’t a priority and a month goes by and five months goes by and ten months goes by and then a year goes by and at some point you forget how to come back together, right?  And so when this has happened it’s important to first of all get rid of the negative anchors that are in the body and negative anchor what I mean by that is any time Jen does this I feel this, that’s an anchor, if Jen puts the milk in the cupboard and I get pissed off, right?  So relationships fall apart because of these negative anchors.  And so over the years if we let these anchors build up, these negative feelings that if my partner walks in the room and I feel my entire body clench up and I am already shut down and they feel it too.

So the first step is getting rid of all that you have to get rid of that, I mean, even before you can start building on the pleasure again you have to get rid of the negative feelings and in the blame, right?  Anytime there is a judgment about your partner, anytime there is a blame about your partner, it doesn’t matter what it is, if there is blame or judgment the best thing to do is find the mirror, look at it and say ok, why is there a mirror here and why am I judging myself because that’s what it really is.  If I am judging Jen for being, like in the beginning of our relationship, like she said when she was all floaty, if I am judging Jen for being an airhead, I have to look at, ok, where am I being an airhead, like where am I, you know, dropping the ball. And then once I clear that in myself it clears in her, right? And so instead of blaming each other which doesn’t go anywhere except on a downwards spiral, I know this is where my judgment is, ……….. 0:26:30.5

Dr. Veronica:  So I love that you are now reflecting on yourself and so when you are having issues in the relationship, that’s what people have to understand, it’s not the other person, it’s you and remember in our culture and society

Ben:  If can see her as a perfect being, she will see herself as a perfect being.

Dr. Veronica:  In our culture and society we blame other people and you know what, this conversation is so wonderful, I want to go on and on and on but here we are on the radio where we have time constraints.  So this is Ben and Jen Rode at the rodeinstitute.com, how to have a lasting love in the modern age, they talk about explosive sexual healing. You want to go to their website at rodeinstitute.com.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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