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Are you stuck in a cycle of pain in your practice?

You’re a heart-centered, talented medical professional, yet you’re feeling underappreciated and underpaid.

What if you could…  

  • Attract a waitlist of dream clients who become raving fans  
  • Work less hours and earn more money, without the headache of insurance companies  
  • And get amazing results for every client who comes to you?  

There’s an epidemic going on right now: Talented doctors and complementary practitioners are suffering. They’re working so hard yet they’re underpaid, and they’re starting to seriously doubt their professional choices. This is translating to more sick people in America.


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When doctors are aligned, on-purpose, and well-paid, they can show up for their clients and get them real results.  

The numbers speak for themselves: Americans spend the most money in the world on healthcare, yet we rank #50 in terms of health. We’re not doing good.  

Over 60% of America’s doctors would retire today if they had the means, over 77% are pessimistic about their professional futures, and over 84% believe that the medical profession is in decline.  

Clearly America is facing an epidemic of MD malaise – and Help! My Practice Sucks delivers the medicine doctors need.  

Start building your NEW, profitable, on-purpose practice today with Help! My Practice Sucks, Dr. Veronica Anderson’s bestselling book for suffering doctors.  

Dr. Veronica will guide you step-by-step to break the cycle of pain in your practice and establish a higher standard for yourself, your patients’ care, and your profit potential.  


Dr. Veronica is an MD and advisor to fellow doctors and wellness practitioners. She gives pragmatic advice to break the cycle of pain in their practices and establish a higher standard for themselves, their patient care, and their profit potential.  

From ground zero she transformed two separate medical practices - as an ophthalmologist and later as a holistic practitioner - into 6-figure businesses in less than 9 months.  

Her secret? Having a solid support system. She’s found that it’s one of the major keys to staying healthy. Her loving husband, three children, and beloved Jagdterrier “doggies,” Apollo and Artemis, keep her balanced.

In medical school, doctors focus on their craft: helping people get better. You’re not taught how to run a business.  

Today, doctors must also learn marketing and business skills to set themselves apart from the competition, build their client list, and bring in the income they need and deserve to maintain healthy, thriving practices and lives… and pay off that $250k+ in med school debt. Let’s be real!  

Get your copy of Help! My Practice Sucks and shift the direction of your business today  

The fact is that most medical practices are focusing on the wrong things: cutting costs, downsizing, and offering no-frills care.  

This has lead to lower standards and expectations that are affecting every aspect of clinical care. What’s worse is that many doctors are abandoning their private practices altogether to become hospital employees.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to most physicians, has accelerated this trend at breakneck speed: over 59% of doctors see it as another negative impacting their profession and their patients.

“Too many highly-trained and highly-skilled doctors feel helpless in today’s oppressive healthcare climate,” says Dr. Veronica.  

“Frankly, this is the time for them to take charge of their own financial and professional fates. Help! My Practice Sucks will empower you to do just that by providing the practical tools and knowledge you need to take your practice in a totally new, positive and productive direction.” 

In this innovative and groundbreaking book, Dr. Veronica details how the patient-doctor relationship needs to be more of a business-client relationship – and how that approach translates into a big “win-win” for both.  

Patients get their needs met and experience amazing results with their health, while doctors are able to attract a steady stream of premium patients who become raving fans.  

Help! My Practice Sucks offers dozens of valuable action steps that will guide you to transform your practice into a well-known, respected brand that clients flock to.  


Dr. Veronica understands that doctors are incredibly busy professionals - that’s why Help! My Practice Sucks is written in a straight-shooting, dynamic style that allows the reader to quickly grasp sophisticated concepts.  

You’ll close the book having assimilated actionable advice you can implement right away… and you’ll see rapid results in your practice!  

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