46: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

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46: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

“If you’re gay and you’re trying to live a straight life, sooner or later it’s going to come out because you’re fighting against what seems natural to you”

     Seth Rainess     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Seth Rainess about understanding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Are you comfortable being your true self? Seth Rainess is on a mission to alleviate transgender fear and misconception around the world. His own experience transitioning from woman to man models strength, resilience, and courage and inspires compassion and understanding.

In this episode, Seth speaks on the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity. He also shares his thoughts on the issues of having separate gender bathrooms and how to educate the public. Listen to the end for Seth’s solutions to families who disown their children.

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Real Talk for Teens: A Jump-Start Guide to Gender Transitioning and BeyondSeth Rainess


Time Stamps:

02:12 – Not feeling like a girl

04:15 – Reaching puberty

06:10 – Sexual orientation & gender identity

08:15 – Gender separate bathrooms

10:02 – Educate the public

17:00 – Lying to your partner

18:53 – Being true to yourself

21:40 – Supportive community

24:00 – Helping religious families

27:20 – Being disowned by family


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica:  Here we are on another episode of the Wellness Revolution.  I thank you for tuning in again and we are going to have a really interesting discussion today, ask all those curious discussions.  I have with me Seth Rainess and Seth has transitioned from one sex to the other and so you are sitting looking at a man who started out life in the body of a woman. So we are going to talk about those transgender issues but what I really want to talk about today is being the authentic you.  So, so many people walk in the world feeling fake and there is nobody better to talk about feeling fake than someone who feels like they are in a body that doesn’t reflect who they are.

And so I bring to you, I had Seth my radio show is great, I ask all those curious questions that you ask people like this how did you do it? What was this like? What is the surgery?  What about going to the bathroom?  When did you know?  All that type of stuff.

We are going to talk a little bit about that again, Seth is an advocate, an international speaker on this issue because there are not many people who necessarily want to speak about this issue. They have always wanted to discuss just kind of blend in and it’s been difficult for them to blend in and so when they can finally blend in they do that and stay silent.

So Seth, welcome to the Wellness Revolution.  Let’s a little bit talk about your background and you started out life as a woman or a girl or female, when did you first feel like I am not really a girl.  Talk about that a little bit.

Seth:  Well, Dr. Veronica, thanks for having me on again I am really happy to do this and I am glad we are doing through a video this is fantastic.  So, to answer your question about when I started to not feel like a girl, you know, I don’t know that that is something consciously I can say I believe that around, well, I know when I was four years old I wore my father’s tie to the doctor’s office, I clearly remember because I was jumping up and down the steps. I don’t know why I remember that, probably because I was acting crazy, I don’t know.

But I think when I was maybe, I want to say somewhere between six and eight, I remember my seventh birthday waking up, because my birthday is May and it was a nice sunny Saturday and I woke up and for whatever reason, you know, I said I hope my wish comes through that today I can be a boy.  And I remember that and that just occurred to me within the past few months because, you know, when you are as old as I am and I am older, I am not a young trans guy, you know, life takes up so much stuff in your brain you have to plus what you are going to remember and what you don’t.  But, what I can clearly tell you is that I would say I knew I was different, I didn’t have the terms transgender, I didn’t have the terms to understand what I was going through but I just felt on the outskirts of people in groups. I didn’t feel like I could totally relax and belong to anyone group.  Even though I have friends and everybody can do what they need to do on the street level but when it comes time to internalizing that’s when you start to realize that you are just different.  And the world different really takes on a lot of weight because that’s all I could explain that I was in those days.

Dr. Veronica:  I can imagine.  So, let’s say six, seven, eight, you were already aware that you were different, already wishing you were a boy and you were living life as a girl.  What happened when you were reaching puberty?

Seth:  Oh, I hated that, you have no idea.  I fought with my mother not to have to wear a bra, I wore t-shits, undershirts and my mother was quite in doubt, so lucky for me I followed that pattern.

Dr. Veronica:  Well, ok.

Seth:  Yeah, it got to the door before me and it was horrible, I mean, my first bra I underwire.  So, you know, and my mother when she was younger she was corsetiere so there was no way I was going to wear a Madonna bra, not. I was stepped right up into a minimizer and it was horrible for me.  And what I ended up doing and I have paid for it now is I ended up wearing clothes that were bigger, I sort of wore things that could cover me.  I didn’t stand up straight, like I said I am paying for that now because my shoulders took the weight of being forward and it was horrible. And, the funny part about all of it, as large as I was even as a child people always called me sir.  I can at least remember from high school into college, I don’t know if I was ten or twelve when that happened but they always called me sir and I tried to blend in so pierced my years and I got these big hoops and I tried to do everything but I was so uncomfortable doing all of that.

And I liked women and I thought I was a lesbian so I tried to live on the outskirts again on that walk because again I didn’t immerse myself in that web, I didn’t feel comfortable there either.  However, if you liked women where was I going to go as a woman, right?

So it was tough and I can tell you the most of it that affected me is mentally and not physically because when you are ……. 0:06:23.2 in your mind that you want to be somewhere else when you are some place that you weren’t and I mean that mentally and/or physically, it takes up a lot of space and you are not attending  to what is going on right here and now and you miss a lot, you miss a lot.

Dr. Veronica:  So you said I like girls and you were a girl but you didn’t describe yourself as lesbian. So talk a little bit about the difference between what it means to be a lesbian versus somebody who is transgender and all the other terms because for those of us who are heterosexual, things are a little bit confusing.

Seth:  I will talk to you as far as terminology but as far as my personal life I can’t because I never identified.  So here it is.  If someone is a lesbian, that is the sexual orientation, that’s who they are attracted to. There is somebody that is attracted to women or a guy that is attracted to men, it’s your attraction, it’s who you are attracted to. Now, can you not be attracted? Can you play the game and try and fight what’s natural inside? Of course, people can do that but it’s not a choice.  It’s actually opposite, you would have to choose not to be that to try to be heterosexual which is just as difficult to live two lives as it is for someone twenty thirty years ago who was gay who tried to live a straight life and he had the gay life.  So it takes up a lot of energy.

As far as transgender, what that basically means simply is that you were born with one sex, because that’s what they open your legs or you are a boy or a girl but you don’t identify with those parts.  So that’s your identity and most people go what’s that because most people don’t even think about their gender identity, they get up, they put their clothes on and they go somewhere, they never get up and go, I am a boy I am not a girl or vice versa.  And when you don’t have that, you don’t understand it because you get a little bit of freedom in life to just to be what you want and you express yourself by the clothes that you wear, that’s gender expression, you express yourself by putting a dress, by putting on pants or whatever.  So there is a tremendous difference between gender identity and sexual orientation and people seem to think they are the same and they thing that if you transition your orientation is going to change.  Your orientation really doesn’t change, what changes is the label the society puts on you.

Dr. Veronica:  I see.  And so just a little bit out of curiosity because people wonder about this and it was in the news a lot about the bathroom situation.

Seth:  It’s still is and it’s going to be bigger I think.

Dr. Veronica:  I think similar to, you know, listen, we are evolving and it’s going to happen but we all are uncomfortable because, a lot of us are uncomfortable just because it’s, we are not even sure what to do with this.  For me it’s like I am not sure what to do with it.  I think I described to you when we were on the show that I was in a restaurant and there was this person and I couldn’t figure out whether the person was a man or a woman and I couldn’t even figure out.  I didn’t want to offend the person, I didn’t want to say she, I didn’t want to say he and it was like uncomfortable not because I was offended or anything like that but because I realized I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to offend this person

Seth:  They easiest thing is just to ask them what their preferred pronoun is and you will have the answer.  To be honest with you the sad …… 0:10:14.9 about all of this is that the bathrooms aren’t even the issue and the transgender people are the ones who are actually getting targeted in the bathroom. They have been going into the bathrooms that they identify their whole life and now all of a sudden someone is like I don’t want a man in the women’s bathroom, you know what, we laws against that, those are perverts.  Transgender people aren’t perverts, they are not exhibitionists, and they are not going to expose themselves.  What they want to do especially for the male to female is just to go to the bathroom and they are going to walk in and go to the store, do whatever and walk out.

And, you know, what people don’t understand and I think this is important in educating people was that when I am male to female and they decide to go out in public dressed as a woman it takes everything they have in the privacy of their house to try and look and identify as close as they can as a woman so that they are pointed out that they do blend in.  So when they do walk out of their house and when they do have to use a public bathroom they are more scared than anybody else that can possibly be in that bathroom because they don’t want trouble to come down on them, they don’t want people to point them out.  All they want to do is do what people do in a bath which people should be doing in the bathroom and are in their own stall doing whatever they are doing. And we have another issue of people looking under that stall, you know.  You know, it’s silly but I just think that people it’s education that they need because honestly this is growing up into something so big and whether it’s coming from the conservative side or the religious side or people in my generation that don’t have an education because we didn’t have this information in our day, I mean, maybe in a book hidden on a dusty bookshop shelve in the library.

I think it’s fear of the unknown.  This has been going on for a long time and there hasn’t been one incident anywhere in the United States where anybody has been arrested for that and how come all of a sudden that doesn’t play a part of what is going on like, you know, we are making a mountain out of a molehill, that’s what we are doing.

Dr. Veronica:  Those are the facts, you are right, there hasn’t been any incident it’s all made up in people’s heads for whatever reason.

Seth:  and, I mean, if I were to go to the women’s bathroom now what do you think.  And actually it’s not the female to male that has a problem, it’s the male to female who has gone through puberty and male characteristics have already kicked in and made their face more harsh and more manly and it takes whatever million dollars worth of surgery in some cases to soften, you know, the facial views, I mean, not everybody is Caitlyn Jenner with a bank account behind them, And you know. So they do the best they can with YouTube videos with wigs, with maybe a couple of girlfriends that can help them with makeup so that their best guess is to be able to walk out go to the grocery store, do whatever you have to do and come home and not have an incident.  That means to them, wow, you know, I am blending in the society and that’s what I want to do, I don’t want to standout.

Dr. Veronica:  It’s interesting because I have got to say that if I see a woman that I think looks too good I always suspect they are a man because I have seen men who cross dress and do the shows and the reviews and they look stunning, more stunning than anybody I know who was born a woman.

Seth:  Right, if they are in that venue yes I agree.

Dr. Veronica:  They don’t look like men, there is that, I don’t even know what it is, that energy, that aura that makes you say that’s a man, that is a man, I know that is a man even though you know I am looking at a woman but that’s a man.  What’s that, what is that, does that or says that inner energy?

Seth:  I am not sure, I think it’s how we are brought up because you know, the pink and the blue and mummy this is a girl, mine is a boy, I can’t tell you when I was younger many times I would be in the store and the little kid would say to his mother “mummy is that a boy or a girl”.  I can’t even count how many times that came my way and I would be with some of my friends’ kids and they would get so embarrassed and I would say don’t worry about it guys I am used to it it’s not a big deal and they would get offended and they would get hurt because they know who I am.  And even when I transitioned the other way they would get offended.  My friends son was about nine years old and he goes “common we are going to go into the men’s room, let’s go” he walked in with me, I mean it was the cutest thing, you know. It’s real our generation because kids get it, kids go ok, so are you a boy or a girl, can we go outside and play now

Dr. Veronica:  It’s not a big deal to them

Seth:  No, it’s not. It’s unfortunately our generation that I would say actually has not been educated or has heard grandpas, uncles, sister tell a story that is so convoluted that is what he grew up with because, I mean, in my day there was three TV stations and they weren’t on twenty four hours a day, you have got like half an hour of news at night or in the morning and that was it.  You got what they wanted to tell you and now it’s just twenty four hour news, other of them I don’t even know whether it’s news or they portrait it to be news. And who to believe, you don’t want to believe on the internet, well there is stuff going on.

So my job is to talk to corporations and colleges and schools and faculty ……. 0:16:02.6 trying just to say, hey look this is an additive for you, this is not something to subtract, this is going to help you bottom line, you are a wire in colleges for kids, you know, what you want to do with your life, you know. This is just something that you are burying and someone else has some other issue.  We are all going to have certain things that are going to come in our character and our personality.  And for the world right now this seems to be the biggest mountain which, to me, and it’s not because I am trans, maybe I am older and I have lived a life and I see what is and what isn’t but this is really something they are making a big deal out off virtually nothing and it comes between religion playing a part in this which is sad.  It’s sad that people can’t be just who they are and be a great person at that.

Dr. Veronica:  Share with me a little bit more because there have been cases of transgender usually males to females who get in relationship with a male but male when in a relationship finds out that this is not or this person is not what I think they are and they are very angry and sometimes becomes violent.

Seth:  I get it, yes, and part of that is because the trans female or the trans male, it works either way but it seems to be more on the trans female side, they have to disclose, you know, and I talk about all the time about dating and safety, you have to disclose that to someone upfront, you know, whether it’s your first date and you never get to the first date or two or three dates in but you have to do it in a public place, not in a private place because you owe it to the person you are dating to be honest.  And as much as people should have to disclose about their genitals, I mean, obviously yes this is a deal breaker for a transgender person but it would be the same thing if you are dating somebody and you have been lying to them all along, I don’t know, you are a bank robber or you failed out of college, whatever secrets that you are hiding and he know that it’s likely to be found out obviously but the point is the truth is what has to be. And shame on the person that doesn’t disclose it because, look, if someone likes you they are going to like you for whatever but the point is they are going to feel deceived if you let this relationship go to the point of where it’s going to be romantic, I mean obviously not hiding that for long.  And, again, it’s a matter of safety because I can understand why a person will be angry, you know, because you are not portraying what they think you are especially if it’s someone who has transitioned early and their voice is more feminine than some of the men who have transitioned later and even with the trachea shave or learning to speak a few notes higher still can’t come on with a feminine voice because it’s not only the sound of the voice, it’s ending things in questions your voice and it’s higher and it doesn’t end lower

Dr. Veronica:  The speech pattern.  There are speech patterns that are more female and ones that are more male.

Seth:  Right exactly

Dr. Veronica:  So this gets more into being the authentic you.  So many people, not just people, the transgender, I mean, this is just a big example but what would it take for you to have the courage to actually say here is who I am, this is what I am and embrace it?  Because so many people do not embrace it, I mean, think about it, think about the number of men and it’s high, who are homosexual who marry women and then they get mad it’s a woman and the society when they couldn’t embrace it and there is another person in that relationship who suffers because of that deceit and some of those people who have even been put in danger. I know people who have gotten HIV and all these other things because, you know, a person I remember was a friend that we were, our kids played together and it turned out that her husband was homosexual and was doing all this stuff and was HIV. And it wasn’t just about your life falls apart because you love this person and you feel deceived but they are living this undercover life and you feel like everything you know is a lie.

Seth:  Well, because it is but you know there is all different types of relationships.  First off, for people who are trans especially the older they just didn’t come out back then, now in the last couple of years they have found safe to do that and they come out and so maybe they thought I could get married, maybe I could have this life but, you know, they sucked it down for so long and then finally, at least for the people I have been in contact with they sometimes bring their wives to the support groups to understand.  Some stay together, some don’t, you know. As far as being gay, it also depends on your culture, your ethnicity because there is a lot of people and their culture it is like, oh, no, you just can’t be gay and they fight it, they fight it, they get married and they just can’t do it.  I mean, there are so many reasons why someone will get married or stay in a relationship or can’t do it anymore.  It’s not just one thing and I don’t think for some of this people it’s a matter of they could be scared, it may not be the right time, they think they can get married and overcome the urges or the feelings that they are actually fighting. And that’s why I said earlier if you are gay and you are trying to live a straight life sooner or later it’s going to come out because you are fighting against what seems natural to you.  And you have those wives or husbands involved or kids involved but you know what, the best thing is you know, it’s easier said than done is you just have to be truthful and truthful to yourself just like you said, you are authentic healing that’s what people are starting to do in my age group if they haven’t lived that authentic life.  Today I think kids are out there, everybody knows everything about everybody and it’s no big deal and it’s a blub on Facebook that you are gay and you are fifteen ….

Dr. Veronica:  That’s right, I know

Seth: They should learn to hold a little back but they don’t.

Dr. Veronica:  Although they are not holding back, they are able to get immediately a community of support versus back when you were doing this thing.  How would you get support?  I mean, you are saying six, seven, eight, think about it you are a teenager now, you are twelve, you are honest, you see all these all over the place because of what we have with social media.  And then you have support of I can do this because even if my family rejects me there is another community.  Nobody wants their family to reject them, everybody wants to be loved to who they are but the reality is a lot of family friends of whatever are necessarily going to be comfortable with it for whatever reason and that is their stuff.  But the person going through it feels like I am going to be alone all of a sudden.

Seth:  Well, it’s hard when you are under eighteen because remember, you know, you can jeopardize yourself because maybe your parents will kick you out of the house, I mean, look the transgender community, forty two percent of trans people who are homeless are kids, forty two percent.  And the idea is anything like for suicide rates it’s even greater because kids get to see what they can have.  You know, in our day we figured it all alone, we were isolated, who were we talking too, you are certainly not going to tell your parents and then beyond that where were you going with it.  You weren’t to anybody at school and certainly you couldn’t go to a therapist when you are fifteen because what are you going to tell your parents and then back on those days if you went to a therapist you were mentally ill.  You know, the idea of therapy back when I grew up was you were mentally ill.

Dr. Veronica:  You were certified crazy

Seth:  Exactly and before 1973 homosexuality was in the DSM, it was a mental illness.  So anyhow there are different things that have come to be, you know, despite what it maybe in the environment and our situation today it’s much better than it was thirty or forty years ago and there is a lot of big corporations and foundations that are going to fight ………. 0:24:53.6 for whatever possible could be coming down the pipe or not.

Dr. Veronica:  So what do you say to families because, it’s difficult for families, they have their own hopes and dreams and everything like that wrapped up into it and then they get this put in their life and it’s challenging, it’s challenging for them.  There are people who are suffering from religious dogma, maybe I should it that way

Seth:  I understand

Dr. Veronica:  You are going to go to hell, oh my god, my child is going to hell.  And so whereas you can say oh my gosh I am going to get mad at this person for feeling this way, I am going to get really mad of mum and dad. Mum and dad have been taught to think a certain way and they are upset because they are concerned about the life of their child and not even just the life of their child, people who are really religious are concerned about the eternal soul of their child because that’s the way they have been taught.  So how do you help people like that when they have a way of thinking, they believe that way of life works for them and then bloom they are thrown in, their child happens to be homosexual, transgender, something that they never even could have imagined and there is no script for that in the bible or any of these religious texts, there is just no script for what if you have a child like this?

Seth:  Right, well, you know that’s ……… 0:26:30.2 coming from you because there are so many different ways to answer that. If someone is truly like a religious ……. 0:26:38.2 and you know, their life is ruled by every single thing out of the bible, it’s going to be hard, it’s really going to be hard and we don’t get to talk to as many as those people as I would like to.  We would have people come to the support group and maybe it will be six or eight months later and maybe a mother or father come which is great. We are happy because once they talk to other parents and they see it isn’t as daunting as they feel it is in their own little world because they have stepped out into a safe supportive world, a lot of people in time come on board. Does everybody come on board? No, and the only thing that I can say to people who ….. 0:27:15.7 to those believes is you have a child, everybody wants their child to grow up and be happy and enjoy life and the problem is, if you don’t support that child and you keep sending either direct or subliminal messages that they are evil or that Saturn is going to have them burn in hell and the child sees what they can have on the internet, guess what their resort is?  They take their life.  So it really comes down to be with a unhappy child or a dead one, seriously, there is no in between because we live in a world where kids can see that everybody is happy, that they aren’t like a freak or they aren’t like what their parents are trying to portray taking them to church every week because some pastor or minister standing up there preaching hate, and that’s what they are doing. And a lot of times the parents will get it and they will go, you know what, this is my kid, I love my kid.  I have seen it happen in the Mormon, in our own church where they have come around and said, you know, my kid can’t be evil at fourteen, there is just something that is not right.  And they eventually get on to it and they are Mormons who are in the same position because to think that you have a church that doesn’t have a gay person or transgender person in your parish is kind of crazy.  Though they are, they just aren’t going to go ah, here I am.

Dr. Veronica:  It is interesting that you would mention Mormon because I have a friend who was a Mormon and she decided or her husband decided it wasn’t right for them and left and pretty much their family stopped talking to them and this had nothing to do with their sexuality at all.  And they put out on their own with no family and he had to script a new life.

Seth:  it happens, there is a great documentary, I think it’s called Families Are Forever, it’s by Caitlin Ryan and it portrays a fourteen year old gay Mormon kid and what the family went through, and they got kicked out of the church but they went to another church and now they have a halfway house for all the Mormon kids that get kicked out, they have a support house that these kids come and live there.  I mean, you would like to believe and we would all like to believe that this is your child and before your child was born all you wanted was ten fingers and ten toes and you wanted to make sure that the child was happy and you had these dreams of, you know, the white picket fence or whatever your dream.  Well, you can still have that, it’s just switched a little bit, it just switches.  At the end of the day it’s your child and really, I mean, why aren’t you going to support your child, that’s the question you need to ask.  What’s up with people that can’t support their child.  If you found out, well, I don’t know how much they have it today, but if you found out your child had polio or your child got paralyzed in one leg and has to be in a wheelchair are you going to roll the wheelchair into the street?  I mean, you support that child, you don’t let him become a victim and the support mat the thicker it is in your family the more success your child is going to have outside your front door.

I wish we could change everybody’s perception, that is what I am trying to do is shift perspectives and just saying, ok, look I get this may not be the way you were brought up but this is what it is and it is your child and you can’t throw him back into the sea and go fish out another one.  I supposed you could but seriously? There is no book, you know when you have a kid everybody is trying to …….. 0:30:45.0 on how to raise him, you know, it’s your kid, you love your kid with all the good and bad points just as you would expect your kids to love you with all your good and bad points.  And in time and I am just hoping that people would come to their senses and just see what candy so the outside wrapper has changed, so what?  The internal piece is still the same, it’s still the same kid with the good heart and the morals and whatever you have installed in them raising them.  I wish I could change everybody but I do my best and at the end of the day when I am done speaking I basically say now you have the truth, it’s up to you what you do with it and I hope that you will become an ally and then when you hear someone saying something hateful across to anywhere you will stand up and say this is not how it goes, this is not the truth and this is how it is and just a kind word here and there.  We need kindness in this world, we seem to be short on that these days.

Dr. Veronica:  Yes, yes.  I think we are at a time where we are going, we all have ………. 0:31:49.7 (distorted) for other human beings, you know, there are those people who are phobic for anything that’s not like them, there are those people out there because someone like me would say listen have got to be embracing each other more for another human being and realizing that we are connected. And so the right answer is loving everybody.  There is no reason to hate anybody, we have to work on putting love towards people even those people who you find, who are doing bad things.  It’s just like we have got a president right now, to put it nicely many are not so crazy about the president right now but it’s just like, you know what, you need to send love, you need send love because you need to send love because that’s the only thing that has been ….. 0:32:45.7 (distorted) so this is the same kind of situation.

Seth:  That’s exactly right, I mean, honestly

Dr. Veronica:  Are you there

Seth:  Do you see me? We have to ……..0:32:59.7 differences because that’s what makes everything creative and unique and makes this world go forward and I would say that to kids as far as Steve Jobs is concerned and Gates, I mean they were all picked on in their time but look at what they became.  So that’s what we have to do, we have to look beyond the outer wrapper and get the core being in the kindness of what’s inside the heart and that’s what people are about and that’s humanity.

Dr. Veronica:  Well Seth keep doing what you are doing, thanks so much for talking to me again, always interesting, keep educating the public, there needs to be more people. I think education is the key.  I feel that every American before they graduate from high schools should be forced to do certain things, like I said, listen, everybody needs a passport everybody needs to travel and just see all kinds of because then you start realizing that people are people.  Everybody wants the same thing, food, shelter and happiness, people are people no matter where they come from.

Seth:  Thank you for having me on and anytime you need me to talk on any issues just give me a shout, I will be here.

Dr. Veronica:  And tell us what is your website?

Seth:  They can go to www.sjspeaks.com and if they are interested they can take a book that I wrote that will help them, if they know any kid or anybody that deals with transgender kids, it’s a book from A to Z on transitioning but it really talks about life, you know, what kids have to do to get through school, they have to do with bullying, what they are going to do in future.  It’s a whole book wrapped up in one basically read for the kid that has no support and luckily for me I am happy that councilors and professionals have been reading this book and giving it to books who maybe couldn’t afford to buy it that has helped the parents and the kids as well. Take a look at that.

Dr. Veronica:  I want to welcome everybody look in the show notes, we usually have links to books there for the authors that I interview, so look in the show notes and you should find where the link is to the book.  So Seth thank you so much

Seth:  Thank you, enjoy your weekend and enjoy your night.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Doctor, Functional Medicine New York, ManhattanDr. Veronica Anderson is an MD, Functional Medicine practitioner, Homeopath. and Medical Intuitive. As a national speaker and designer of the Functional Fix and Rejuvenation Journey programs, she helps people who feel like their doctors have failed them. She advocates science-based natural, holistic, and complementary treatments to address the root cause of disease. Dr. Veronica is a highly-sought guest on national television and syndicated radio and hosts her own radio show, Wellness for the REAL World, on FOX Sports 920 AM “the Jersey” on Mondays at 7:00 pm ET.

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