Claim your dignity and power for wildly thriving relationships & career.

Get The Respect You Deserve shows you how.

“A powerful guide for strong, smart, successful women.”

As high-achieving women, we aren’t afraid to bust our butt to go after what we want. 

We’re solution-oriented, proactive, and when we have an idea we don’t twiddle our thumbs — we getup and make it happen.

So why are we still not getting noticed, still being passed over for someone less qualified, and still being minimized in our personal relationships and at work? And the bigger question — how do we finally make it stop and get the full respect and appreciation we know we deserve?

Bestselling author Dr. Veronica Anderson has lived the same story but she’s flipped the script on frustrating and disempowering relationships and turned them into liberating centers of support that not only bolster her wild success, but open her to greater love and appreciation from her most important people. She’s shown her clients how to do the same. And now it’s your turn.

 In this groundbreaking guide, Dr. Veronica offers simple but proven principles to stop being taken advantage of and start gaining the genuine appreciation, respect, and relationships you’ve worked so hard for without getting slapped with the big “B” in front of your name. 

And all with the dignity you deserve. 

You’ll discover how to:

Free yourself from destructive “perfectionist” behaviors that grip most women struggling to be heard and seen

Transform disregard from others into real, heart-felt recognition

Set healthy, graceful boundaries so you’re not treated like a doormat

Repair important relationships & cultivate new ones using the 7-Step Real Respect Method

Eliminate anger and resentment between you and a boss, loved one, or peer

Express what you want and need with dignity and greatness

Expand your capacity for more appreciation and respect

Make your professional and personal relationships wildly enriching, supportive, and mutually beneficial

And much more!


Dr. Veronica Anderson is the author of four trailblazing personal-growth books for high-performing women: Too SmartTo Be Struggling, But Now I See, Help! My Practice Sucks, and now her much anticipated Get The Respect You Deserve. 

Over the past 13 years, she’s helped high-caliber female professionals, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and c-suite executives recover from burnout, make successful career transitions, and start and build wildly successful businesses of their own.

She’s also a master medical intuitive, momma to two dogs, Artemis and Apollo, serial entrepreneur, 3rd degree black belt inTae Kwon Do, and Princeton graduate where she co-founded the first black female sorority. 

In 2008, she closed her thriving ophthalmology practice to harness her passion and powers for transformation to help other high-performing women discover their unrealized gifts, take charge of their own destiny, and finally deeply resonate with who they really are.

Her, her husband, and their dogs split their time between their home in Bucks County, PA and Harlem.

Who is Get The Respect You Deserve perfect for?

Driven women who want to excel at work, maximize their team and be recognized for their success and contribution.

Psychologists, dentists, or veterinarians who are tired of being dismissed by fellow doctors, colleagues, or patients and want to turn that into genuine respect.

Those who are weary from being ignored or passed over in meetings and ready to be the one people turn to for help, input, and guidance. 

Women who are being judged unfairly and ready to be recognized as a professor (instead of a student!) and treated with respect and dignity. 

Women who want to build a business without sidelining or losing their personal relationships. 

Wives, moms, best friends, or daughters who want to be seen and treated like a leader! 

The quality of your relationships is the quality of your life.

Enrich your life with respect, appreciation, and relationships that thrive today.

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