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Turning Thoughts into Action


Whether you believe in manifestation or not, you probably would agree that actions get results. And that those who do something are much more likely to achieve a goal than those who just think about doing something. After all, if thinking about losing weight worked, the diet book and weight loss market would not exist!


So, there is no denying that acting in a specific way can cause a particular outcome. This is known as cause and effect. Do this, cause this. What manifestation theory tells us is that you can indirectly cause things to happen, as well, using your thoughts, values, and goals. The results are not always caused by a direct cause or action but by the effects of focused attention, desire, and intention, which can change how you behave and perceive as well as the choices you make. 


What you believe and who you are will inform your choice, habits, and behaviors. Therefore, when you want to manifest something, you must think that you can achieve it, which changes your desire to try, your awareness of opportunities around you that could help you reach your goal, and much more that influences your actions. 


So, your thoughts can improve your actions. But does it work the other way around? Yes! When you actively work on achieving your goals, by doing the things that need to be done, you are learning and gaining confidence, which will change your beliefs and inform your values. When you are successful in making progress toward a goal, you want to attain it more and become more invested in its success. 


Action Must Be Combined with Your Thoughts


While taking action is an important ingredient in manifesting what you most desire, it is not the most essential component of this powerful process. To manifest your dreams, you must embody the desire; you must believe that you are capable and worthy of achieving it, and you must focus your thoughts and energy on making it come true. Your thoughts and beliefs guide all your actions and choices, so without the right mindset and outlook, your efforts could be wasted or ineffectual. 


All the action in the world can’t make you happy and help you accomplish what you most desire unless your mind is ready and willing to accept it. Having clear intentions, positive expectations, and focused values will drive your actions in the right direction and help pave the way to realizing everything you have always wanted. 


Final Thoughts


Action is only one of the many vital components of the manifestation process, but it is an important one. Action is necessary for turning thoughts into reality. Still, it is essential to remember that your actions are ultimately guided by your beliefs, attitudes, and values, so focus on changing those first.


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