Dr. Veronica Anderson

The LIFE MATRIX Energy & Intuitive Reading

We all desire our life to go the way we would like it. We have done the hard work and we continue to work hard. What if there is a different way?


Imagine if you could clearly see the path and have it illuminated for you rather than stumbling around in the dark with no map.
How would you life be different a year from now after you have followed the right path for you, not one that you were told to follow by someone else?


This is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to confidently use your intuition to make right decisions in your life.
  • Fix your relationships.
  • Start or grow a business and would like guidance.
  • Heal your relationship with money.
  • Figure out the links between your emotional, spiritual and physical health and ways to bring these into healing and balance.

The LIFE MATRIX READING is your individual roadmap to finally get what you want.

During this 75 minute LIVE session Dr. Veronica will:

  • Energetically “read” the current state of affairs.
  • Assess the 5 areas of your Life Matrix-Health, Money, Career, Relationships & Spirituality/Personal Growth.
  • Look for blocks and open opportunities in each area.
  • View past life events that created current situations.
  • Evaluate the Earning Energy Imprint (TM) for money matters and blocks defining the way to remove them.
  • Illuminate the Affinity Aura to discover style & issues in relationships so you attract the right people in your life that lead to the opportunities you would like in romance, family, friends and career.