28: From Pastry Chef to Health Food Guru

“It got to the point where I was really really unhappy with the weight I had become”

     Carrie Brown     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Carrie Brown on how she moved from being a Pastry Chef to Health Food Guru.

Are you eating healthy and still not losing weight? Pastry chef Carrie Brown shares her trials and triumphs with her weightless journey and how she regained her health.

In this episode, Carrie talks about how she lost control over her weight, why she ate 450 calories a day and eventually disregarded her doctor’s orders to take back control of her wellness. Listen to the end, for the absolute first thing to do before starting your weight loss journey.

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28: Show Notes

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Show Notes:

04:00 – My father’s health

07:00 – Cause of inflammation

09:40 – Losing control over weight

12:00 – Eating 450 calories a day

13:30 – Becoming healthy

17:00 – Keeping people sick

18:30 – Nutrient dense protein

24:05 – Before starting your weight loss journey


Full Transcript:

Female VO: Welcome to the Welcome Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex and relationships.  Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental and spiritual health in their lives.  If you would like to have access to our entire back catalogue visit www.drveronica.com for instant access.  And here is your host Dr. Veronica.

Veronica: This is Veronica, www.drveronic.com  is where you can find me and you can get episodes on demand and here listen to all matters of health and wellness and interesting topics that you are not going to hear or just everywhere else.

So as you know, and you are going to hear more of this, I also have with me my co-host Russell.  Hi Russell, are doing okay?

Russell: Hello Veronica I am so good you can’t even not imagine.

Veronica: Yes and it’s interesting because Russell and I always chit chat about our parents.  Russell’s father is in his mid 90s and unfortunately had a slip and fall a few weeks back and has been put into a nursing care and appears to be slipping.  We all go through these phases in life and this is what we call stress, stress, stress.

Russell: Yeah, we could call it that.

Veronica: Yes, and then on the other side my father had been in the hospital, I am not quite sure where he is right now, people say why don’t you to know where your father is because my father was in the hospital for about five weeks. He was being not so coherent as they felt when he went to his eye doctor appointment and so they sent him off to the hospital.  As they went to the hospital they realized what was going on, his medications he wasn’t getting quite right and I said to the hospital look, I am concerned he is not functioning really well.  He is not taking things the way he is supposed to and he is living by himself. And, they decided to do a formal evaluation and my father is an extremely bright man, a brilliant man.  And so and interesting to talk to because he has an interesting history.  Now, everybody says their parents are brilliant and we all think our kids are brilliant but a little bit about my father is, by training he is an electrical engineer and at one point he was the chair person of the IEEE, the Computer Society.  And so obviously to be the head of a bunch of nutty engineers internationally means that you are pretty up there for your colleagues to respect that way, anybody who has ever been part of the National organization.

So one of the issues with him is because he is so high functioning, and really, really high functioning that when he talks to you, you don’t really pick up that there is anything going on.  Of course he is my father, I pick up that there is something not as good as it used to be and I was concerned about him living alone and not taking his medicine quite the way he should.  And I have seen this a lot, when I was in my traditional medical practice kids used to come into me, middle aged kids would come into me and say ‘you have got to tell my father or my mother to stop driving, you have got to get them to move out and be with somebody else’ and of course none of them wanted to do it, none of them wanted to corporate.  And so what do you think happened?  I have two parents, my mother is, we all have two parents, I know that’s silly.  I have two parents but my parents are divorced a long time.  My mother lives on her own, she is eighty years old, absolutely fine, travels around the world and does all these wonderful things.  My father lives on his own also in a different place and he just, my mother corporates with the program, my father decides that he would like to do it his way.  Our concern about him doing it his way at this point is they don’t, not just me, but all the people that were in the hospital evaluated him thought that his functioning was off enough that they didn’t want to let him leave the hospital but they didn’t know what to do with him because he wasn’t in a nursing homecare or anything like that.  So he was in-between and there was all this discussion about legal guardianship and all this other type of stuff, well. I believe what happened is that my father found a relative who was willing to say I am going to watch over you although the best way is to have somebody who has nursing care come in and make sure he is okay because he does take insulin three or four times a day and all of a bunch of other medicine.  But no, that’s of course not what dad wanted. He wanted to do it his way and so here we are with stress waiting for the next event to happen from when I get a call from a hospital with something else because that’s the way it’s going to be and then it’s going to be for us.

So I just share with you some of the stories that we are going through.  Russell’s father is in his mid 90s now and has been very, very fiercely independent and this puts stress on the whole entire family.  And what do I say about this, when I get to that point in life, I am going to be the parent that’s not going to be like that on my kids but every child has one parent that is going to be the difficult one.  And Russell, you don’t have any kids, so don’t have anybody to torture.

Russell: I know, well, I have you Veronica.

Veronica: You are going to torture me, probably. Yes, but anyway, why do I talk about that now is because my father is a long standing diabetic and one of the things I always remember is my father was a wonderful father growing up but the way he ate has just always been less than health promoting, let’s say, to put it very nicely.  He would have a little bit of coffee with his sugar and he would have cookies cake and ice cream with sweet’n low in the tea.  I am sure you know somebody who eats like this.  But, why do we talk about this because I really believe that the world is here for me to observe what’s going on and then present to you why there is an issue.  And so my father who was experiencing memory loss, who has had long standing diabetes and high blood pressure and all these other things I believe is a direct result of his lifestyle choices and I also believe that his brain is inflamed now which we  now know that memory loss and things like Alzheimer’s and everything like that aren’t because you have got tangle and plaques in your head.  We have actually seen people with tangle and plaques with perfectly good memories.  But now because of inflammation and the number one course of inflammation is, what you are putting in your mouth.  And so a lot of the wellness for the real world, we are going to talk to people that have different ways and different strategies to help people figure out how to be more healthy.  There is no a one size fits all, you absolutely have to figure out what works for you and feel good about it.  I think most people who have trouble with anything that has to do with food they have the attitude well, ahh I don’t like that.  Well, there are so many different ways to do it now, there is going to be something that is health promoting for you that you are going to like.  You just have to open your mind and try it.

So this is a way to introduce our guest today, Carrie Brown.  And I got to tell you, you are going to love this lady because you know what she used to do and she probably does it still wonderfully now but in a way we would all love to eat it because it would be great for our bodies.  Carrie is an ex professional pastry chef but now she is a cookbook author and has written several cookbooks and even has a chocolate TV show, she has a chocolate cookbook and has made pastries for the Queen of England.  How many people have done something like that?  I mean, even here in America we are ass obsessed still with the queen of England because we need to know what really she is eating, she is probably not eating the pastries, she is eating something good because how old is she.  But, Carrie also helped write a book with a gentleman Jonathan Bailor called the calorie myth and I always talk about calorie myths, I say, you know what, the reason why people weren’t weight is because of counting calories and they are exercising too much and guess what, that obviously doesn’t work, if it worked everybody would be the perfect size because they can just play around with the math and the equation.  That’s not what does it.  So I am going to bring Carrie on. Carrie welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

Carrie: Hi Veronica.

Veronica: How are you today?

Carrie: I am doing good but I got to tell you I am on the Pacific Coast and you are on the East Coast so maybe the coffee hasn’t quite clicked in yet.

Veronica: You are saying it’s really really early for you?

Carrie: It’s really really early for me.

Veronica: Yes, well, I am happy for you to be on the show but let’s talk a little bit about how you went from a pastry chef to this guru who talks about healthy eating?  How did that transition happen?

Carrie: Really I guess it started to happen when I was, oh, let’s say about 27 when I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and went whose body is that?  Up until that point I had been, you know, a hundred pounds soaking wet, I am five foot four, so, you know, in England that would be a size 8 here it’s probably less than I size zero.  And up to that point being a pastry chef, I have always been, you know, this super skinny vibrant and sort of course I have been in the bakery stocking myself with sugar and wheat and all those lovely pastry things but I still had this kind of gorgeous body. And then I got to my late twenties and certainly even though I was doing nothing different my body was starting to look decidedly different and I didn’t like the way it looked.  And so kind of started the whole what is going on and like I tried various things and it seemed to be that I no longer had control over my weight.  I wasn’t doing anything different but certainly my body was behaving in a very different way and I started to gain weight.  Over the next, I don’t know, ten, eight or so years it didn’t bother me so much but after I moved from Europe over to America things really started to rump up.  And, it got to the point where I was really really unhappy with the weight I had become and I decided that it was time that I was going to start doing something about it. And so I did what everybody does which is eat less and exercise more because that is what we have been told for the last, I don’t know, forty years and to, you know, don’t eat fat because fat makes fat and all these other things.  So I had started doing what traditional medicine has given us and it made no difference.  So eventually, after doing some more exercising and eating basically nothing I went to my doctor and I said there is something wrong.  There has to be something wrong because I am doing the eating less and exercising more and I am doing it religiously and I am not cheating and nothing is happenings.  And, my doctor at the time said to me, go eat slimfast for ten days and keep doing the same amount of exercise you are doing.  Eat slimfast which will give you about 450 calories a day, do that for ten days you will lose ten pounds and you will feel like you are back in control because it is just formal dynamics, calories in versus calories out. And I am like, okay, I feel like I have done that but okay, you are a doctor, you know what you are talking about.  So I went away and I did my 450 calories a day of slimfast and I cycled what felt like round the entire globe and ten days later nothing had changed.  I was exactly the same weight.  So I went back to him and I am like, dude, there is something wrong here because this calories in calories out isn’t working.  What you told me to do is isn’t change anything, it’s obviously giving me a calorie deficit is not changing the problem.  And, he looked at me and he said but it’s so formal dynamics, it’s calories in, calories out.  And I said, dude, I just proved it can’t be and he said but it’s formal dynamics, its calories in calories out. And so I fired him.

Veronica: Good for you, good for you.

Carrie: And soon after that I started, I actually had a hysterectomy and back then you stayed in bed for a while.  So I was at home and I was on bed rest for a couple of weeks and I amused myself by watching movies on Netflix and I started watching things like Fed Up and these really cool nutritional movies out there and I started watching those.  And, I loved it a ton and as a result of that I ran into a gentleman named Gary Taubes who wrote Why we Get Fat and What to do About it. And that really started to change everything for me, just cutting out the carbs and focusing on nutrient dense proteins and fats and literally after three days of doing that my …… 0:14:41.2 disappeared and so I was like if this hadn’t happened to me I would never have believed it from someone else but I went with it.  And shortly after that I met Jonathan Bailor, he was in the process of publishing his first book The Smarter Science of Slim and I started working with him. And having read the Smatter Science of Slim, it was that was kind of the big aha for me was it’s, you know, get rid of the carbohydrates, the grains and the sugars and the industrial seed oils, start eating nutrient dense foods, focus on, you know, high density, nutritionally dense proteins, healthy fats and non starchy veggies.  And that to me is when everything changed and I started to see the results dramatically.  And so at that point I went okay, I can’t carry one being a pastry chef and blogging about how I go out every weekend and eat waffles and French toast and all this stuff and then on the other hand be helping to share the message that the calorie myth was bringing into the world because there was a huge integrity disconnect.  And so I just had to stop doing the traditional pastry chefing piece and I started focusing on developing recipes that would fit with the premise of the calorie myth.  And so that’s kind of what made the change for me.  So I now use what I learned as a pastry chef to create recipes that are incredibly delicious but also incredibly healthful and will also help people to get to their goals in terms of wellness and weight loss or fat loss, well, fat loss is what we really want not weight loss.

Veronica: Wonderful, wonderful.  Why do you think it has taken so long for people to realize that the answer is not calorie counting, why has it taken so long?

Carrie: This probably isn’t politically correct but I think if I am going to use politically incorrect yours is the show to do it and my one word answer would be money.

Veronica: I think that it’s politically good for people to be sick because it’s a great political talking point because people stay in fear that they are going to vote based on whether we are going to keep our food ….. 0:17:13.6, whether we are not going to keep affordable …… 0:17:16.5 oh, my god, you are going to take my medicine from me, baaa.  I agree money.

Carrie: I think that diabetes is incredibly lucrative. There is a huge number of people who will no longer be able to fund their lifestyles if we make diabetes go away.

Veronica: Yes, and you know I agree there is money in sick people and there is money in poor people.  Keeping people sick and poor I think has become just the way it is today in America, especially keeping people sick, that’s all we see on TV or the commercials for different pharmaceuticals.  We rarely see commercials for how do you really live a healthy lifestyle without taking all the drugs that are going to poison you really.

Carrie: If we just to took diabetes and …….., 0:18:14.8 diabetes medications and ……….. out of the equation it would wipe billions of dollars off of the payroll of a lot of people.

Veronica: This is true.  Now, Russell I know jumping at the bed over there, what do you want to ask Carrie about?

Russell: Well, there are a couple of things I would like to ask, like you mentioned nutrients dense proteins.  What is a nutrient dense protein?  What is an example? Is that meat or?

Carrie: Yeah, I am talking about meat and of course, then again and the caveat is I am well aware that not everybody can afford the grass fed and the organic and all of that.  So you have to start where you are with what you have and do the best you can with what you have.  If you can do the grass fed organic pasture raised, you know, no hormones, that is your absolute best bet in terms of choosing meat.  But, outside of that, you do the best you can and if you can’t get grass fed then you buy the best quality you can from your local food market.  But, yes, so meat, eggs, eggs are incredibly nutrient source of proteins.  Eggs are fabulous.

Veronica: Hear, hear, absolutely the perfect food is an egg

Russell: I love eggs.

Carrie: They are a perfect food, however, I have got to say that we probably need to knock the egg white thing on the head because we need the fabulous fats that come in the egg york.  So you have got to get your healthy fats in, you can’t just live on protein.  I mean, if you want to lose weight fast just the protein and non-starchy veggies but your health won’t be as great if you do it that way.  So it would be better to go slower but more nutrients then by keeping the healthy fats in your diet.  And as we now know, I say we, as more and more medical professionals are coming to realize fat does not make you fat, eating fat doesn’t make you fat and we actually need a level of healthy fats in our diets to be optimally healthy.

Veronica: So let me just put a little caveat on that, Russell, let me put a little caveat on that.  One thing that I know from studying functional medicine is everybody’s body metabolize in completely different ways. So there are a small group of people who, they don’t metabolize fat correctly and so they may say, okay, I am eating the healthy fat, I am doing that and I am still not being successful.  So if you have gone under that type of situation where you realize that I am eating the healthy fats, I am doing everything that they say, you are one of those persons you need to be with a functional medicine specialist who can uncover whether or not you are one of the people that genetically is more suited to something else that’s a little bit different.  One size doesn’t fit all.  So for most of the population that let’s eat the healthy fat, let’s cut out the fats that are not health promoting is what’s going to work but then for another small segment of the population, that’s not going to do it.  And so, if that’s you this is why you have to have professionals on your team that know exactly what you are doing with this and they are doing more than calorie counting.  But I just want to ask Carrie, you say there is something you have to do before you have to lose weight and I am dying to hear what you say that is.

Carrie: Well, we haven’t talked before but what you just said was the perfect safe way could not agree with you more about the whole, there is no one size fits all.  And so what you need to do, and this again is personal experience, I have spent the last year, I became really ill a year ago which was just baffling to me because for the last three years prior to that I had eaten this fantastic healthy nutritionally dense diet, I mean, as far from the standard American diet you can imagine.  Huge amounts of non-starchy veggies, healthy fats, nutrient dense proteins, I mean, I had been doing everything right, zero sugar, no soda, I mean, just what most people would consider this ridiculously healthy diet.  And year ago I became really, really ill and it was like how is this even possible and so I had spent the last, up until last July, I was just getting sicker and sicker and sicker.  And then in July I am like ok, I said traditional medicine is not helping me. I went to my regular doctor, he took blood tests. He said blood tests are all normal you are fine and I was barely able to function and I am like clearly I am not fine.  I can’t go to work, I can’t get up in the morning, I have suffered like twice of migraines in the past month. I have got psoriasis which has never gone away.  I have got all of these things but I am actually to the point now where I can barely function, something is wrong.  He said your blood is fine, you are fine.  So again, I fired him as well and I started down my own road of I am going to find out what is ailing me if it’s the last thing I do. And through that process of finding out I have absolutely come to agree with you Veronica that everybody needs to find out what is their thing and a one size fits all diet doesn’t work. So what you need to do before you even think about trying to lose weight is find out via a natural path or a doctor who gets it or someone who is involved in functional medicine, you need to find out what is your blocker.  And you need to get that cleared before you start to lose weight because in my experience you, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will not lose that weight if there is an underlying health issue like your thyroid is not firing on all cylinders, you adrenal glands aren’t working properly, your liver is overloaded, you have got some genetic wrinkle like I do. Once you fix that, everything else becomes easy.  So I love how you introduced that, even though you didn’t know what I was going to say. It was just so perfect

Veronica: It’s wonderful because Carrie I love absolutely what you are doing, we were like coming down on a break where we got a break and I am going to say goodbye but I just want to promote you more because you have a great blog.  Carrie is one of those people, I was just kind of surfing the internet, I am always looking for interesting guests and I found her, Carrie Brown, Carriebrown.com, Carriebrown.com. She  has some fascinating information on her website, she travels, it’s just, you know, it’s just regular every day that you can just read it and enjoy it and laugh and watch her adventures. And she also has some great cookbooks and great tips so that you can learn how to live every day.  Now, I am going to than Carrie because Carrie just gave a great commercial for what I do.  I mean, you know, I am, and Carrie says, well, how did you know, how did you introduce me.  Well, I am an intuitive, I am a medical intuitive but I am an intuitive and so I get what is going on with energy.  So know, I had no idea how Carrie was not going to answer that question but you know ah, I really did.  So let me just tell you that for people who are listening and they want to find out how do I figure out how do I figure out how to do all of this.  Go to drVeronica.com, if you are in this my geographical location, I do talks all the time when these types of things go to my website, drVeronica.com, look under events.  But, if you say, I am far from you Dr. Veronica, what do I do?  I do webinars all the time, you can tune in on the internet and see the webinars but I also offer free breakthrough sessions for people to figure out what is going on because I can figure out what’s going on a lot with people just from sitting and talking to them. So I want to thank Carrie Brown, I want to thank my co-host Russell.  We are listening to Wellness for the Real World.  I am Dr. Veronica.

Female VO: Thank you for listening for the Wellness Revolution podcast.  If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into you live visit www.drVeronica.com. See you all next week, take care.


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