Single Question Reading

Single Question Reading


Finally get the answer to the one burning question you have about a particular health condition, recurring symptom, or relationship issue with a Single Question Reading. This focused intuitive service lets you zero in on one concern and get clarity on the topic. Examples of questions you might ask include:

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    How do I choose between the two people I'm dating?
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    Are my mate and I compatible?
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    I'm always tired. Am I depressed or is it something else?
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    Why have I completely lost my desire for sex?
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    How can I stop my hair from shedding?

What You Can Expect 
Email me a short, single question that is unrelated to any previous session work you have done with me. Within one week, I will send you an audio recording and transcript of my intuitive answer. Depending on the nature of your question, my answer may include links to relevant physical, mental and spiritual resources. It may also include recommendations for foods to eat or avoid as well as herbal, botanical and homeopathic remedies you should consider.

What I Need From You
For a health reading, I need to know five things about you: 1) your first name, 2) last name and initial, 3) age, 4) gender, and 5) location.

For a romantic reading, I also need to know: 1) first name and full last name of the romantic person of interest, 2) their age, 3) their gender, and 4) their location.

How Much It Costs
Health Reading: $497
Romantic Reading : $497
Get Both: $797

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