Medical Intuitive Coaching
Package-90 Day Program


Get the additional support you need to transform your health with one-on-one coaching. During the first 90 days after your Medical Intuitive Reading (MIR), I’ll be by your side to help you implement your personalized plan and make sense of the vast amount of information you receive. I’ll also dive deeper into your complete health history with a Living Matrix evaluation.

What You Can Expect
This complete coaching package includes:

  • 60-minute interactive Medical Intuitive Reading
  • Medical Intuitive Plan of Action*
  • Living Matrix Evaluation for Full Health History Assessment*
  • 3 Coaching Sessions
  • Recording and Transcripts of Sessions*
  • Email Support
  • Handouts of Helpful Material*
  • Personalized Guided Affirmation and Meditation

*Will be provided as Digital Download

What I Need From You
Prior to your reading, make a list of your goals and bring an open heart and mind. During the call, make sure you are lying down or comfortably seated. Allow about an hour afterward for rest.

Note: Goal setting is a primary indicator of a successful outcome.

Before each coaching session, make a list of questions and concerns you want to discuss.

When connecting with me for email support, be sure to ask focused questions and keep all explanations clear and concise.

How Much It Costs
Medical Intuitive Coaching Package-90 Day Program: $4997