How the Highly Sensitive Person Can Cope with Emotional Fatigue

by | Oct 29, 2023 | ARTICLES, Blog posts, Personal Growth

Highly sensitive people have senses that can easily become overstimulated. They have a much higher level of empathy than others. Their awareness of their surroundings keeps their senses working overtime, and they have a depth of information processing, unlike the average person.

These responses are natural and automatic for some people. They don’t choose to be this way. In many cases, this highly evolved sensory network is a positive thing. It can alert sensitive people to dangers most of us don’t recognize. Sometimes, though, it causes stress, anxiety, and emotional fatigue.

Here are a few things you can do if this happens to you. They help you calm your mind and emotions and get to a place of peace and calm rather than emotional distress.

Recognize Your Intuition Is Possibly Incorrect

The highly sensitive person has intuition that is often incredibly accurate. Their senses and emotions are well-tuned to pick up on signals that are invisible to most people. In some situations, this causes them to believe their intuition and hunches instead of logic and reason.

You might give your intuition too much credit if you are constantly stressed out emotionally.

Your senses are constantly trying to read people and environments. When this intuitive process doesn’t take a rest, it can stress out the most levelheaded person. Sometimes, what you are perceiving is not actually what’s happening. Recognizing that your intuition isn’t always right (this is true of all of us) can keep you from responding with emotional exaggeration when that’s the wrong response.

Spend More Time in Your Safe Space

Where do you feel safe and grounded? If you could be anywhere right now, where would that be? Do you have friends, family members, or others that make you feel positive, happy, and not emotionally overblown?

Spend more time in those environments. Remember that emotional intensity may feel great when it’s positive, but it can be as fatiguing and potentially damaging as a negative experience. Especially when it is chronic and never-ending. Creating a cozy and comfortable place that doesn’t expect too much of you emotionally is absolutely vital for the peace of mind of a highly sensitive person.

Eat More of These Foods

Cut back on sugar and get more stress-relieving foods and beverages into your diet to help you manage your emotions. They will lead to more emotional balance and fewer spikes and crashes.

* Leafy green vegetables
* Avocados
* Blueberries
* Wild-caught salmon
* Green tea
* Chamomile tea
* Turmeric
* Yogurt
* Almonds
* Dark chocolate (without added sugar)
* Oranges and other citrus fruits

Dramatic emotional highs and lows can lead to mental and physical stress. Emotional fatigue is a very real threat to the highly sensitive person. These coping mechanisms can deliver emotional balance if your sensitive nature often has your emotions spiking and crashing.

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