Ep 10: Transform Your Body with results that Last Forever

“I believe that we all, at the core of who we are, are in a state of abundance”

     Shana Ekedal     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Shana Ekedal on how to Transform Your Body with Results that Last Forever.

Do you crave for results that will last forever? CTNC, Holistic Nutrition Expert and Transformation Coach, Shana Ekedal is an educator and a trailblazer in the area of mind, body, and spirit wellness. Her deepest purpose is to release women from the fears, doubts and insecurities that hold them back, so they can be fully present to their own vibrant energy, access their gifts, and share them powerfully with the world.

In this episode, Shana talks about how she took back her health after healing skin cancer and sickness. She teaches us how to take back our health, overcome negative patterns and create a future we deserve. Listen to the end for the four pillars to helping you keep long lasting results.

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10: Show Notes

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Show Notes:

05:15 – The story behind the name Shana Ekedal
08:45 – From real estate agent to nutritionist
11:45 – Healing skin cancer and sickness
12:45 – Shana’s life changing decision
19:45 – Identifying others energy
23:23 – Taking back your health
25:50 – Overcoming negative patterns
37:00 – Are you too poor to be healthy?
41:50 – Taking care of yourself
43:30 – Creating your future energy
45:10 – Four pillar energy cleanse
48:25 – Aligning to your highest self


Full Transcript

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: Hi, Dr. Veronica back to you for another edition of Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. And so we’re going to find out more today about how your mind and spirit, your energy is affecting your body. So many people say, “Why can’t I lose weight? What’s going on? I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried every single diet.”

I had a lady come to me with coaching and she said, “I tried the no-food diet.” But not only are you laughing at that but what happened is she went to a practitioner who basically withdrew practically everything from her. She said, “I just couldn’t stick with it.” And I was like, “You shouldn’t stick with something like that. That’s ridiculous.”

She felt she had hit a moral failing because she couldn’t be on what we termed that we were laughing by the end of the session, the no-food diet. No, that’s not how it has to be. Other people, I had a session with a lady earlier today, I was like, “What is your problem? “Well, I can’t exercise. I don’t feel like I don’t have any energy. I’m exhausted all the time. I get to the end of the day, I just can’t go to the… I know if I got to the gym it would be okay.” “Have you ever gone to the gym?” “Actually two years ago I hired a trainer and I stuck with it faithfully every day for three weeks. And then I weaned off and I went a little bit more. And by four months I was completely done.” “What happened over those three weeks and four months? Did anything happen?” “No, I stayed exactly the same and I was so good at what the trainer told me to do but nothing was happening.” “Think about it. You worked with a trainer. You do what you’re supposed to do for three weeks with no result. And you think, I just can’t do this. Is that’s what’s going on?” “No, it’s a little bit bigger than that.” And this is what we’re going to talk to you today.

You have to listen carefully. I’m giving you the warning right now to go get your pencil and paper so that you can write down some information. I want you to be prepared. And I’m going to give it to you several times so that you know it. But Shana Ekedal, she’s going to tell the story. She just told me the story behind her name. So she’s going to have to tell the story behind her name as we start this interview.

Shana Ekedal helps people that get into these issues where they’ve tried everything including the right nutrition and even exercise plans and they still don’t lose weight because there’s a little bit more going on. And this has nothing to do with diet and exercise. How about that? A way to lose weight without diet and exercise. There’s some things that happen very simple.

Have you ever heard of somebody that just shifted their mind and all of a sudden the weight started falling off? It can happen. When you’re blocked and you’re toxic emotionally and spiritually, you hold on to stuff. How do you get rid of those blocks? How do you even find out what those blocks are? Shana Ekedal is the person that you want to…

I’m telling you to get your pencil and paper because I want you to be able to write her website so you can find her. That’s the purpose of coming to the Wellness Revolution, so that you can have a revolution and a transformation.

Shana Ekedal, I’m going to spell it for you then I’m going to introduce the beautiful lady to you. And I’m going to say it again, at the end, in the middle so you know. Shana Ekedal, did i do it right Shana?

Shana: Yeah, you got it.

Dr. Veronica: Yes, shanaekedal.com is where you find her. We say why has she got such a complicated name and a website and everything like that? So you’ll remember. So you’ll wait again and you’ll run now and get your pencil and paper because you know it’s not something you would just remember off the top of your head. But you want this information.

Shana is a holistic nutritional expert. There are a lot of those out there, really, there really are. You’ve been to a nutritionist. That ain’t what’s special about her. She’s a transformational coach but she works with your frequency, your energy. Now that’s really special.

Shana, she’s a trailblazer. She’s got the science behind her. She’s got the education, and the training, and the paper on her wall. But what makes her get results in her 30-day frequency program, is that what it’s called? The Frequency Cleanse, what makes her get results. And she even has a book for this. She does it totally differently than everybody else. Shana, welcome to the Wellness Revolution.

Shana: Thank you. I’m so happy to be here. It’s my pleasure.

Dr. Veronica: Shana, first, I said you got to tell the story behind your name. First, tell the story behind your name just so we get to know you a little bit.

Shana: Yes, of course. My parents were having a hard time deciding on a name. In fact one of my parents, my mom actually wanted the name Wendy and my father wanted the name Jennifer, and they couldn’t come to an agreement.

The funny backstory that I didn’t share with you but I’ll share with you now is they were both teachers. And so they had to have all these students over many, many years. And they couldn’t agree, when they have a bad student they have a bad connotation with the name. And so they couldn’t find the name where both of them liked the name because this person have this student, and this person had that student, and so how are they going to name me.

And it turns out they saw this name as Shana on a paper and they both looked out at the same time and said, “We’ll name her Shana.” And the funny story is that the girl’s name was actually Jana. My whole life I basically had a name that was spelled wrong. It is like Shana as if it had a W in it but it’s spelled like Shana.

Dr. Veronica: Shana.

Shana: Exactly.

Dr. Veronica: Your last name, Ekedal is just as unusual. Give us a little bit about the last name.

Shana: My last name is my husband’s last name. It’s a Norwegian last name. The funny story on that I’ve never had an easy name. In my next life I’m going to be named John Smith or something because I have had names. My maiden name is actually Clasamen which is a Croatian name. And then I married my lovely husband Travis and his last name is Ekedal. I’ve just had across the board names that are difficult to spell and say.

Dr. Veronica: We have that in common. But I was born with an easy name, Anderson, which is why I continue to use it [Unintelligible 00:07:15]. Or people just call me Dr. Veronica. I’m on my second marriage. My first husband had a complicated name. My husband currently has a complicated name.

It’s very interesting because I’m just like, “I keep picking these men with these complicated names.” Your name does say something about who you are. Your birth name talks about what your life path is going to be. But when you take on different names it actually tells about your purpose in life.

I have a woman. I’m going to bring her on to the wellness revolution. She’s what’s called a namologist. She tells people what their life purpose, path, and spiritual journey is based on their name, and their name at the time and their birth name, and all that type of stuff.

They could just look at your name, not even Google you and tell you all kinds of things about you that’s interesting. Because you have a similar type of name. You have three E’s in your name. I have five E’s in my name. E’s are very important. It means that you’re meant to be a teacher. I’d love to see what your middle name is to see if you have more E’s.

Shana: My middle name is Lee.

Dr. Veronica: So you’ve got the five E’s going on in there too. What we’re talking about, people have different paths and different things that are going on with them. We’ve started out with the name story because that was a part of your journey, your path with your parents choosing, and actually you choosing what your path a lot in life was going to be.

And so you went from being a nutritionist which is just kind of run of the mill. You say holistic. It’s just like, to me every nutritionist is holistic. I’ve met all kinds and I think is rather boring. Food is important but most of the time I meet nutritionist and people have been to them without getting results. Tell me about your nutrition story. How did you come upon going into nutrition?

Shana: Basically this has not been something I’ve done my entire life by any means. I actually came to it from my own personal journey. I had a long-term career in the real estate industry and worked up very high in the industry. I was in commercial finance and I worked very long hours. I worked with the big boys. I was a young girl and it was difficult and stressful. I wasn’t feeding myself right. I wasn’t take great care of myself. I had a lot of stress.

From the time I was a child I really had a difficult relationship with food. My parents divorced at the age of 10 and I began eating and overeating to numb those feelings, that pain that I was too young to know at all what to do. And so throughout my teen years and my 20’s I just did anything and everything I could to maintain an exterior look. And I’m not even aware what was going on on the inside of my body.

When I turned about 30 years old it’s like everything started to fall apart. I started to have a string of small health issues. And I knew intuitively, I’ve always been very, very intuitive even as a small child. I was born that way. I knew it was a wakeup call. I knew that my life was not going to be the same. I have these feelings like this is a turning point in my life.

I went to a doctor and I asked him and I said, “I know a lot of people just want to come in to take a pill. I actually want to fix my body and I want to know how to do it because I’m way too young to be having this happen.” And he looked at me and it’s like he didn’t know what to say. He just had this blank look. He handed me a prescription and I left the room. And in that [No audio 00:11:07] do this.

I’ve always been into research. I researched a lot in college. That researcher in me came alive and I said, “I will figure this out. If nobody knows how to help me I’m going to figure it out.” I really went on a seven year journey of first trying to heal my physical body and then learning it was so much more than that. Working with healers on the emotional stuff I had been through in my childhood and the mental blocks that I had, certain things in my life, and really starting to look at mind, body, spirit, soul, the whole picture.

When I was finally able to come to a place of healing in my physical body other people started showing up saying, how did you do this and how do I do this. It’s a really natural evolution. And at some point in that process when I started working with energy and understanding how everything is connected, I said this is my purpose. This is why I’m here. And this is what I have to give to people. And so I just started sharing it and having incredible, powerful results for people.

Dr. Veronica: Shana, what kind of health problems were you having specifically?

Shana: I started getting skin cancer. I have two scars on my face. I have numerous scars on my body. And it was happening in such rapid succession. And so certainly there was issues with my immune system going on. I was getting sick all the time to the point where I was terrified if someone else was sick in the room. I would just catch illnesses like crazy. And I just felt exhausted and I couldn’t function in the same I used to function. Like my brain wasn’t working like it used to. I was tired on all fronts, emotionally tired, mentally tired, physically tired, and not at a normal state. This went on for a long time. It was something where rest wasn’t going to change it. That was a lot of what was going on.

Dr. Veronica: You were going to traditional Western doctors, probably a lot of them that had the great paper on the wall. They really didn’t know what was going on. But what was your wakeup call that, I got to do something different. Was there an event where you said, “This is ridiculous, I got to change.”

Shana: They kept giving me prescriptions and I have never really wanted to be on medication, and certainly not multiple prescription. That didn’t resonate with me. And so I started taking a few of the medications but… The real wakeup call was the first skin cancer on my nose. I have a scar that runs down the middle of my nose.

I kind of took it as a sign like we will not be ignored. When you have something on your face like a surgery right down the middle of your nose it’s kind of like the universe saying to you, you will pay attention. That’s how I took it. It wasn’t on my arm or my leg where it wouldn’t have mattered. That woke me up. I was like, “Wait a second, am I going to…? Is this going to keep happening? Am I going to have more scars on my face? At what point am I going to start listening to my body and not…”

Sometimes in life we just overrun our tiredness, or we overrun that we don’t feel good and we just keep going and keep going. And that’s what I was doing. And it catches up with you. That’s what was happening for me.

Dr. Veronica: What do you think the significance behind… You know I do medical intuitive work and I want to hear your perspective on… What do you think the significance is of three things, one, cancer, two, skin, three, right here on the middle of your nose. Those are three different signals going on. One is cancer, two is it’s on your skin which says something about what’s going on in your energy system. And three exactly where it is, right here where you can’t ignore it, in a certain energy area. What do you get from that now?

Shana: I think a lot of the cancer had to do with anger, unexpressed anger, unexpressed emotion that I was feeling for things. And I wasn’t really comfortable with being angry or how to express that effectively. And so I feel like I had bottled up so much emotional stuff that I wasn’t even present that it was bottled up. I was at the point where I was so shut off to what was going on inside of me. Again, I was working seven days a week. I was very much in the doing this of life and not in the being this of life. So that was going on for me.

I feel like I was not at all taken care of the inside and it was seeping to the outside. So literally the inside of my body for so long had been neglected that it was kind of… It’s like when you are dirty inside eventually it’s going to seep to the outside. I felt like all of that trapped emotion, all of the anger and the sadness, and all of that stuff that I had experienced from childhood it just kept bottling up, and it had nowhere else to go. I wasn’t going to verbalize it or express it, and it had to come out somewhere.

And I feel like I had had other spots on my body but that wasn’t enough for me to listen. And so I really felt like when it came on my face and out of my nose I was like… It’s like the universe knew I was going to pay attention to that, and that I wasn’t going to. I could’ve ended up with 20 scars on my body and I really wouldn’t have thought a thing about it.

Dr. Veronica: It’s true. So you healed yourself. What did you do? Because you’re a holistic nutritionist. Was that your first approach to just say, “I’m going to change the way I eat and that’s going to fix it.” What did you do first, because a lot of times people come and they’ll say, “Okay, I’m going to clean up my diet.” Or they say, “I eat clean or I’m eating healthy already. I’ve done everything.” What was your [Unintelligible 00:17:17] at that point?

Because usually the first approach isn’t to look at your emotions even though you know it’s causing a problem. That’s not your first approach. We reject that here over there in the west a lot of times even though we know it’s relevant. What did you first do?

Shana: Food was my first access point. And I actually made food as a great access point to different levels of consciousness, different levels of accessing your own energy, different levels of understanding if you will. And when we start to clean out the inside of our body I believe we’re able to bring more energy and light through our system which then you’re able to have more awareness. It just kind of comes hand in hand.

When I started learning more about diet, cleaning up my diet, and really… There’s all kinds of different healthy, right? Healthy is like a really broad word. Some people think healthy is just eating packaged, low calorie foods. That’s healthy.

There’s always different definitions of healthy and I started to explore all of them to some degree and then really settling on whole foods, eating close to nature, less processed foods. That’s what really started to resonate for me. Since we do eat food all day long, every day, it’s a really effective access point.

There’s nothing else that we really do as often. You have to eat to live and we do it all day long, every day. We don’t always do other things every day all day long. As I started to clean my body out I just found that I started kind of being more aware of subtle energy, more aware of my emotional states, my mental states. There was a different level of [Unintelligible 00:19:00]. Like I said before I wasn’t really looking. I wasn’t seeing because I wasn’t even in that level of consciousness. And so that just started to open up for me.

And then certainly after Western, seeking out healers that understood emotions, and energy, and things like that. Because when I was doing the food that wasn’t the end of the line. That didn’t do it. That wasn’t it. There was more to the story. And at that point my intuition really kicked in. I started listening to my intuition, my own inner guidance which I so believed then that we each have our own and it’s very strong. And if we can listen to it more often and follow it, it is our road map.

And so I started to listen to that even when other people would say, “What’s that you’re doing? This is silly.” I really felt strongly about it. I did it. I call it following the bread crumbs. Life would say, “Do this. Go here. Do this. Go here.” And so I just followed that path, and took me on the huge journey. And it took me to my own health. It was powerful.

Dr. Veronica: After the food with the journey what comes next? How did you get into… We get from somebody who has skin cancer to somebody who helps people change energy. When did you start training, or doing, or… You did the food stuff, okay. This isn’t it. When did you start getting into… There’s something else going on with me and I got to fix that to the I teach other people how to fix it.

Shana: It happened as a progression. I first started helping people with the nutrition aspect of things. But as my awareness got bigger and bigger I started to realize it’s who I really am, which was interesting. When I was a child I sensed energy. I actually even saw energy as a child and things like that.

But I had kind of disowned that part of myself. Nobody really understood it in my family. It wasn’t something that somebody else connected with. I didn’t live out of that for most of my life. But come to look back on doing real estate what I was able to do and what I’m able to do now in the health and wellness space is I was able to kind of see into people.

When I was doing real estate when it was coming time to negotiate things I was able to see what people needed so that they didn’t get stuck in the negotiation process. And I was able to experience people’s mental and emotional states, where they were in life, what had happened to them, what their triggers are, and how to help move them beyond that. Because everybody’s answer is not the same. What helps one person move beyond something is not what helps another person.

And so I used it in my career but I wouldn’t have identified it. I didn’t think it was different than what anybody else did. And until I started going through my own healing process it started to get louder for me and it started to get more prominent for me. And then when I started working people on food and nutrition I started going, “Wow, I’m doing something else here.” I’m helping them because I see where they’re blocked, what’s in the way. I started talking to them and going deeper into what’s happened in their life.

The way it occurs for me is like highlighting a book. If you were reading a book and you read an important part, you highlight it and then it stands out to you. When someone is talking to me and they say something, maybe they share something that happened in their childhood, it will get highlighted for me. I’ll go, “Right there. It’s something. There’s a lot of energy on that.” And I just keep asking questions and we go deeper into that.

And a lot of times people have ways that they look at things that are a detriment to them and they hold on to them energetically. It’s in their physical body even energetically. There needs to me movement around that. The energy is built to move. It’s not meant to stay stagnant in the body.

And so when I’m able to kind of really get some movement around stuff is when people really see results start happening. Or that energy is not like this rock anymore. It’s like they’re starting to see maybe it isn’t the way they thought it was. Maybe the things that they made up aren’t really true about themselves. Maybe an event that happened doesn’t have the significance that they thought it did. It’s just looking at these different areas and the things that we hold on to in life and getting some movement to that energy.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. Getting people to let go of their stories, very challenging. People cling to their stories, whether it be, “My life is crappy because my parents got divorced at 10. Or I feel abandoned because, this is my story, my father went off and married my mother’s best friend and forgot about me. Or I was abused and I could never get over that.” But people do get over these things and have their health or take back their health.

Tell us a little bit more about some of the things that people can just start on the path they’re doing to start taking back their health. One is it’s all a story. It’s not good or bad. It’s all a story. But what do you tell people to start off?

Shana: Same thing, there’s something that happened and then there’s the meaning you put on that. So you have two kids that grow up in the same household and let’s say the same event happened to them, one child is going to make one meaning of that event that happened and another child’s going to make another meaning of that. And they can be totally polar opposite.

And so we start to get movement and just realizing that, that like you said it’s all a story. I think it’s beautiful in a way because I think that the way that human beings are built is such that we’re not built that we can see all of our own stuff. It almost breeds relationship. It breeds that we need other people to reflect back to us aspects of ourselves that we don’t know are there or can’t see.

When it’s in the dark we can’t see stuff behind us. We can’t do anything about it. When we can bring it into the light, when we can bring it forward and we can look at it that’s where we have the chance to actually make different choices from that and see it for what it is.

And so it’s really a process of starting to… It’s scary to look at things that we don’t want to look at. There’s a reason we eat food. There’s a reason we aren’t healthy. There’s a reason we do these things to keep the lid on the emotions and the mental stuff, and the things from our past that we’ve been through. It’s not fun to experience that emotion. There’s a reason why we held it in.

And so it takes an element of courage, and it takes an element of trusting someone I believe that’s going to walk you through that process, that’s going to help you gently take that lid off little by little so that you can see what’s underneath it that’s holding you back. I’ve held clients’ hands in my office while they have emoted about things that happened 20 years ago. It’s been stuck in their body and it just needs and wants to come up and out. It doesn’t want to stay stuck there. You don’t want it to stay stuck there. But we don’t really provide in our society a safe place for people to do that. People don’t know where to go.

Dr. Veronica: Just talk a minute, because you have people who’ve had these really hard, devastating things happen in life. I have a friend who his wife died when he had a young child. Years later, I think a lot, he’s still putting up pictures of their wedding. She’s long gone. I’m looking at him saying, “Oh wow, he’s so really stuck.” Somebody might say, “Of course he’s going to be really stuck. His young wife died.” But on the other side I’m looking and saying, “Well, he’s just setting himself up for illness.” That’s what I’m saying, not moving past that particular time in life.

And so you’re saying, “That’s easy for you to say, Dr. Veronica. It wasn’t your wife who died. It’s easy for you to say. It wasn’t you who was sexually abused when you were one. It’s easy for you to say. You didn’t have this happen.” But we all have some kind of story, some kind of suffering in our life. When we talk about people emoting I see people who emote over, and over, and over, and again, and again, over whatever it is. What do you say to people like that?

Shana: This is where the energy comes in. There’s low vibration energy. I’m sure you teach people and know about. And there’s high vibration energy.

Dr. Veronica: Hold on. We got to step back. We’re talking about it over and over but you just said energy, low vibration, high vibration. As you’re talking about this people are saying, “Energy, what is energy?” We’re not in science class here. We’re not doing a lecture. We’re not doing circuitry here. We’re not doing engineering. What do you mean by energy? What do you mean by vibration?

There’s a tuning fork. What does that all mean? When you answer this about over and over and over again they’re resonating at that really low energy level, that’s a problem.

Shana: I don’t even like to talk about energy in a scientific standpoint because it is and everybody’s brain shuts off. But when we stay, let’s just call it negative patterns. I’m going to equate what I call low energy with negative patterns. When we stay in a negative pattern we keep re-injuring and re-experiencing in a cyclical manner over and over again.

When we can rise out of that experience I’ll call it into what I call higher energy patterns struggle does not exist. We don’t stay in that repeating energy pattern over and over again. That’s part of the work I do. I’m not sure exactly how to guide people to do that on their own. It’s something that happens in a process, probably that you work with clients with and that I work with clients with.

But I can say that in general cleaning out your body is like a great starting point for starting to access more. But I think that’s a great starting point across the board. I’m not all about exercise more and eat less and stuff. That’s not my teaching. But I do think that fueling your body with the fuel that it’s built to run on does change things for people. It’s the beginning stage of opening up to different awareness, for sure.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. Low energy, high energy. I’m going to help you clean out your energy. People don’t even understand necessarily that everything vibrates at a particular thing. This is what it is. This is how the world works. Everything’s particular energy even for your health and healing. I tend not to wear black because things can’t get through it. I’m not going to get the best healing.

People like to wear the little black dress or black whatever, I’m like I have very few black things in my wardrobe because of energy. And so do you teach people about things that other task or other ways that they could also promote their healing through things like the clothes that you wear. I’m looking in your room with the flowers around you. I’m looking and saying, she’s got a nice, vibrant blue, and there’s the nice background, and there’s the flower over there. [Unintelligible 00:31:22]

Shana: Yeah, I do. I teach people about… It’s like we’re just not conscious of what we have in our environment. We’re not conscious of what we put on our body. The negativity that we take in even on TV, in our Facebook feeds, all of this stuff is coming into our system. It’s through our eyes, through our ears, through our senses. And we’re so desensitized to it that we don’t even realize how it affects us.

There’s not any part of a person’s life we don’t talk about because I truly believe to heal yourself physically even if you’re just thinking about hearing yourself physically to disregard the mental, to disregard the emotional, to disregard these other aspects of self, the spirit, is like cutting off an arm. How can you? We are all together. We are a whole person. How can we not look at all these different aspects of self?

How can we simply fill our body with a meal plan, and I think we proved that we can’t. Because if it was that simple… There are hundreds, if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of meal plans out there, why are people still struggling with their weight? If it worked you and I would be out of job, we’d be on a beach somewhere.

Dr. Veronica: Because I just don’t have enough discipline, that’s the answer.

Shana: Right. And I think there’s stuff beneath that. When people say I just can’t stick to things, that’s a mindset, that’s energy for me. And that is something you can break up. When people say, “I don’t have enough discipline,” there’s something beneath that. It’s so much easier to say I don’t have enough discipline and stop the conversation and to go to what the truth is. It’s beneath I don’t have enough discipline.

And we all do that in all areas of life. We just say, “I can’t do that or I don’t have the energy to do that.” I had a client the other day tell me, “I just don’t know if I have the energy to take this on.” And after an hour of session we got to all the reasons why it’s exhausting for her to think about food. It goes back to a number of things that happened in her childhood.

And that’s why her experience of talking about being healthy is exhausting. But she didn’t know that. She doesn’t know that stuff is underneath there. She just knows that she feels exhausted by talking about health, and food, and whatever. But there’s always something underneath it. There’s always a belief system or something’s happened in your life that’s causing you to be like…

Because when you say I just can’t commit to something, it’s like a block. “I’m not open to listening to this or I can’t do it.” It’s a block, like I can’t, done, I don’t want to talk about it. Whenever we have that kind of a strong attitude about something there’s something beneath it. And we can’t see that.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. I talk to people all the time where I won’t take people in my program unless they’re already ready. It doesn’t mean it’ll have any blocks but they have to be ready to commit and implement at the time that I’m talking to them. And if they’re not ready to commit and implement there’s something else going on. And I’m not going to take them in because they’re not going to be successful.

When they’re really ready to get results, I’m like, “Twelve weeks we’re going to get you results and you’ll be amazed.” But if they’re not, no. I got a lady today I was talking to. She was interested in changing her life she said. The caveat is if it’s anything that’s going to interfere with you paying for the college of my kids I can’t do it. But I’m trying to put myself behind everybody else. I’m exhausted. “How long have you been exhausted?” Nineteen years. “When’s the last time you felt good?” I had a hysterectomy last week and this last week is the best I’ve ever felt because I slept the entire week. I’m exhausted. I said, “If you get to have one thing that you want to take care of what do you want to take care of?” I’m just so tired. My mind is not focused. I need a new job. I can’t even get a new job because I don’t have the energy to even go look. But by the way if it’s going to be anything, I always put myself behind everybody. It’s my time now. But by the way, if it’s going to interfere with anything that has to do with my kids I’m not going to do it. What do you say to somebody like that?

Shana: Those are the blocks that we put in place. Those are the limitations. That’s how we hold ourselves back. I believe that we all at the core of who we are, are in a state of abundance. It is only the lack and the limitation and the belief systems of other people, all this stuff that we incorporate. When we’re born into this planet we’re born to people.

And those people have realities and belief systems and to survive at a fundamental level we incorporate ourselves into those realities and belief systems. They actually believe that part of growing into an adult is having to identify what’s yours and what’s theirs. What resonates with me is different than my family system and how do I… Me, if my family system wasn’t healthy how do I get healthy, separate from that and starting to think in a different way.

A lot of people are born to families and they feel like maybe they’re an artist in the family with scientists and you just feel like, I don’t even belong here. These are not my people. They don’t get me. And so it’s really a journey of figuring out who you really are and peeling away those lack and limitation things. Because we don’t see that there’s infinite possibility.

I tell my clients, in any one area of life, pick any one area of life, we tend to say… Let’s say someone lost their job and they’re like, I’m going to find a new job and I want it to be with this company. And I’m going to go after this position within this certain company. And we get hyper focused on that. And we cut off all other possibilities because we’re obsessed with getting that job with that company.

And then when that doesn’t work out we fall to pieces because the world’s over. I didn’t get the job with the right company. Meanwhile, the universe could be saying, “We’ve got the job for you over here. We’ve got a job for you over here. We’ve got all these other opportunity but you’re so focused like this on this one thing that you’ve cut off your abundance. You’ve cut off all the possibilities by saying, “I want to do this but I can’t afford it.” You’re just cutting off the possibility of how incredible it is to work with you and what might actually happen.

Dr. Veronica: That’s the most common excuse, “I can’t afford it. I don’t have money. I got to pay for college.” That’s the most common excuse. I have to do this and so therefore… The question is what’ll happen? Will you kids really not have their college tuition paid? There’s all kinds of ways to get college paid for. You could take out a loan for college. There’s so many different ways that college can get paid for.

And guess what, if you stay sick you’re not available there for your kids, and your husband, and your everybody. But if you don’t get it, the most common excuse people use is finances. We say that’s just reality, but is it? Because what do we know about reality? I know when we say finances and people use it as an excuse, the average income in America of families is $51,000 or something like that for a family of four. The same family of four will take a trip to Disney and spend $5,000. So when you say I can’t afford it, what do you mean? For something frivolous you can.

Find the money. You’ll be creative in producing it. You’ll sell things on eBay that are sitting in your closet for a long time. You will figure out, you will find that uncle, or that relative, or that sister… I’ve had people come into my office with their parent and say, “I’ll pay for it for you.” Or they’re unemployed but they say, “I have enough money in my savings. This is important for me.

But on the other side I have people that say, “I’m unemployed. I got money in my savings and because I’m unemployed I can’t spend it right now. And so therefore I’m going to stay sick.” Yet, part of them being unemployed is because they are sick. When you’re sick enough you become resourceful on how you’re going to get past those money hurdles, aren’t they?

Shana: I find too that it’s like people do not have the experience of the world rising up to meet you. Because when you get really intent on having something in your life, creating the money to get well, or whatever, miracles do happen. When things show up, I’ve had this happen so many times in my life and I share this stories of clients because it’s super powerful to know that when you focus, you’re intent…

Let’s say you want to get well and someone wants to work with you and maybe they don’t directly have the money sitting in their account but they say, “You know what, it means everything to me to work with Dr. Veronica and I’m going to make this happen,” you would be surprised how money shows up. Let’s say you’ve talked to someone and they’re like, “I’ll give you a little bit of money and you would’ve never thought to ask them before. And they’re totally excited for you and they want you to get well. Or you could be at your job and all of a sudden they decide to give out some random bonus.

Things like that happen for people. They happen all the time in my practice. They’ve happened to me personally. I think it’s the world’s way of saying, “Look, if you really want something and you go after that we’re going to support you in that.”

Dr. Veronica: But I’m poor, and everybody I know is poor. I’ve amazed at the resourcefulness of people. When people say, “Why is it always about money?” It’s not always about money. Money is energy exchange, and it’s energy exchange that we know about and how to work with. That’s why it’s about that.

But also when people really think it’s important that’s how I know people really think it’s important. The reason why people are sick is because when it’s free you just go do it and you don’t care about it a lot. But when you go to the store and you buy it I know what you think is important based on what you buy.

Shana: I’ll tell you a really funny story about that years and years ago. I was in a class and they used to give out the textbooks for free. And I’ve come to this class. It’s been around for years. And they make us pay $250 for these textbooks. At that time it was crazy. Everybody was complaining and were like, why.

And the teacher on the first day he got up and he said, “I used to give this away for free and I could still give them away for free. But half of the class would leave them here underneath their chair because there was no value on that. When they got them for free they didn’t care about them. The fact that you just paid $250 and you think it’s a crazy amount of money, nobody leaves their textbook here.” That was really powerful. When he said to me it was very interesting. The fact that people put so much forth to buy those textbooks meant they took care of them.

Dr. Veronica: Were they decided to spend their hard earned money?

Shana: Yeah.

Dr. Veronica: We all are working hard. And so I respect when people spend their hard earned money because it says to them, “This is really important. This is more important than my house renovation. This is more important than my vacation. My kid’s college tuition, we’ll get a parent loan and we’ll defer it for a while.” There’s always a way with that.

Everybody always uses money as an excuse. I’m sure you have people like that. And on the other part is it should be paid for by the system. Well, on the other side that comes with the responsibility of taking care of yourself. What do you tell the people about the responsibility of taking care of themselves?

Shana: I have a term called radical responsibility and I teach it through and through. We live in a culture where… and I hate to say this word because some people take it differently, where we feel like we’re the victim of things. We feel like life happens to us. Life is doing it to us. We have no control over it.

So many times when you hear people speak on different subjects, and maybe they only feel like a victim in one area of their life and they’re powerful in other areas. It’s different for different people. But I actually talk about getting in the driver seat of life where you realize that you are the creator of your life and not the victim of other people’s influences.

Because when we start relating to life as we’re the victim… I can’t because this person won’t let me. You know how the world is. It’s just this way. Therefore I can’t have what I want. I don’t have the money. I’m broke. All those things, do you feel the disempowerment in that that the sitting in the back seat, like this is just something… It’s my reality and I can’t do anything about it.

The truth is we’re all powerful creators and we can create our way out of anything. There are millions of stories of people who had nothing and built something incredible. There are tons of stories of people who are in terrible relationships and then had a wonderful relationship. It’s all over the place. But the difference is that they believe they could. They saw that they could create something different than what they came from, and they took action on that.

Likely a lot of those people have stories of people that started to take action and people stepping up and saying, “Hey, I’ll help you.” We all love to help people that are on a good path. Like I said, the world will show up for you if you start showing up for yourself.

Dr. Veronica: It’s true. You tell people you have a 30-day frequency cleanse. Is that what it’s called? shanaekedal.com, 30-day frequency cleanse. It talks about raising your energy. Talk a bit about that because these are the blocks that make or break people. Talk a bit about it.

Shana: We all know what it feels like to… Everybody’s had at least one time in their life they feel amazing. They feel good. Whether they get in a new love relationship, or they’ve lost weight, or they have something extraordinary going on and we just feel unstoppable at those moments. And that’s energy. You’ve got this surge of love in your life or this surge of success in your life. It just feels like nothing can go wrong at those moments.

And so this really is a program about connecting us to that energy and connecting us to what I like to think of as our highest self, our best self that we can be. And how to be that creator in the world, how to look at our life and say, “I’m not the victim of these things, of what happened to me in the past, or even my health right now.”

I have the power to create into my future. Today is today but tomorrow can be a new day and I can create that. And so I take people through a journey of how to first start putting healthy stuff in their diet because I believe that that’s the beginning to start really connecting on a deeper level.

And then basically three-fourths to the program is really about ways to create a new way of living. To start experiencing life in a more positive manner. To start lining up with better energy. To start bringing in more of the goodness in life and not attracting all of the stuff that we don’t like.

Dr. Veronica: This is the question people… What exactly are we going to be doing for the [Unintelligible 00:47:10]? What exactly are we going to be doing for 12 weeks? What exactly are we going to be doing for four months? And my answer is I’m going to explain it to you in this hour consultation because that’s why it takes 12 weeks or  six months because it’s a journey.

But give a little bit of the synopsis. It’s like when people are with me it’s like a curriculum. It’s like you’re in college. I can say, “We’re going to go through these five areas. We’re going to talk about this. We’re going to hit it. It’s like chemistry. You’re going to do the didactic. You’re going to go to the lab. Your body’s the lab. And we’re going to work on these things.”

Can you give me more of a definition because people want to know what exactly you’re going to know. I get it. It’s going to take some time to go through this and so you can’t exactly in the next two minutes say everything. But tell people…

Shana: I’m going to give it a shot.

Dr. Veronica: Because all of a sudden it’s like, tell me exactly everything. I’m with the medical school for all those years. How am I supposed to tell you exactly in 15 minutes? But go ahead.

Shana: Exactly. I’ll give it my best shot. I’ll tell you, there are four pillars of the program. The first pillar is called truth. This is getting to the things that we were talking about earlier, the things we don’t see about ourselves. Kind of how-to’s on getting to that truth, the things that might be lying underneath the surface that are affecting us. It’s also getting to the truth about food and what’s really actually healthy. There’s so much misinformation out there, what exactly to fuel your body with so you can start opening up.

The second pillar is called release and that’s really where we start to work on the mental, emotional blocks. I take you through different exercises on how to see more of what you don’t see. We go through a whole section called your story which is kind of braking up that story pattern that we were talking about earlier.

In the third pillar it’s called experience. What I noticed is that people would experience life in a certain… Maybe someone’s negative and they just feel like they’re kind of negative people in their life, negative experiences. They’re really focused on the stuff that’s not working for them. And so experience is all about getting out there in the world and starting to exist in a different way than you have.

Let’s say we take the same way to work every day and we only drive that one way, simply by even taking a different way to work we’re going to see different things. We’re going to get outside of our box. What I notice is that people live in these very tight boxes. They don’t see the possibilities and they live with blinders on. We can’t see the good stuff out there. And so experience is all about getting on the ground, getting on the court, starting to experience life in a new way. I give you tons of activities to do that. And kind of just mix up that energy a little bit.

And then the fourth pillar is called align. This to me is one of the most important things because what happens people lose weight, or go on a health path, or following a meal plan, they end up having a result for a period of time and then going back and gaining the weight back or getting unhealthy again. And that’s because we don’t have community and we don’t have alignment with people that hold us to our highest self.

Let’s say you work with Veronica or myself and you start getting really positive in your life and you start losing weight, and you start feeling better, there are going to be people in your life that are uncomfortable with that. They don’t know you to be that person. And they start to question themselves because you’re looking better, feeling better, doing better, and they’re going, “Wait a second, you used to be my best friend, or my wife, or my husband. We used to commiserate together. Now you’re living a happy, positive life. Where does this leave me?”

And so I help people navigate that so that they can really stay consistent over the long term and build a healthy environment around their healthy self, which to me is how you get what I like to call forever results. Otherwise we start feeling beaten down by some of the stuff in our life and we kind of revert back to old habits. That’s in a nutshell. Does that help?

Dr. Veronica: Absolutely. For me it’s absolutely beautiful and I can see how you could need 30 days to walk through it. You got to have the time to be able to figure it out and digest it so then it’s not just about reading the book. I know you have a eBook people can get. If they got to shanaekedal.com. The Frequency Cleanse.

Shana, oh my gosh, because I remember it looks like Shana or Shana but it’s actually Shana. Because their parents wanted to make sure she had a positive association. So this is why she’s a wonderful person now because her parents picked carefully.

shanaekedal.com, The Frequency Cleanse, and this is about changing your energy. So any health changes you make can last permanently. If you don’t raise your vibration you’re not going to maintain whatever health change you make. If you do not raise your vibration you’re not going to lose weight. If you don’t raise your vibration, if you lose weight you’ll get something else. So you may lose weight but then something else will come along. I see people come in and they’re skinny and they still got a bunch of problems. It’s all the same thing.

Shana, however you want me to say it. Her whole life she’s had to deal with this. She gets it. She loves it, nice big beautiful smile.

Shana: I answer to anything, really.

Dr. Veronica: My husband has a name like that too. He’ll answer to anything because people pronounce it miserably. Anyway, I so appreciate you telling people how important their energy is and being on Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. Thank you very much.

Shana: Thank you. This was such a pleasure. You’re so much fun. This is a great conversation and I really enjoyed myself, so thanks.

Dr. Veronica: Hey everyone. I want to really thank you so much for listening to my new podcast, Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. I really enjoy helping others regain their health. So if this episode helps you, it can definitely help others. Do me a favor. Give us a five star review on iTunes to help me spread this message.

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