“The world needs our help and we need to step up and use our gifts”

     Jayne Sanders     

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Jayne Sanders on how hand analysis could influence your success.

Can the study of hands clarify your life purpose? An Advanced Scientific Hand Analyst with an MBA and over 25 years of corporate experience, Jayne Sanders integrates the power and science of hand analysis with expert and innovative purpose coaching to help people (and teams) discover and live who they really are, on purpose with what they were born to do, with great joy and deep fulfillment in life and work.

In this episode, Jayne will talk about a full scientific hand analysis, Dr. Veronica’s personal experience with hand reading and the 3 primary elements of hand analysis. Listen to the end for insight on how using your special gift can help light up your life like never before.

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Show Notes:

03:55 – Jayne’s backstory
07:30 – Dr. Veronica’s hand reading
10:00 – The science behind the system
12:00 – The 3 primary elements hand analysis
15:00 – Knowing your gift marking
21:00 – CEO clarity and management improvements
23:55 – Is this service good for you?
24:30 – Hand analysis over the internet
26:00 – Purpose life coaching


Full Transcript

Female VO: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Podcast, the radio show all about wellness in your mind, body, spirit, personal growth, sex, and relationships. Stay tuned for weekly interviews featuring guests that have achieved physical, mental, and spiritual health in their lives.

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Dr. Veronica: Here we are. I’m Dr. Veronica. Welcome to another episode of Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution. You’re going to enjoy this episode today because we’re going to talk about what’s in our hands. And so you guys know I do woo woo stuff now. And some of the woo woo stuff that I do now is directly as a result of the lady that I have on with me today. And you’re going to love this because I’ve sent clients to her and they’re so fascinated when they get information back. Sometimes the information is exactly what I figured out in them in a different way. I know, it all hooks together. But it’s about figuring out your purpose.

People have a lot of anxiety in their life. They’re unhappy. Why? Because they’re not on the right path and they don’t know how to get on the right path. And how do you know whether it’s the right path or the wrong path in the first place?

Well, you have a gut feeling. You know a lot of times where I’m not where I’m supposed to be. And I’ve been at those times where I’m not where I’m supposed to be, but where am I supposed to be and how do I get there? Guess what, some of this was written in your hands. And these are not just written in your hands from palm reading, looking at it and guessing, it’s because you have certain lines and patterns on your fingers, your palms that tell about what you were made to do, what your particular purpose is. You might want to call this your divine purpose.

Let’s jump right into it. I want to introduce to you Jane Sanders. I’m going to spell this for you because this is the day of Google so you have to know how to do it right. Jayne Sanders, precisionwisdom.com is her website. She does scientific hand analysis. We’re going to talk about what it is that’s scientific about it.

Jayne previously was in corporate America speaking and doing something that sounds good on paper but it wasn’t her life purpose. It wasn’t where she was supposed to be. She went searching for her own life purpose and found this science which you know all sciences also have some art involved in it but this is really science that’s very accurate which spoke to her. And now she is a world-renowned expert.

She does hand analysis all over and all kinds of people, corporate executives, CEO’s, and just regular people who want to figure out what do I need to do with my life, where do I go, and please give me some guidance. Even one of my favorite clients who went to her, 75, she says, “I really want to know what exactly I’m here to do.” Think about it. At 75 she knows my life is not over because there’s something still I have to accomplish. How do you figure that out?  And when you’re 75 you got to figure it out faster than when you’re 25. So, it’s written in your hands. Jayne, welcome to the Wellness Revolution.

Jayne: Thank you Dr. Veronica. Love working with you, you know that. We go way back.

Dr. Veronica: Yes. Tell us first how did you get into this. Give your background story, just because people like to hear, what gives you authority to speak about this?

Jayne: Yeah, and I’ll make it quick too because you gave them a lot of information. I’m an MBA corporate brat but I was never really happy in my work. And I didn’t know what else to do. I kept searching and trying other modalities, career coaches, books, and all this other stuff and nothing was helpful enough. Long story short really got serious about it after way too many years. Don’t waste your time doing that people, please. Trying to figure out myself.

I started to Google search on how do I find my life purpose. I read more books, worked with another career coach, it didn’t help. And then I saw a headline and the headline on Google said, “Discover your innate life purpose.” And I was like, “Yey, that’s for me.” I click on it and I saw hand analysis. I’m like, “Oh man, palm reading is fun but I know it will not give me my life purpose.” And then I saw the word scientific. And for the moment that appeased what I call my anal MBA skepticism.

I listened to the teleseminar, it was very credible and convincing, and I really wanted my purpose. So I got a hand analysis. It changed my life. It did not tell me I need to be a hand analyst. It’s not a job description, that would be cuckoo. But it was informative, deep, specific, and descriptive enough that I started taking action on the information. Doors started opening, clarities started coming. I asked the right people for help. And within three months I was like, “Oh my god, I have to make people feel the way I do.”

That’s what I meant to do, is help people feel inspired and passionate about their life and their work the way i feel. That is my purpose in a nutshell, is to help other people find their purpose. That’s not what it says but that’s what it means.

Dr. Veronica: I got to tell a little bit about the background of when we first met because I was sitting here just going back in time when that was. And we were at a conference which is for people who are CEO, business owner types, up and coming. And there’s people who are up and coming to people who are multi-millionaire, very successful, and just love entrepreneurship and ventures.

And so life would have it and because this was at a time where I was not admitting who I was exactly and what my gifts were I happen to go by this table with a friend, in a bar. I don’t go to bars and things like that, I just happen to go down to the bar where everybody was hanging out.

Jayne: In the hotel, so it wasn’t like on a strip.

Dr. Veronica: It was on a strip. And there’s these people sitting around this table and I see people making hand prints. And I was like, “What’s going on? What are you doing?” My one friend there said, “I want to get one too.” I said, “What does she do?” She’s like, “Jayne says I do scientific hand analysis.” And I’m like, “That sounds really interesting. I want one too.”

Mind you, at this table were a bunch of woo woo people. Even though I didn’t know I was sitting at the woo woo table. There’s a couple of people there who are very talented psychics and I remember sitting down at one table and across from Jayne, and the lady to her left says to me, “I can tell, you have visions don’t you? You can see and you know stuff about people.” She sat there and told me about what I do.

I didn’t even know how to respond because it’s almost like you’re outed. You know how the emperor has no clothes?

Jayne: You’re busted.

Dr. Veronica: I was outed but it was at a time where I was like I wasn’t saying anything. We have all these interesting woo woo talk but I’m still like, “No, I’m a doctor. We’re not talking about this kind of stuff.” I can tell some things and see but nobody cares about that kind of stuff. This is about hard science and nobody cares about it.

I print my hands with Jayne at the table, she looks and says, “Oh my god, you have some interesting things here. Let me give you a mini thing. And she tells me a few things and I’m like, alright. She says, “We’re not finished. We’ll make an appointment.” We make the appointment by phone. We had never met before, only at that time I did my hand print.

And when we got on that phone she proceeded to tell me almost like everything about me, and my life, and what I felt deeply. What I was meant to do and be, some of which I had strayed away from, some of which I just never wanted to admit. Like I was sitting at that table and was like, “What’s this got to do with anything? So what?”

Jayne: And what’s ironic Veronica is that, yes, I can see the woo woo in hands which is intuitive capability. But this work really is not woo woo. Even though I’m woo woo too the work is not. It really is scientific, that the lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain. Neurologists and geneticists are getting involved because there are similarities in families. And the work is so accurate and precise, that’s why my company’s name is Precision Wisdom. The work is so accurate that Forbes wrote an article about me and my work. It’s the true stuff.

And it answers those big questions, why do I do what I do. Why did people respond to me the way they do? Why do I feel the way I feel? Why am I unhappy? Why do I have this something missing in my life? Why don’t I have fulfillment, meaning, and joy which are what I was missing and what I found through this work. I just shouted from the rooftops. I’m so passionate about it.

Dr. Veronica: Tell a little bit more about the science behind it because I bring this to my audience because a lot of people are sick physically because there’s something underlying going on, a stress that’s emotional and spiritual. And sometimes we don’t know what it is or how to find it. And it’s not on the psychologist’s couch most of us had found. There’s something else out there and we feel like there’s something I don’t know. What is the science behind this a little bit more?

Jayne: The more that I can add to that is that the system was it’s more of a statistical reliability which is science. The gentleman that created this system spent 40 years, talk about anal, and analyzed over 15,000 pairs of hands, over 30,000 hands to put this database together.

It’s extraordinarily reliable. Enough so that let’s say for example he identified marker that five people that have this mark have the same characteristic. If the sixth person that had this mark came in and did not have this characteristic he would throw out the mark. That’s why it’s so accurate and so deep and profound.

Dr. Veronica: So he studied many years, 40 years, many hands. That really is a study.

Jayne: Oh yeah, it’s statistically reliable.

Dr. Veronica: Let me just say about studies. Most of the science that we allow ourselves to be treated with today doesn’t have 40 years behind it and 30,000 subjects in it. I just want to point that out to people. It may have hundreds, it may have a thousand, but not multiple, double digit thousands. All the drugs that we take, the surgeries that we do, not especially with one person looking over and over again. Tell us about some of the characteristics that you can see by looking at the lines in your hands.

Jayne: First of all, the three what I call, this my professional word, biggies. The three biggies that you get with what your hands have to tell you, there’s a blueprint in here for us. God tries to help us, spirit, source, universe, whatever your word is, it’s got this blueprint in our hands with all this information, we just got to figure it out.

Your innate life purpose, how you’re meant to make a difference in the world. The gifts you have to help you fulfill that purpose, special gifts. The blind spots or tripping points that are keeping you from living that purpose and from experiencing that more consistent joy, and fulfillment, and meaning, and abundance in your life it tells you and identifies your relationship style so that you can understand yourself in relationship so much better. And you get that with your primary romantic partner, or my gosh, it’s so helpful understanding each other. It kind of really helped my marriage frankly because we’re opposites in our relationship style and helped us really understand each other.

And you’re thinking style, your decision making style, your level of intuition, of creativity, any issues that are tripping you up. It could be intimacy things. Because there are many markings possible on all the major lines that tell us a lot I can see if there have been challenging childhood situations. I don’t know what they are, I just know that there was some poopoo going on or that happened, a challenge.

And that’s not even that helpful because people know that. It’s the other stuff about this is who you are, this is why you do what you do, this is why these things keep happening, why you keep feeling this way, why you keep stumbling over things, why life keeps kicking you in the butt, all this and then what to do about it. So it’s not just fascinating it’s actionable.

It’s not predictive at all. It’s really not woo woo. It’s not fortune telling, it’s not palm reading. The only prediction I do make is that I don’t care how good your life is now, if you take action on what your hands have to tell you it will only get better, period.

Dr. Veronica: I agree, because it changed the course of where I was at the time. And one thing I want to ask about is I had a friend. One time we were sitting in the spa and she was complaining about her child not getting into a gifted program. And you know how when you’re in these competitive places… Gifted program, I’m not saying there’s not some people who are intellectually way up there but on the other side how decide that and people getting it out of these things is based on some type of written test.

You gave a new definition to gifted. And so now when people say to you you’re gifted I know I truly am gifted. Explain what I’m talking about with the giftedness. Because if you want to know what your gift is, and even if you don’t necessarily have one of these gifts, doesn’t mean anything bad, but talk to us about what it really means to be gifted and how you can tell in people’s hands.

Jayne: Okay. What Dr. Veronica is referring to everyone is gift markings. Gift markings in the hands are indications of extra potential talent in different areas and they’re very important, for three reasons. I guess I can’t count.

Dr. Veronica: She has 12 of them or something like that.

Jayne: It’s up to 14 now, believe it or not. So that explains why my life is goofy. And you can grow them, so that’s what’s interesting. Really quickly, the fingerprints you’re born with they never change. And I got off-track, the three biggies are your life purpose, your life school, and your life lesson.

The life school is overarching energy of who are in the theme of your life. And the life lesson is the biggest tripping point, the number one thing that keeps people from living on purpose. What forms part of the purpose the way I do it is, and expanded statement are keywords from any gift markings. Gift markings are indications of extra potential talent. They’re important because most people on the planet don’t have one.

Anything that’s unusual or rare in hand analysis makes it very important. That said, I have a lot. I tend to attract people with gift markings. I have had one client out of over 1,300 that did not have a gift marking and he was very gifted in what he did. Not having a gift marking does not mean you’re not gifted, there are people with no gift markings who are making an amazing difference in the world. And people with 10 or 15 who suck because they’re not using their gifts. They’re stuck in their student paths. They’re not using their gifts and making the difference they’re meant to make. And it’s hard to use them when you don’t know what they are.

They’re important because they’re relatively rare. They’re important because they help explain the how you’re meant to make a difference. The gifts you had to help you fulfill your purpose, and they’re important because they have a flip side. Everything in the hands has both a master and a student path.

Master path feels good, helps you be on purpose, goes with the flow. Student path doesn’t feel so good, makes it more challenging to live on purpose looks like frustration, confusion, being stuck, excuses, fear, procrastination, resistance, obstacles. Nobody can be able to master path 100% of the time, we’re human, we’re works in progress. So it’s very helpful to know what your master paths are so you know what to strive for. And also to know what your student paths are so you can be more aware when you’re on them. And that awareness then gives you the power to make a different choice and change your life.

Gift markings have the student path too and they can be kind of steep. They’re not meant as punishment, they’re meant as a wake-up call. It’s really god, spirit source, divine, whatever your word is, reaching down and saying, “Okay, Dr. Veronica, you’ve got these gifts and you’re not using them. So I’m going to give you a little nudge to get your attention. And if that doesn’t work I’m going to dial it up to a shove. And if that doesn’t get using those gifts, girl, I’m pulling out a cosmic 2×4.” And wham, that was a life complication.

The more gifts you have usually the more complications you have. But you also are more gifted to work through those complications. So it doesn’t feel like it. It’s not like having a bad life, it’s just a few add up. The obstacles you faced, your list is likely longer than the average person.

Everybody wants to have gift markings and it does mean that you’re very gifted. But you can find out exactly what that means and what that looks like because there’s intuitive gifts. There’s a courage gift. There are helping people in deep ways, several types of gifts. There’s a speaking and writing, mass communication gift, there’s a coaching and counseling gift. There’s a being very resourceful gift. There’s being a leader and influential gift, there’s 18 different gifts. I always see them other than that one person and that was like when I first started this work.

Dr. Veronica: And what percentage of the population has a gift marking, any gift marking?

Jayne: It’s changing Veronica. If you’re looking at me I would say 99.9. But if you ask my teachers and the gentleman that created this system he said 15%. But he’s talking about indigenous tribes in Australia, South America, and people that… He means every human on the planet. They don’t need to have those complications. And by the way, most CEO’s have very simple hands.

Dr. Veronica: Interesting.

Jayne: Because they don’t have the complications, and that’s what helps them be successful. They don’t get in their own way. There’s no intelligence gift marking. Actually there’s not much way you can see intelligence in the hands. You see capabilities and capacity for different things.

I don’t know what the percentage is anymore. I don’t believe that it’s only 15%. I think the world is changing. I think there are more crystal and indigo children coming in because the world needs our help and we need to step up and use our gifts, and use our woo woo-ness to help save the planet. So I think more and more people are being called to come in with these gifts. And some you could be born with, others you earn from your own life experiences.

Dr. Veronica: Based on listening to this I’m thinking people who are very high functioning, who are out there being something that’s going to make it and change the world are the people that need a hand analysis. It’s that who you recommend it for? Who needs a hand analysis?

Jayne: No, it’s people who are like me. We’re stuck and not happy in our work but didn’t know what else to do. They just knew something wasn’t right. If you’re on purpose you know it. You love what you do. You’re on fire. You’re passionate about it. You got joy. You’re fulfilled. You got meaning and you’re making money. So if people who are stuck and not happy in their work, entrepreneurs who love their work but aren’t making the money they want to make I can find where they’re stuck.

And I don’t want to exclude CEO’s and executives because it will give them depth and authenticity and awareness deeper than ever before and to help them step even more into their gifts, and be role models for authenticity and being the people that they’re meant to be. And be better leaders and better managers.

And then I can even do teams and identify an overall purpose and lesson in school for the teams so they’ve got this guiding light. And they know it comes from their hands. And people trust it because it’s not what they answered on a form or in a questionnaire, it comes from their hands and from a third party expert. So they trust it more than if it came out of their own head.

Dr. Veronica: That’s true, because you’re stunned. You’re like, “How does she know that from hand prints?”

Jayne: Yeah. I just came from a speaking engagement and I always do these mini readings. People are just flabbergasted. I would say over half of my clients, and that includes some men, cry when they’re on the phone with because they feel more seen and understood than any other time in their life.

But you also asked about who this is good for. People like Lyn who are getting ready to retire and want to make sure they leave the legacy that they want to leave before it’s too late. People who are very committed to growth and development because, man, this gives you that deeper than anything. And people who are just really curious about what’s in your hands. But they have to be really curious. This is not a $100 palm reading, this is your purpose. This is for you for the rest of your life to take action on and to guide you.

Dr. Veronica: Talk about the processing of getting this. Because people are thinking, I’m watching you over the internet and you’re far away, and you talk about doing a hand print. Explain…

Jayne: It’s really simple. I have clients all over Canada and the US, some in Europe. When somebody gets a hand analysis my team mails them a hand printing kit. And they take their prints that look like this. And everything they need is sent to them. They mail it back to me because scanners are not quite sharp enough to get all the stuff I need so they mail them back. And then we set-up this phone call where everything’s recorded and they get a four page summary report, and a 30-minute follow-up. Because there’s so much information as you. You can’t remember it all. You can’t take it all in so you need time to kind of let it digest and to listen to the recording because you will hear on the recording things you did not hear during the live session.

Dr. Veronica: Okay. That sounds like not only do you get to have the analysis and digest it a little, you get to come back and have follow-up along with this which is not the same as a lot of other services. And you get the same information again.

Jayne: Yeah, and you can ask questions and I can help however I can. You’ve got some ideas to run by me or you want to go into something in more depth.

Dr. Veronica: I know that you are a purpose coach and you use your hand analysis to help people in the coaching. Talk a little bit more because this is not the same as run of the mill life coaching. And I’m not trying to disparage life coaches but some of us feel like how’s a life coach going to accurately figure out anything about me? How are they going to know what to tell me and how to guide me just based on where are they getting that background from.

Jayne: Exactly, and that’s why that’s my entree tool because it’s so deep and so helpful. And I don’t have to know anybody. Most of my clients I’ve never met. The hand analysis provides me the foundation for the purpose coaching. And not everybody gets purpose coaching, so it just depends. Some people like you, you already knew where you wanted to go. The confirmation and the validation of your gifts and your purpose is what really helps you feel confident about going in that direction.

Some people are in that same boat where they have a thought about what they want to do or they have some ideas and then the hand analysis confirms everything, and they’re off. Other people like me, they know it was right, they resonate with it. It blows their mind because of the accuracy and the depth of it. And it’s not that you already know everything, it’s just that… The rest of it is so accurate that when you hear things you haven’t heard it resonates at a level that you just know it’s true. It just lines up and you just know it’s true.

I didn’t know I wanted to be a hand analysis, but purpose coaching helps people get from the hand analysis. I gather a lot of other information. I have an amazing gift or connecting the dots. And then I help identify ideal work that they could do that would be in alignment with their purpose and light them up like never before. It’s called purposeful, passionate living. Because people start feeling more passionate about their life after the first one or two sessions.

It’s just me gathering a lot of information, asking the right questions. Assigning activities to do and then connecting the dots. And I also have a very rare gift marking that is called starve intention which is all about getting massive results. I get massive results for my clients and I love doing it.

Dr. Veronica: Wonderful, Jayne Sanders, you have a special gift for the audience so that they can get a discount on a hand analysis.

Jayne: That’s right.

Dr. Veronica: You guys know this is evergreen. Even if you’re watching this and you’re like, it’s a year later or two years later, we made it so that the code’s going to always work. So you want to go and use this code because Jayne agreed to keep it there pretty much forever.

Jayne: Yeah. But here’s the thing, the code is a $200 discount. Some people charge up to $1,500 for this, I don’t. My full hand analysis if you just go to my website without knowing me is 697. But if you use this code which is jayne200. When you go to my website go to Work with Jayne, go to Scientific Hand Analysis. Click on Yes, I want a hand analysis. It will take you to the payment page. Put in that code and it will drop 200 off that down to 497. The only caveat is that price may go up. So, yes, the code will work a year from now but it might off a higher price.

Dr. Veronica: Yeah, I told Jayne she wasn’t charging enough. I’m so sorry guys, just because I know the value that I got from it which was much more. I’ve had people that I’ve paid thousands of dollars to and I feel like, “What was that all about? What was that for? Oh my god, I just wasted all that…” And then I got an analysis and worked a little bit with Jayne and said, “This is a bargain.”

And so for those who are ready to invest in their life purpose, this is a way to start and know for sure because what’s written in your hands, written on your brain a lot of it you’re born with, scientific hand analysis. Jayne Sanders, go to precisionwisdom.com so you can get the discount. Thank you so much Jayne.

Jayne: My pleasure. This is for the rest of your life. This is not just $100 palm reading. This is an investment for the rest of your life to guide you and give you insight, direction, and inspiration like you’ve never felt before. I remembering now, we did work together afterwards because of your gifts. You had so many gift markings, so we needed to dive into those.

Dr. Veronica: I remember because what gave me courage to speak about my gifts is that you told me that I had several gift markings, guess how many, a lot. And you told me five of my gift markings were intuitive markings, which meant, “Hey, you want to know can I do what I could do? Yes. My hand said that I am intuitive. I went by a psychic, right next to Jayne, and I wasn’t admitting it. And then she did the reading and I was just like, “Oh my gosh. I don’t get it.”

Jayne: That’s what I tell people, you have been validated. You have been confirmed. You have been seen and you are now busted.

Dr. Veronica: Thank you so much Jayne for being on the Wellness Revolution.

Jayne: My pleasure Dr. Veronica, always love working with you and great to see you. Bye everybody.

Female VO: Thank you for listening to the Wellness Revolution Podcast. If you want to hear more on how to bring wellness into your life visit drveronica.com. See you all next week. Take care.


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