To Cope as a Highly Sensitive Person, Stop Marinating in Painful Emotions

by | Oct 30, 2023 | ARTICLES, Blog posts, Personal Growth

Dr. Veronica Anderson

Chicken, fish, and beef are sometimes marinated to enhance their flavors. They are placed in a bowl or a sealed bag with a liquid-based marinade. There, they sit in a refrigerator for hours, possibly overnight, resulting in a desirable flavor boost.

That’s a positive experience. Unfortunately, sometimes, we marinate our minds and emotions in painful experiences. We continue to obsess over them. They can’t seem to move into our past because we won’t let them. This extends the effect of painful emotions and means we can’t move forward to more positive feelings.

If this happens to you, here are a few ways to cope with a negative experience. They help the highly sensitive person to stop marinating in painful feelings and to move on to better experiences.

Remember … You Are What You Eat

We humans are programmable, and that’s a wonderful thing. It means we can practice certain habits and create the desired life experience. This is a natural process that works for all of us. It’s available to highly sensitive people and those with a duller emotional response to the world.

This works because we are what we feed our brains and bodies.

If you eat food that is terrible for you and known to cause health problems, that’s the reality you will create. If you experience something painful as an emotionally sensitive person, you don’t have to eat that meal forever. Move past it. Please don’t continue to obsess over it, or you will be feeding your brain and your emotions something that will predictably extend a painful and negative experience.
Bad Things Are Going to Happen, and You Don’t Have To Carry That Experience around with You Forever

You did not choose to be born with a highly evolved sensory network. Your mind, central nervous system, and emotions work together to sometimes create a dramatic response to your life experiences. This can be a blessing, and sometimes it feels like a curse.

Difficult times come for all of us. When they visit a highly sensitive person, they can seem devastating. While you can’t control much of what happens to you, you can decide whether you will embrace that negative experience or move on.

It can be very difficult to get past a big loss or failure. But you can do it.

Allow yourself to begin the rest of your life expecting wonderful, beautiful things to happen.

It’s important to unpack your emotional suitcase from time to time. Open it regularly and see what’s in there. If you are holding on to painful emotions, you can stop doing that today. When you do, the sense of relief you get will take your highly sensitive nature to a positive place, and you’ll want to spend more time there.

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