45: Medical Intuition, Psychic Type & Absorbing Emotional Energy

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Medical Intuition, Psychic Type & Absorbing Emotional Energy

“80% or more of our physical ailments have some connection to our emotional energy”

     Sherrie Dillard     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Sherrie Dillard about medical intuition, psychic type & absorbing emotional energy.

Did you know that you have intuitive abilities? For over twenty-five years, Sherrie Dillard has been a professional psychic, medium and medical intuitive. After 50,000 readings, she knows exactly how to provide insight, inspiration, and guidance in every area of life.

In this episode, Sherrie will help you realize your intuitive abilities and understand your psychic type. She will also teach you how to become aware of your outside energy and use it in a positive way. Listen to the end to learn why you should ditch the $5 readings and find a quality health care team.

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45: Show Notes

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Develop Your Medical Intuition – Sherrie Dillard


Time Stamps:

02:00 – Psychic type

03:11 – Realizing your intuition

05:20 – Replacing doctors

07:00 – Addressing a stressful life

12:00 – Physical & emotional intuitive

13:30 – Psychic understanding

17:00 – Absorbing emotional energy

19:05 – Becoming aware of outside energy

21:30 – Growing your healthcare team

23:00 – Finding quality help

24:30 – $5 readings


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

If you’d like to have access to our entire back catalog visit drveronica.com for instant access. Here’s your host, Dr. Veronica.

Dr. Veronica: I’m Dr. Veronica, and with my co-host Russell, I’m a medical doctor, medical intuitive, homeopath. Russell is a medium, and so we’re going to jump right in with our next guest because she is a psychic, an intuitive, a medium, and a teacher for many years. And so I love when people come on that are in these areas because folks realize that if you’re not dealing with your psychic intuitive side, you’re really missing the boat here, because this is where it is.

Sherrie Dillard, you can find her at sherriedillard.com. You know I want you to be able to find the people that come on this show so that you can fix your life. The way you’re going to have perfect health is to be able to fix those emotional and spiritual sides of you. Because if you don’t it will manifest into something physical. Sherrie Dillard, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Sherrie: Hello. Thank you so much for having me.

Dr. Veronica: You talk about your psychic type. And I think that’s just so interesting. I know you’re a psychic. You’re an intuitive. You’re a medium. You teach. What are the psychic type and psychic mentoring and all that? I’ve not heard of that.

Sherrie: A psychic type came about through my teaching classes and realizing that through some of the exercises and some of the ways of learning intuition that people have a different kind of way that they were able to intuit energy information. And the more I study the way people were naturally able to intuit through maybe their thoughts or through their emotions I came to realize that.

I came to realize that intuition and psychic ability is not one size fits all. And we sometimes think it is that you’re psychic if you do this. And this is the way you receive energy information. And that’s simply not the way it is. Our intuition is as unique as we are.

And some people will intuit primarily through their thoughts. Other people will intuit primarily through their emotions or their heart center. Some will intuit. And a lot of times medical intuitives, people who work with the physical body intuit primarily through the physical body, and then others intuit through their energy fields.

Dr. Veronica: If you’re talking to general people out there, there are those of us who use our intuitive abilities to help people. But we all have intuitive abilities. What do you tell people that? Because for most people they’re just, “This doesn’t apply to me because I’m not a psychic. And so I’m just going to tune out today.” And I’d say, “No, keep listening, because, yes, you are.” What do you say to people?

Sherrie: That’s one of the reasons I’ve written the books the way I’ve written them. Because all my books basically deal with helping people to realize how their intuition works. Because I feel like once people get that Aha moment where they say, “I’m already doing that. I didn’t think that was intuitive. Or I thought intuition meant this.” We have a pre-conceived idea of what that looks like.

And once people become aware that I’m already in some way feeling other people’s feelings, or I do get new ideas, or I can kind of know how people are feeling through my own body. I feel sometimes how people physical feel. Then it comes something that people can really grasp and begin to see the benefit in it. They begin to kind of understand, that benefits me in some way. From there they’re kind of on board.

Dr. Veronica: Your book, Develop Your Medical Intuition, is that written so that individuals can understand more about their body?

Sherrie: I wrote the book specifically to help people to develop the ability to communicate with their body. I could’ve gone a few different avenues with the book, and I realized that before I really develop this skill for myself what would really help me was just how do you do it.

And so that’s what this is. It’s kind of a book that I have lots of different information and lots of different ways that… Again, based on people’s own specific kind of way that they’re already intuit, that they can start to form a communication with their physical self, and intuitive communication.

Dr. Veronica: And why would they want to do that? We have doctors. And I’m not saying doctors do everything. We tell people about this. But why would somebody want to do it? Why do I need it?

Sherrie: This doesn’t replace doctors. I think that it’s part of the whole big picture. It’s not about trying to heal everything that you can heal on your own. It’s just another tool that we can have that can enable us to take our power back and to know what’s not just behind us physically, because doctors are great that a lot of times. Maybe not all the time. But it’s also to know the emotional energy behind certain illnesses and problems.

It’s been theorized that up to 80% or more of our physical ailments have some connection to our emotional energy, and our past grief, or our past traumas, or our beliefs and thoughts. And so this is another tool where in addition to working on the physical level we can also work on that healing, that individual level of is there emotion behind this illness? Is there a belief here that I’m holding that’s creating this dysfunction in my body? It’s kind of geared in some way is to kind of just add to the whole information network that we need to be living in wellness.

Dr. Veronica: And so people that come to you, I assume that those are the people that are open to understanding how their emotions are linked to their physical illnesses. But for people who don’t buy that yet, even though everybody buys that stress causes heart disease and high blood pressure. And that stress generally when people talk about that is an emotional stress.

What do you tell people that believe they don’t have to address anything that’s going on emotionally in life? Or I can’t just because my work is stressful, my life is stressful, my kids are stressful, my husband’s stressful, my parents are stressing me. There’s nothing I can do about it. What would you say to people like that?

Sherrie: That’s a good one. That’s a big question isn’t it? I have to tell you, the people that come to me, a lot of times they come to because nothing else is working. I kind of been very close to Duke Hospital here. I get a lot of people who are very, very frustrated. And so by the time people come to me they kind of try a lot of things.

And sometimes that really plays in my favor because at that point people are more ready to listen. When they have tried so many different things and nothing seems to be really creating the kind of health and wellness they desire, sometimes they are ready to try something else.

It’s hard. The people are really not in any way open to working on those other levels. There’s not much you could do except for I tell people what I receive and what I feel. And they’re going to have to take it or leave it from there.

But fortunately I think things are changing enough so that offering people some alternatives to what they are creating in their life and guiding them step by step, eliminating their perception of stress or how they deal with it. Just kind of taking it slow and giving manageable things that people can do on a day-to-day basis. Or even just shifting a thought about something can start to get that wheel rolling and create some change.

Dr. Veronica: Here on Wellness for the Real World I have people like Sherrie on so that you can see that psychics, mediums, intuitives, are not these in the backroom little ladies with the shawl acting weird type of people. You hear that this lady’s normal, down to earth, talks and things and acts just like the rest of us.

And so understand, I want the Wellness for the Real World audience to understand, which is we’re in a big, metropolitan area, the Philadelphia area, to understand that if you want optimal health you have to have a team. And today, the newest member of the team, it’s not adding the Reiki master. Because Reiki has been there a long time. It’s great. But we all know about that. It’s not adding the acupuncturist. Yes, you do need that person too. It is adding to your team a medical intuitive, seriously.

This is what I want you to know. You have to work on the spiritual and emotional. Don’t wait until nobody else can solve the problem until you do something, because then it’s even more complicated because you’ve had all kinds of medicine, surgery, and all kinds of junk put on it that makes it much harder for you to heal from it. Get your medical intuitive on the team early to stay well.

What do you do to stay well? You work with people who can help you unwind those spiritual and emotional issues that you can’t see, and give you ideas and verification that you cannot see. What do we do as intuitives? We read energy. For me, I’m an ophthalmologist by training. And my strongest intuitive sense happens to be, I know Sherrie will love this too, my clairvoyance. I see things like movies.

I’ve been through gross anatomy, and been in operating rooms and everything like that. So when I get a picture in my mind I’m getting the real deal of what the picture looks like. Because I know exactly what these pathologies look like under the slide, in the operating room, in anatomy, the physiology. I get a picture that is very detailed. And I get a download on what you can do about it, which doesn’t have something to do with taking a medication.

I started doing this because people from across the ocean were asking me questions about their health and I couldn’t say, “Go to your doctor and get Lipitor.” I had to come up with something to treat that malignant hypertension. And that person who didn’t have access to a doctor, or didn’t want to go to the doctor, and it wasn’t go to the hospital and go and get an IV. It was, I had to tell them something else. I get that download on what was going to work for them. And then oh my gosh, it worked.

Imagine this, there’s somebody, I don’t know them at all. I just know their name and age. Sometimes I don’t even know their age. I know they’re a man or a woman. And I would get accurate information, tell them what to do, and it would work. This is reading energy. This is new and this is the way we’re going. This is state of the art. And honest to goodness, this is back to basics in a way we used to be before we decided it was all going to be medicine, and surgery, and pills, and chemicals.

Go and add to your team a Dr. Veronica, or my mentor Mona Lisa Schulz. It’s not just all about Dr. Veronica all the time. I want you to have options. Everybody’s not going to be energetically right for me. That’s why there’s Dr. Mona Lisa. That’s why there’s other people who are fabulously talented, who also know what their limitations are and they’re not going to give you a medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or psychotherapy. We’re going to tell you when you need to intervene also with the conventional health care practitioner. They’re ethical and moral because they do it to help you.

Sherrie, I want you to comment on the psychic type. And then Russell gets the next question. What is a psychic type? Explain that a little bit more in detail.

Sherrie: A psychic type, and you talked about your clairvoyance, which is funny because you’re an ophthalmologist. A psychic type is kind of multi-dimensional in and of itself. The way that we receive energy information and it’s also the way that we respond to energy too.

We’ll talk about you for a moment. A spiritual intuitive, part of their gift is clairvoyance. And we’re all more than one type by the way. It’s not 100% one type. We all have varying degrees of all the different types, and that’s the way it should be. Your clairvoyance is part of your spiritual intuitiveness. It’s part of your energy field. And people who are spiritual intuitives like you said, you were just talking about is that you can talk to somebody miles and miles away, and you can almost be present to them at that time. Because your way of receiving energy information is more expanded because you’re doing it through the energy field in that way.

A physical intuitive is more hands-on. They’re kind of like you said, the Reiki masters. You could send Reiki at a distance, but physical intuitives are about to receive energy information more directly into the physical body.

It’s one of those things that there’s a spiritual aspect of every psychic type. And there’s also a very practical aspect. And then there’s also the aspect of the way that we are in life in general. We try to put psychic intuitive awareness in its own little box. That it’s a part of us that we could pull out when we need it. But the truth of the matter is our intuitive energy is always alive. It’s always present. It’s whether or not we’re tapping into it and utilizing it in the way that we would really benefit from it all so that we can really help others with it too.

Knowing your psychic type, I have a quiz in my first book, Discover Your Psychic Type that helps people to understand your predominant types of intuition, and then to further understand how that’s affecting them in their everyday life.

Our psychic type actually can affect our health too, the way we receive… I’ll give you an example. A physical intuitive can take into their physical body other people’s aches and pains and have no idea they’re doing that. The perfect example, being a man whose wife is pregnant. He starts to gain weight, feels some of what she’s feeling. An emotional intuitive can take on people’s emotional energy. They can feel feelings that they don’t even know that they’re coming from. And it’s because their absorbing the energy emotionally of others.

It’s a good thing to find out because it’s going to help people not only use their intuition and develop more of their psychic abilities. But also negotiate the world we live in because the world is becoming more consciously clearly energetic. And we need to have a map of how to deal with all that we’re surrounded with energetically every day. It keeps us healthy.

Dr. Veronica: Russell, our co-host, and resident medium. Go for it Russell.

Russell: Hi there Sherrie. It’s nice to meet you.

Sherrie: It’s nice to meet you.

Russell: I’m good. I’m really taken by something I see in your materials here. It’s something that my own medication teacher of many years talked about frequently, and yet I don’t think I hear it frequently in other places. And that is this concept that we absorb the emotional energy of other people who are in proximity to us. And that can throw us off our station and create imbalance for us.

My teacher would say that in a place like New York City, which is very crowded with people. You’ve got eight million little energy fields bouncing off each other. As many as 90% of the ideas, thoughts, and feelings that you have may not be your own. You may be picking them up from one of the people.

An example would be if you’re just going about your business, not paying attention to anything, and all of a sudden somebody walks up behind you who’s just absolutely furious. They don’t say anything but the hair goes up on the back of your neck. I’d like to hear what you have to say about that.

Sherrie: I completely agree with that. That’s all part of the collective mind too that we are all tapping into. And that’s how movements are created. Understanding how we’re affected by that is essentially important actually to be living our authentic self, to be who we are, to be a free operator.

I think, to completely shift the conversation a little bit maybe, we see that in politics where group mind gets started. And all of a sudden people who maybe don’t have that strong of a self-awareness, and awareness of their own individuality and power are very, very intuitively influenced by the predominant thought forms and the predominant feelings that are being broadcast out there.

I completely agree and I’m glad that you bring that up too. Because I don’t think it’s something that we talk about much. I think that’s part of self-awareness, is owning our space. And it’s not just our physical space, it’s our energetic space too.

Russell: How does one become aware of outside energies and what do you do about them?

Sherrie: I think part of it, and you maybe have had this experience too is that because people sometimes, let’s say have had experiences with mediums or psychics tend to want proof or they may be skeptical. And then once they have that direct experience of it their attitude changes. They kind of really feel it, know it, and believe it.

Part of it I think is really education, in part programs like this, and others like books. But really, a lot of it has to come I think with direct experience. Really becoming aware of, “Wait a minute, is that feeling that I have of being angry coming from my co-workers who’ve been angry all day?” Or that feeling that I’m feeling, that stomach ache I have. It’s funny. It goes away as soon as I get home.

But when I’m in that environment where there’s other people around, and maybe ill people, I don’t feel real well then. I think it’s happening slowly. But I think it’s just part of the… If we want to talk about collective thought it’s part of collective thought.

I think more and more people become aware then the more and more people can receive… It’s that awareness that can come into us, believe it or not through our intuition and the way where we kind of get it. It’s like that collective awakening up. I think it helps everybody to wake up to it.

Dr. Veronica: Sherrie, thank you so much for your time on Wellness for the Real World.

Sherrie: I’ve had a great time.

Dr. Veronica: For people who are interested in talking more to Sherrie, sherriedillard.com is where you can find her. Read her books, Develop Your Medical Intuition. Learn more about your body that way. We’re going to have to her on to talk about another one of her books, Love and Intuition. But Discover Your Psychic type, and The Miracle Workers, the books have been translated into multiple languages. Thank you so much Sherrie.

Sherrie: Thank you.

Dr. Veronica: Russell, we could talk to Sherrie forever about psychic, medium, and all that other type of stuff in health and wellness. What do you think? Should people be adding on people with intuitive and medium abilities onto their health care team?

Russell: I don’t know if it needs to be formalized at this point in time, but I do very much believe that people should get some kind of psychic experience in their lives. Just go to some kind of meeting, or a meditation group, or medium’s channeling session regularly, and just observe it. Most people of course want proof, as do we all, but they also feel the genuine energy. It changes the way you think. It makes you realize your thoughts are not the only thing that matters.

Dr. Veronica: Some of my concern has been in the field there are a lot of people who are just clear and simple. You read about these in a newspaper, and with big cases of fraud, and people who’ve taken advantage of other people. Some of the stuff that we see on TV is very scripted and decided ahead of time, and the study is done. It’s not really what you think that it is. How do you tell people to go out and find quality, ethical groups, where there are people who are psychics and mediums, and sharing in this way? What would you tell them?

Russell: That’s a good question. I think the last thing I would do is look for a psychic in the back of a newspaper. A free newspaper from your city or something like that. They are liable to be suspicious in my opinion. What you can do is go to some kind of a community center, like a YMCA, or a public library that has all kinds of different mediums, at different times in their week. And look for some kind of ongoing meditation group in some place like that, that just over a period of time has been vetted by the people, and that it has a regular following. That’s certainly a good place to start. It shouldn’t be expensive

Dr. Veronica: What do consider suspicious activity? You’d say, “If somebody is doing this or that, get as far away as you can.” What would you tell people? What are some of the flags to look for?

Russell: Here in New York City on village sidewalks we still have these quaint, little archaic, “get your palm read” kind of parlors, where in the summer they’ve got lace in the window. They’ve got a pretty woman of dark descent getting out of the table with a lamp, very nicely dressed on the sidewalk. Psychic reading, $5.

If you check out something like that they’ll tell you, “You have so much potential, so much going on. You’re a beautiful person.” And then they’ll go, “But there’s something that needs to be dealt with for you to have a happy life. And I would love to help you with it. But for me to help you you’ll have to give me another $5 so I could light some candles.

Dr. Veronica: We’re going to be moving on our segment to wrap up quickly when we’re talking about these type of things. That’s interesting, because you say the $5 reading. And people come and say…

Russell: There’s no such thing.

Dr. Veronica: Oh my gosh, your charges are X and oh my god. The people who are really good, they don’t charge $5. The $5 is a bait.

Russell: Exactly.

Dr. Veronica: If you see somebody who’s charging a little bit of money, to me that’s the biggest sign of suspicion you can get. If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. You don’t get something for nothing. The quality people that I know, there’s a price range. The people that I know who do this, who are really high-natured, high quality, ethical, moral, who spend time, it’s going to be an investment, because we’re giving a lot of our time, energy, and background. Don’t go for that $5 reading, it’s a scam.

We’re going to wrap up. Wellness for the Real World, I’m Dr. Veronica. My co-host, Russell Cook. Find me on Facebook, Dr. Veronica Anderson, Twitter, @DrVeronicaEyeMD. Or visit me at my website drveronica.com.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.



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